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  1. His starting LT was ruled out for the season earlier this week, further exacerbating their O-line issues. Palmers performance week to week is based on his ability to stand like a statue and throw. Move him from his spot and he's awful. Look for loads of David Johnson. Meanwhile, Rivers is like the sun rising. You pretty much know what you're going to get. I'd prefer him.
  2. Most importantly, now my tone is better. Thanks for the comments donhaas. Due to my increasing thought that I'm wasting too much time on this site and the general d!ckishness of the Geek club and posting in general these days, I've decided to hit the trail. So I won't be back either way after this week's games. Don't want it to be seen as a failure to stand up if I'm wrong. And I won't come back to gloat if I'm right. Enjoy the games. Best of luck to all. Donate Life.
  3. Alright then. Since I can't even honor the guy who saved my life here on one of the the two occasions annually that I attempt to do so (the other being his birthday) without the usual suspects showing any common decency, it's time for me to get out. It has sometimes been fun, though not for a while. Best to you all. Donate life.
  4. We were in Vegas and Artie Lange's movie was going to premier. My brother wanted to see it, but it was sold out. At the same time, Stallone was receiving some award from the LV film society. It was NOT sold out. My brother is a writer so we decided to try and get an interview with Stallone. We just kind of slipped past the PR and security people and found ourselves 5 feet from him. Fell back into our best old Philly accents and asked of we could talk with him. He sat down and did the most casual interview I've ever seen any big shot do. Thing that really impressed was at one point a few questions in, somebody interrupted him for some business. He apologized to my brother (for interrupting the interview that we were never supposed to get), calling him by name. I worked in radio for almost 20 years. Nobody does that. You're just another monkey asking the same questions.
  5. No problem admitting I was wrong on AZ. It's not as if I (or anyone else here) has an unblemished record. No big deal. I picked them because, before the game as after, I have the same impression of Carolina: a good running team with a defense that has been very average until the last few weeks when they played teams that were circling the drain (NO, TB, ATL, AZ). I wasn't impressed with any of those teams in the South, and their record vs the rest of the league would seem to give that opinion some merit. I believe their QB to be an issue due to inaccuracy and poor decision making. Additionally, he's been handicapped this year by injuries that make the separation between his athletic ability and the field much closer than it's ever been. Holding a team to 77 yards is something. That it hasn't happened ever before, and that AZ was playing with the level of talent they had available at QB and RB, makes me think it simplistic to believe that it was all the doings of the Carolina defense. That offense stunk out the joint, they averaged less than 30 yards per punt in the first half, and were about as inept as you'll ever see professionals be. Yet with roughly 12:00 to go they had 1st and goal around the 8 to make it a 4 point game. You were obviously tremendously impressed by Carolina's performance and hurt in a deep and personal manner by my calling them "frauds" to the point of hurling insults. For that horrible transgression, I deeply apologize. I was not impressed with their performance and believe that the game this weekend will show where they actually stand.
  6. So I commented on a team (which you purport not to care about, instead insisting it's me that has some overriding issue) and you've responded by calling me ignorant, stupid and obtuse. Congratulations on the fine discourse. No less than I'd expect given your track record on this site. I'll watch the game and see what happens.
  7. On behalf of all recipients, thank you. It's an important part of the equation that people miss so often. Don't put your family in the position to make a decision like that at such an emotional moment. And it has to be made right now! Only a percentage of willing donors are viable at the crucial time, so the numbers are so important. It truly is a situation where it's the thought that counts.
  8. Spot on. Four days after my double lung transplant a hospital social worker brought me papers to sign so I could go on disability. I was still in a pretty good drug haze, but thought "Hell, I've been working almost up til this point while hauling around oxygen and feeling like crap. Why wouldn't I try and work if this makes me feel better?". I don't find GF amusing or interesting at all. He's the epitome of the jerkoff who thinks his childhood testing means he's something special and is too afraid to go out into the real world and test that theory.
  9. I'm 6'8". He'd be no better off than he is now. And his d!ck would look smaller from one angle.
  10. Met him in Vegas a few years ago and he was a really nice guy in a setting where he certainly didn't have to be. No matter how dopey the idea, I hope he makes money.
  11. Mine are flavored by nothing other than what I've seen of the teams involved. I wouldn't be especially eager to hang my hat on a win vs Atlanta, another sub-500 team. I think Carolina will be exposed. You don't. We'll see.
  12. They stopped the run vs an awful running team (even when fully healthy) and stopped the pass vs a guy who will be selling insurance in a few months. Yes, their running game delivered and that is a huge factor in the playoffs. So is your QB completing just over 50% of his throws vs a defense that had to sell out for a half in hopes of creating a field short enough for their offense to capitalize on (apparently that number was something less than 8 yards). Arizona as comprised yesterday would have had an even worse record than Carolina had this season. I don't have a team in the playoffs, but I believe Carolina will be exposed for what they are; a sub-.500 football team that Seattle will beat at their place like rented mules.
  13. JT


    Only flick I'm interested in seeing. May actually go to the theater to see it, which I haven't done since... I think THE WRESTLER?
  14. JT

    Stuart Scott dead

    Sad deal. Fought bravely. Cancer sucks.
  15. JT

    Orton retires

    Other than playing the Bills for fools. Wasted their entire season by playing him.