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In Topic: Who was your last pick non kicker or defense?

Today, 01:04 PM

DeVante Parker in the 14th

In Topic: Darren McFadden

Yesterday, 09:06 PM

Anything is possible in this pursuit of ours.


However, the best way I know to lose money is to bet on McFadden staying healthy.

In Topic: Guys you are targeting and sleepers.

Yesterday, 08:11 PM

Is andre brown on a team?


Nah, he is a free agent.


Maybe he meant Andre Williams  :dunno:

In Topic: Bills are concerned that Lesean McCoy may not be fully ready for Week 1,

Yesterday, 11:08 AM

....so, they let Fred Jackson go. Sounds like the inmates are running the asylum up there.

In Topic: Brandon Coleman

Yesterday, 11:06 AM

They have the better version of Sammy already. His name is Brandin Cooks.


Hey, I'm all in on Cooks with his situation and abilities this year.....but I contend that he is no Sammy Watkins.



Also, back to Coleman......it seems that he does have the support of Brees, which is huge.


NO - WR Brandon Coleman praised by QB


Source: NewOrleansSaints.com


New Orleans Saints WR Brandon Coleman has developed comfortability with QB Drew Brees. Brees said he is pleased with the training camp and preseason Coleman has had.