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Injured Studs (and duds).....updates here

14 September 2014 - 08:40 PM

Several high-profile injuries this week. League waiver wires are gonna be as lively as an Amish butter churn. Instead of having 10 different threads, I thought we could provide updates here. Everything is very preliminary, but here is what we have thus far:



Jamal Charles - Ankle. Early indication is that it is a mild sprain. MRI scheduled tomorrow. Bear in mind that Gerhart played the week following a mild-moderate sprain....well, "played" might be an overstatement.


Ryan Matthews - Right knee. MRI upcoming. The Chargers are reportedly worried that it is a sprained MCL, which would likely mean a multi-week absence.


Knowshon Moreno - Elbow. Dislocated and possible fracture. More tests forthcoming, but early indications suggest a lengthy absence. Always possible he could get on the IR/Designated to return list. Several week absence...at best. Miller was unimpressive in relief, and left in the 4th quarter himself with an ankle..


Doug Martin -  Knee. Many reports that he would start this week, but sat. Rainey had over 160 yards in relief.


DWill - Missed week 2 with a thigh issue. 


RG3 - Ankle. Dislocation. Multi-week absence. May cede the job to Cousins, who played well.


Carson Palmer - Sat today with "nerve issues" in his shoulder. Drew Stanton not fantasy relevant in relief.


VD - Ankle. Left game in 4th quarter and didn't return.


A.J. Green - Right toe. MRI negative. Some speculation that this is the dreaded turf toe. Sanu with a good game, as a result.


DeSean Jackson - Left in first half with a shoulder injury, and did not return. He expressed optimism after the game that he would be fine.


Eric Decker - Hammy. Left game in 3rd quarter and did not return. Scored TD before injury.


"Hit Man" Hurns - Ankle. Reported as a sprain. X-ray results were not revealed. Was spotted on crutches after game. (Cecil Shorts missed again with a hammy).


I'm sure I missed a few. Please feel free to add other players or updates on the above players.

Matt Asiata

12 September 2014 - 03:44 PM

Looks like ADP may be in some hot water. May turn out to be nothing, but speculative pick-ups are what often make or break a season. 


Introducing Matt Asiata. 6' and 234lbs. Third year outta Utah....27 years old. He only saw action twice last year. Week 16 at home against Philly, he ran 30 times for 51 yards  :shocking: = 1.7 ypc. However, he scored three TD's. Also caught 3 passes for 15 yards in that game. Week 17 at home against the Lions, he ran 14 times for 115 yards and no TD's...he also lost a fumble.


His body of work is limited, but seems to be the next man up if ADP's situation deteriorates. I picked him up in a 12 man redraft (dropped D. Brown), where I have a deep enough bench for a speculative addition. What is everybody else doing?

A. Ellington vs. R. Bush

10 September 2014 - 08:08 PM

I would say that Ellington, if healthy, has a higher ceiling. He was generally drafted before Bush, but does have the foot injury potentially looming.


We all know what Bush can do when utilized, and he seems to be healthy. J. Bell looks to be heavily involved, however.


Which back would you rather have rostered moving forward?

McCoy may be a dynamic runner, but......

09 September 2014 - 04:18 PM

He is one heckuva lousy tipper. 20 cents on a $65 tab.  :shocking:


In fairness, it could have been some horrible service. I consider myself an outstanding tipper (50% or more) when I get outstanding service....but if I am left with no further service after the food arrives, I will stiff them in a heartbeat.




So...will Moreno be "The Man" now?

07 September 2014 - 07:08 PM

Week one: 24/134/1. 5.6 ypc. Nobody thinks that NE run defense is a pushover. RB1 #'s.


Strangely, he had no receptions.


Miller had 15 touches (4 receptions) for 83/1.


Timeshare going forward, or did Moreno do enough to be the man?