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Devante Parker vs. Brandon Coleman

29 August 2015 - 11:24 AM

As a late-round flier with big upside, I see these two on the draft boards late. I like both of their QB's, with Coleman having the advantage with Brees, of course. Parker is a more highly touted recruit, but is coming off PUP following foot surgery, so is behind the curve in training camp. 


Some scouts say Parker is the cream of the 2015 WR draft class, aside from Cooper, and has a chance to surpass Landry as the Dolph's #1 WR as the season progresses.


Coleman is more of an unknown coming out of Rutgers, but is huge (6' 6"), and apparently has only Cooks ahead of him.



Preseason Week 3 Discussion

27 August 2015 - 07:42 PM

Traditionally, week 3 is the only week that we get a good, extended  look at the starters.


These threads are helpful, I think.........gets the observations of many sets of eyes. Please add any insight that you feel can be helpful or advantageous.


24 August 2015 - 08:52 PM

Gotta admit, I have been hesitant to embrace this guy. After all, besides Favre's short run, when was the last time Minny had a good fantasy QB? Culpepper?


However, after watching him closely in preseason, I can no longer deny that he has the opportunity to make a big fantasy splash this season.


He is super-poised in the pocket, and deadly accurate. He can scramble for yards when needed, as well. His WR's are above adequate, and he has All-Day pounding the rock to keep D's honest.


Thinking now that he might be a true gem at his ADP. The only thing that gives me pause is Russell Wilson. Wilson is as skilled and smart as anyone in the league, but his #'s (although good) always seem to leave one knowing that he could have done so much more if they weren't a run-first, conservative, defensive-minded team.


Anyone else buying on Bridge?

Coleman vs. Dorsett

21 August 2015 - 08:22 PM

We are rapidly approaching the biggest night of the fantasy season - Draft Night. Similarly, we are all searching for that Odell Beckham-like late round gem that will put us over the top.


I am finding these two guys hanging around late in drafts, and feel like at least one of them could pay huge dividends. 


Coleman is a bit of an unknown, but has the size and, more importantly, the opportunity to have a good year. Colston has lost 2 steps and Graham is gone, leaving the door wide open for someone to reap a large chunk of the 4000- 4500+ yards that Brees is likely to toss this year.


Dorsett comes in with a lot of fanfare, and has looked great in the preseason. He has one of (if not the) the highest upside QB in the league. However, he will be sharing targets with TY, AJ, Moncrief, a couple of TE's, and who knows who else. 


Who do you feel has the biggest chance to explode on the scene this year?

Can We Talk Defenses?

15 August 2015 - 12:03 PM

I am a firm believer in waiting until the last rounds for K and D/ST, however they can make or break you, particularly in leagues with relatively high defensive scoring.


Of course, teams like Seattle and Buffalo are are on top of most lists, with teams like Houston, Zona, and St. Louis also popular. But I am looking for that sleeper defense that is flying under the radar, and I would rather not stream defenses if possible to leave another slot open for a skill player. 


I heard a guy pitching the Dallas defense the other day as a viable sleeper. Hard to trust them, but if Shaun Lee can stay healthy and once Hardy gets back from suspension, I suppose they could make some noise.


Any Defense you are eyeing?