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  1. Hey, I got a bunch of new sweaters for Christmas and some already have holes from moths. Is there a good way to prevent them without Moth Balls which make the clothing stink? Is ceder effective? TIA
  2. I'm rooting for the Patriots due to Belichick being part of the NY Giants coaching tree. I like to see him do well. How about you?
  3. HTH

    Favorite movie character

    Robin Williams - Good Will Hunting
  4. Vince Guaraldi - A Charlie Brown Christmas Kenny Burrell - Have yourself a Soulful little Christmas Ella Fitz - Wishes You A Swinging Christmas Francesca Battistelli - Christmas Anything by Frank or Bing Martina McBride - White Christmas Compilations - A Chiaroscuro Christmas Jingle Bell Jazz Classical En La Fete de Noel - O Holy Night
  5. HTH

    Thanksgiving items your preparing...

    Looking for a cranberry sauce recipe that has brandy and nuts. Anyone have a good one? TIA
  6. HTH

    Favorite Indian Dishes

    Hey, can anyone tell me if butter chicken is fried?
  7. HTH

    Favorite Indian Dishes

    My top two are Chicken Vindallo (Extra Spicy) and Sag Panir. I might try Butter Chicken tonight. Any other recommendations? TIA