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WR's Early Theory....

02 August 2016 - 10:56 PM

It seems to be all the fad this season in redrafts. There are certainly some valid reasons. However, with so many going WR early, isn't this the year to go RB? Kinda like buying when the stock market is tanking?

Been checking trends on redraft mocks, and consistently am getting what I consider workable-solid teams going RB-RB, especially if you are towards the middle-end of round one. We all know that homerism, along with other factors, can throw prearranged plans on their face. However, this is a typical team that I have been snagging in mocks using the time-tested RB-early theory. Not crazy good, but certainly workable.

1.11 Lamar Miller, HOU
2.2 Le'Veon Bell, PIT
3.11 Demaryius Thomas, DEN
4.2 Jordan Reed, WAS
5.11 Jeremy Langford, CHI
6.2 Tom Brady, NE
7.11 Kirk Cousins, WAS
8.2 Tyler Lockett, SEA
9.11 Josh Gordon, CLE
10.2 Arian Foster, MIA
11.11 Corey Coleman, CLE
12.2 Derrick Henry, TEN
13.11 Rishard Matthews, TEN
14.2 Stephen Gostkowski, NE
15.11J acksonville Jaguars, JAC

(missed the DWill cuff by a couple of picks)

Here is the guy drafting behind me at the turn using WR-early:

1.12 Brandin Cooks, NO
2.1 Brandon Marshall, NYJ
3.12 Golden Tate, DET
4.1 Jeremy Hill, CIN
5.12 Frank Gore, IND
6.1 Travis Kelce, KC
7.12 Derek Carr, OAK
8.1 Ameer Abdullah, DET
9.12 Justin Forsett, BAL
10.1 Markus Wheaton, PIT
11.12 Darren Sproles, PHI
12.1 Matthew Stafford, DET
13.12 Sammie Coates, PIT
14.1 Los Angeles Rams, LA
15.12 Blair Walsh, MIN

Anybody else thinking of bucking the trend and going RB heavy early?

Deep Sleeper WR's

01 August 2016 - 09:49 AM

Well, by now, serious FF players have already mapped out their Wide Receiver prospects for the upcoming season. However, without fail, there are one or two diamonds that fly beneath the radar, ready for a gambler to grab in the last round of a redraft.


I am sure that many of you have someone that you are eyeing...but are you willing to share? Here is mine:


Tyrell Williams - SD


Second year man outta Western Oregon with good metrics. 6'4" and 205, and described by coaches and teammates as a tremendous natural athlete, he ripped off a 4.42 - 40 at his pro day. After SD became decimated with injury last year (Allen, Floyd, Stevie), he came in against Denver late in the year and ripped off an 80 yard TD against Talib.


When Benjamin was nursing an injury at minicamp, it wasn't Inman that came in with the 1st-teamers....it was Tyrell Williams. I expect the Charger passing game to be markedly improved this year, and it seems that Williams could be a top-shelf candidate to shine....particularly considering the injury history of their WR corps.



Captain Kirk

30 July 2016 - 06:47 PM

Which QB's threw at least one TD pass in every game last season? Wilson and Cousins.


Who was the most accurate QB in the league last season? Cousins (70% completion)


I am surprised (pleasantly) from a FF perspective that Cousins in getting no love this season (not a Redskin homer BTW). He is ranked as the 13th QB here at FFToday, with an ADP of 10.03. I always like to use late-season surges as a possible indication of next-season buys, and he was lights-out.


He also only tossed 11 int's, although not afraid to go downfield. He was North of 4,000 yards, with 34 total TD's, although initially coming pretty slow outta the gate.


I am not sure how much of a factor that Doctson will be this year, or how healthy Reed will be....which are huge. However, my only question for you guys is this:


Why no love for Capt. Kirk this year......and I missing something?

Dennis Green dead at age 67

22 July 2016 - 05:12 PM

A good coach and, by all accounts, a great guy. Life is fragile.


As we say goodbye, let us take another look back at one of the most iconic, hilarious, and heartbreaking moments in NFL post-game history. Vividly remember watching that night, and I really wish he would have won that game! It was a classic meltdown, but wildly entertaining. He obviously wanted it SOOOO bad. RIP.




Zurlon Tipton dies of gunshot

28 June 2016 - 04:02 PM

Gun inside a duffle bag that he was handling apparently went off accidently.


Only 26, but squeezed a lot of life into those 26 years. Very few athletes, even exceptional players, ever see the field in a NFL game. He did. RIP.