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  1. Bert

    Here goes gas prices

    I am in the Galleria area and I can see the smoke out of my window.
  2. Bert

    Here goes gas prices

    Now THAT'S a fire. ~Uncle Gus
  3. Bert

    Good Morning

    Hell no it is not wrong. I am with you on Rye bread and anything with caraway seeds! Try sourdough!!!
  4. Bert

    Funny Picture thread

    LeBron and Karl Malone disagree.
  5. Bert

    On this day 20 years ago

    My company was being purchased and it was announced my job was probably not going to be picked up by the new company so I started looking for a new job. Three months later I ended up and Enron.
  6. The Bloody Mary Thread!!!
  7. Agreed. What he learned from his corrupt Judge father and money laundering mother are the bigger concern.
  8. Bert

    Random lyric thread

    Edmund Fitzgerald ~Gordon Lightfoot Arrogance and Ignorance go hand in hand.
  9. I would vote for Joe Biden over this POS. He is a well spoken version of AOC/Bernie.
  10. Bert

    Michael Bennett to Patriots

    He is a worthless vile piece of excrement.
  11. Bert

    What does CNN have against Boeing?

    and Canada. Hey Ed United is also flying them. I was on one last month. Nice planes except for that crashing thing.
  12. Bert

    Kid screams for entire 8 hour flight.

    People traveling with kids should only be allowed on 737-Max 8's.
  13. Bert

    AOC and the "Green New Deal"...

    Cortez and her ilk are the ones in denial of science. I remember a business development person telling me and a few colleagues how in 20 years wind and solar power would supply over 50% of United States' power. The conversation took place at a recently purchased wind farm in California..............in 1999!
  14. Bert

    So I probably just cut my own throat.

    Problem is there are a lot of sh!tty, spineless, kiss ass bosses out there.