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In Topic: We should do a mental draft.

Today, 01:10 AM

Oh, like most here, I have my issues, but no way Im first round material around here.

You moved to China after leaving your Waffle House job and have a law degree because you were miserable and needed such a huge change, you said good bye to a lot. Very admirable on so many levels. But to say you aren't first round is.......well, laughable.

You're just as Fawked Up as the rest. :cheers:

In Topic: Do you put your cell phone in a case?

Yesterday, 10:45 PM

Case only. No screen protector.


In Topic: We should do a mental draft.

Yesterday, 10:44 PM

Capacity or derangement?

In Topic: Who’s drinkin tonight?

Yesterday, 10:41 PM

Frosted a few pint glasses in the freezer for Abita Purple Haze and listening to 60s music with the Missus. :D

Abita is local here. I'm amazed how big they are now. Good beer. A couple of hippies made a fortune. Try the Turbo Dog if you like dark beer.

In Topic: The make a list thread

Yesterday, 02:48 AM

Your Mom