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In Topic: Anyone else all aboard the Alshon train?

Today, 01:11 PM

I'd take Mike Evans over Ashlon, if available.

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Today, 01:05 PM

I think CJ is a little underrated, but I'm not a big fan of any of the Viking receivers this year. I just see inconsistency. Peterson is going to be the focus of the offense and when he's not Bridgewater should distribute the ball pretty well, so you'll never know who's going to get the points: Rudolph, CJ, Wallace, Patterson or Wright.  You could see a different high pointer every week. 


This is my concern, as well.

In Topic: Thoughts on Melvin Gordon?

Today, 01:03 PM

- Woodhead top 12 ppr



Well, if he can average 7 yards/carry like he did in college, then they won't need a 3rd down back.  :huh:

In Topic: Thoughts on Melvin Gordon?

Today, 12:05 PM



Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune - Kevin Acee 



San Diego Chargers RB Melvin Gordon has struggled with pass protection through the first three days of training camp. From Kevin Acee: "Melvin Gordon is gonna have tons of yards, be exciting ... But thru 3 days it's clear he's not playing 3 downs w/o much improvement blocking"

In Topic: Thoughts on Melvin Gordon?

Yesterday, 11:23 PM

I don't recall if Matthews was a first round pick for them. It's hard to know for sure with any prospect. Just look at the colossal bust that is Trent Richardson. But MG passed my eye tests in college. In an era where RBs seldom go in the first round, I think those that are taken tend to get more benefit of any doubt. And it's not like MG got drafted by Cleveland. I'd take him late second in my 12 man and feel optimistic.


Matthews was something like 12th overall, I believe. Anyway, I will also be targeting MG....great situation.