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  1. mmmmm...beer

    i ~stick

    I'm good with the Gyp... if he wants it. I mentioned an opening to Jerryskids... he seemed interested.. maybe give him a holler.
  2. mmmmm...beer

    It's the knife for me!

    I wish I could say 80blb dumbell curls.... bowling.. it was bowling.
  3. mmmmm...beer

    It's the knife for me!

    Sooo...I have a distal biceps tendon tear.... MRI done yesterday, >50%. I guess it's the knife for me... 😕 Anyone had this surgery? I saw how long the literature says it will take to come back... 4-6 months no sports. Wow thats a long time... Oh and you want to know how my lovely injury happened?! Do you?! I lift 4+ days a week... and tore my bicep tendon..... bowling. 🙁 Bowling... 😒
  4. mmmmm...beer

    i ~stick

    New owner... post it boys.
  5. mmmmm...beer

    i ~stick

  6. mmmmm...beer

    FOCK... being force transferred again.

    Hey take off!
  7. mmmmm...beer

    FOCK... being force transferred again.

    Told today... they're moving four of us. I'm going to Montana again. So... coulda been worse. Glad I didn't get rid of my winter gear. But this sucks for my kids again... 😠
  8. mmmmm...beer

    Books you dont want to read

    Quite honestly all the focking female scifi/fantasy authors that a literally flooding the genre turning it all into bullsh!t vampire smut. Fock... gross.
  9. mmmmm...beer

    Books you are reading

    So a new author I tried out and ended up really getting into his series is Will Wright. It's a fantasy book, sorta martial arts with different magic... anyway... pretty good series. I was pleasently surprised. I'll be watching this guy for sure. The 6th book just came out... finished it in a day. Here's the first book. All are free on Amazon Unlimited or like $2.99 on Kindle. https://www.amazon.com/Unsouled-Cradle-Volume-1/dp/B07GT7XT9T/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?crid=RSULNR1M8O0W&keywords=will+wright+cradle&qid=1551979196&s=gateway&sprefix=will+wright&sr=8-6
  10. mmmmm...beer

    Books you are reading

    Haha! I've had friends call me on a work day morning... thanks a lot d!ck! Up until the qee hours reading that book.
  11. mmmmm...beer

    Books you are reading

    Empire of Man is frickin great. Ringo is my favorite author.
  12. mmmmm...beer

    Books you are reading

    Or just download an app called FBReader and you can open any .epub in there I've heard.
  13. mmmmm...beer

    Books you are reading

    I have it purchased in my kindle app... might start it soon.
  14. mmmmm...beer

    Books you are reading

    Actually a new book of short stories set in that world came out yesterday.
  15. mmmmm...beer

    Should MJ music be played now?

    I love it when non-parents have some sh!t to say about how you raise your kid... 😄