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  1. Bert

    Cowboy pinball

  2. Bert

    Republicans illegal election practices, yet again

    But you didn't elect him.
  3. Bert

    Cowboy pinball

    That is so awesome! Hopefully the Bull also caught those guys in the nads so they can't breed.
  4. Bert

    Republicans illegal election practices, yet again

    Tell me a cool story about the guy you elected as the State's leading democratic attorney beatin down his biotchs! Yo mutha fucka. Oh, that isn't fraud sorry for the deflection.
  5. Bert

    Just got my infant kid a vasectomy

    Doing your part to prevent global warming.
  6. Bert

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Amazon was complicit in following the law. I think the brick and mortar vs online is a shift in customer preference more than anything. Good luck! Retail is a tough gig.
  7. Bert

    Good Morning

    The jihad of the tribute website was epic! There were a whole lot of pissed off red necks.
  8. Bert

    Amazon not coming to NY

    C'mon man. They fought tooth and nail because of the cost and liability of compliance. You obviously are not familiar with the cost of compliance or the liability a company assumes if they collect sales tax when they are not legally required to do so. Why was Amazon so involved in SSTP in 1998/1999 if it was such a HUGE part of there strategy? As stated before, if this was such a HUGE part of their strategy why did they start collecting sales tax when the law said they didn't have to? Not that you care but I have known the SUT people at Amazon since 1999. They use the same SUT software as my company. The complexity of SUT compliance didn't become easier until 2002-2004 when new software was developed. There are a lot of reasons to not like Amazon. This sales tax argument is a red herring Why won't you address all the customers breaking the law and every company on the plant doing the exact same thing? Sounds like you have a special hate for Amazon. Why aren't you pissed at all the companies outside the US selling and shipping goods into the US without collecting sales tax?
  9. Bert

    Amazon not coming to NY

    It was not a huge part of their strategy because all online and mail order companies had the same advantage.
  10. Bert

    Amazon not coming to NY

    That's right. It's hell getting old.
  11. Bert

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Not necessarily. For awhile brick and mortar stores would put their catalog/on-line operations in a separate legal entity. If I remember correctly it was a Barnes and Noble case that "pierced the corporate vale" to severely restrict this practice. Amazon does some smarmy stuff but this isn't one of them. Taking advantage of tax laws is what everyone does. If people don't like it change the laws.
  12. Bert

    Amazon not coming to NY

    It gave them an "unfair" trading advantage because people broke the law.
  13. Bert

    Amazon not coming to NY

    I am very familiar with how sales tax works. Did he analyze the sales tax dollars that were not collected from goods sold from catalogs since 1960? Were did he analyze the customers breaking the law?
  14. Bert

    Amazon not coming to NY

    They complied with the laws on the books. Saying they exploited a tax loophole is like saying you are exploiting the tax code by taking a tax deduction for your mortgage interest and property tax. People how rent don't get the deduction so you have an advantage over them. Amazon may be a horrible company, I really don't know, but to attack them for compiling with tax law is silly.
  15. Bert

    Amazon not coming to NY

    And every customer that did not remit use tax on those purchases was breaking the law. Amazon didn't create the situation.