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  1. Bier Meister

    SF tourism suggestions

    Though, near Filmore and California there are a lot of good restaurants. Eliza's and elite cafe come to mind. Also, tenderloin is close to Japantown. Many good restaurants and shops.
  2. Bier Meister

    SF tourism suggestions

    never a problem. this isn't taco bell πŸ˜‹
  3. Bier Meister

    SF tourism suggestions

    El farolito el castillito la taqueria (most well known) taqueria cancun
  4. Bier Meister


    What is a speed that big guy cannot drive, Alex? HBD!
  5. Bier Meister


  6. Bier Meister


    No hooky.... Long weekend in Tahoe. πŸ»πŸŽ„πŸ”πŸš β„πŸŽΏ
  7. Bier Meister

    SF tourism suggestions

    The Steinhart in golden gate park is nice. The is also an aquarium of the bay near pier 39 which more modern but more limited. over priced but fun.
  8. Bier Meister

    SF tourism suggestions

    Settled in. Did you have any specific questions? I have a very long list of favorite restaurants and bars.
  9. Bier Meister

    SF tourism suggestions

    Toronado monk’s kettle zeitgeist la trappe
  10. Bier Meister

    SF tourism suggestions

    Driving up to Lake Tahoe... search the site for San Francisco. I have pmd info to a few geeks. Could one of you forward to don? I should be able to get to my comp in 4 hrs.
  11. Bier Meister

    Jack the Ripper Identified with DNA

    Weren't most of them hookers? There had to have been a sexual connection going on.
  12. Bier Meister

    2019 Week in Maui

    We used to go every year. Now every other. We have exchanged for different locations (key west, lake tahoe, carmel, kona). We have this week booked for Jan of 20, but can change it. Debating where we want to go ourselves (thailand, tahiti, yucatan, austria/switzerland- ski trip). Never get tired of Maui, just want to show our daughter other cultures.
  13. Bier Meister

    When was the last time you "Won the day" here?

    At the GC, we all lose.
  14. Bier Meister

    Good Morning

    Buncha heathens
  15. Bier Meister

    LeBron is a focking loser

    the harden 4-step.