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  1. June 5th - 8th. Who's in?
  2. I did an ironman about 6 years ago. 4 day Florida golf trip, followed by a 5 day conference (played 4 rounds of golf) in Wichita, followed day 4 days in Vegas.
  3. He is like every other rapper.
  4. the boy told a teacher that he was afraid to go to lunch because he didn't want to see Peace's stepdaughter, Well done.
  5. Bert

    edjr motley crue biopic

    They could get this guy https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0214430/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t31 to play that whiny crying biotch Lindsey.
  6. Bert

    National Emergency

    Really? This has been a crisis since the huge influx of cocaine started in Miami in the '80s. Miami got all the attention and TV shows but cocaine and weapons coming across our southern board also increase significantly.
  7. Bert

    Cowboy pinball

  8. Bert

    Republicans illegal election practices, yet again

    But you didn't elect him.
  9. Bert

    Cowboy pinball

    That is so awesome! Hopefully the Bull also caught those guys in the nads so they can't breed.
  10. Bert

    Republicans illegal election practices, yet again

    Tell me a cool story about the guy you elected as the State's leading democratic attorney beatin down his biotchs! Yo mutha fucka. Oh, that isn't fraud sorry for the deflection.
  11. Bert

    Just got my infant kid a vasectomy

    Doing your part to prevent global warming.