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In Topic: LA Rams at SF 49ers: In-Game Discussion/Tilting

Yesterday, 09:36 PM

Started Sammy as my wr3 in one league (possibly concussed btw), and Hyde in another.

Very pleased, to say the least.

The NFL is so unpredictable....best game of the year perhaps (unless you played against Gurlyman)

In Topic: LA Rams at SF 49ers: In-Game Discussion/Tilting

Yesterday, 09:30 PM

I started Sammy Watkins!!!!  31 points with 100 yard bonus in my league.  And I started Greg Zuerlein.  This has been a fun game to watch, and on a Thursday.  Truly amazing.

In Topic: Aaron Hernandez Found to Have Severe C.T.E.

Yesterday, 09:27 PM

Sorry guys, but I may be the lone voice of opposition. Yes, it's a dangerous sport....like many sports are. We have known this for years, and now we have an acronym for one aspect of it.

I played in high school and college. I have had my "bell rung" dozens of times.....including blackouts and undiagnosed concussions, I have no doubt. Thank the Lord, I have no systematic repercussions, nor do any of my former teammates that I still correspond with. I knew from junior high on that it was dangerous....but it was what I chose to do. My parents understood, and let me pursue it. The danger and violence is part of the draw. Some boys and men relish the opportunity to go to war each week with a group like-minded individuals. It is innate.

I respect those who choose not to participate or keep their kid out. However, my boy has my full approval if he, if he so chooses. Life is ripe with risks, and I know the rewards that come with/from football.

As for the pros, let them choose another career if they are truly concerned. No problem. However, after each player weighs the risks vs the rewards, let football remain football for the warriors whom crave it, and the fans that appreciate it.

In Topic: Value of RBs still on wires...

20 September 2017 - 07:49 PM

Alex Collins is another interesting name to keep an eye on.  West with a soft tissue injury that could linger and I think Baltimore would rather Allen not be an every down back.  If Collins gets an opportunity and shows something he's could have some value in that offense.






Now is the time for a cheap & speculative add on him. If he blows up this week, the party is over. The situation is good, and the kid has great talent....but MUST hold onto the football.

In Topic: Elliott's fat face

19 September 2017 - 09:47 PM

We must be talking about 2 different instances then. I'm addressing the end zone pick at the end of the game.


Yep....but that wasn't the one that got this whole controversy fired up.


The one mid-3rd was the one that has aired over and over, and got LT flaming him.....and it was pitiful. Chris Harris criss-crossed the field trying to return the int, and Zeke definitely could have made a play.....after all, he is one of the fastest guys on the field.