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Saints kicker

31 August 2014 - 04:30 PM

If he is decent, he will certainly have some value kicking in a dome with a high-octane offense.


I've been thinking Bironas or Henery. 


Who ya got?

Could 2014 be....

31 August 2014 - 12:29 PM

We are all rightfully nervous about relying on rookie NFL WR's for fantasy production. For every K. Allen, there are 10 T. Austin's. 


However, I am beginning to suspect that this season will be punctuated by fantasy production from this years class of receivers. I NEVER draft rookie WR's....until this year. I just have a gut feeling that there are a handful that represent true value.














There are others, but here are 12 guys. Some will bust, no doubt. However, I can envision 6 or 7 of these guys being very serviceable WR3's with WR2 upside. Maybe even a couple of low-end WR1's hiding in that list. If so, that is fantastic value. Am I delusional?

If penalties on defensive backs continues to be out-of-hand during the regular season.....

25 August 2014 - 09:59 PM

We have all been sickened by the ridiculous amount of penalties called during the pre-season, particularly for PI and defensive holding. It has been off the scale. Perhaps this is just a pre-season trend......or perhaps it is the new future for NFL football as decided by the genius Goodell.


If the latter is correct, what is the fantasy impact? I have seen most assume that this would translate into higher pass yards for QB's (more 5,000 yard passers, for instance) and, thus, more yardage totals for Wr's and TE's. I'm not so sure. This assumes that defensive backs will just start giving up on coverage. I don't think it is in their DNA to do so...at least not in year one of this silliness.


What it will possibly to translate into, imho, is potentially less yards for QB's, TE's, WR's and RB's.....with more TD's and FG's. Yes, that could mean an extra drive or two per game, but not necessarily. The only time differential would be from the clock being stopped for the penalty, but the penalty yards enforced are yards that would have theoretically been eaten up by the fantasy players. 


The NFL wants more scoring, and they will get it if they keep up the nonsense penalties. However, it seems like the beneficiaries will be QB's in 6-point TD leagues, red zone/goal line RB's, kickers with more FG opportunities, and WR's/TE's who are "designated" red zone weapons.


Any thoughts?

E. Sanders vs. P. Harvin

24 August 2014 - 07:56 PM

With Welker concussed and doubtful to return, along with his outstanding performance last night, Sanders is soaring up the redraft boards today. He is routinely going a pick or 2 above Harvin in the 5th round. He has walked into a tremendous opportunity.


Harvin claims that he is as healthy as he has ever been, and he has a deadly-accurate QB that can get him the rock. We all remember what he did while healthy in Minn. Also wouldn't be a shocking to see him rush for 300 or more yards and return a couple of kicks for a TD.


I am torn between the two. Both have fairly high ceilings and are in great situations. Harvin is more polished, but on a team that will run more.....but he is the WR1. Manning could make Sanders a star. So, who are you liking between the two. 

Gronk favoring his bad knee and James White getting 1st-team reps at RB

15 August 2014 - 11:21 AM

Camp reporter claims that Gronk is running with a "decent limp". Worth noting and considering to those planning on burning an early pick on him.








Also of note...James White has been getting some first team reps at RB ahead of Ridley: