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  1. mmmmm...beer

    Hey mmmBeer

    You really should check out his other series, March Upcountry and the another one Troy Rising.... both fantastic series.
  2. mmmmm...beer

    Hey mmmBeer

    Ya buddy... I read them all already. Badass right? I love both those authors. Ringo is probably my fav author.
  3. All your food magically appears in the grocery store. 😄
  4. mmmmm...beer

    Does your wife do this too?

    Sooooo.... uhhhh.... you have to be squirrling away money & documents etc right? Make your plan... one of these nights where you have a feeling she's going to have a late night clean that house up... I man everything worth a cent. As long as your accounts are joint now... nothing stopping you from cleaning those out as well. Plan your exit accordingly... move to Chiner and become a teacher... I wouldn't even tell her... I'd just dissappear one night she was gone. She'd come back... never to see nor hear from me again.
  5. mmmmm...beer

    Home Budgeting...

    I absolutely agree with the financial class being mandatory. They should have a class seriously called "Adulting 101". So many people complain about that sh!t... we need basic classes on how to be a grownup again. The wife and I had gone through Financial Peace University a long time ago... but making good money just got away from its principals. We're not way underwater, just need a good kick in the ass. We have a good basis to get sh!t knocked out fairly quickly. It's really just about getting back on track and being equally disciplined.
  6. mmmmm...beer

    Home Budgeting...

    For those of you interested in a monthly budget, you should really check out "Every Dollar" on the app or apple store. It's an electronic version of the Dave Ramsey zero based budget. We've used it in the past and I works well if you stick to it. After this last shutdown, my wife (also a fed) and I realized we are really not maximizing our income. We have a little debt we need to wipe out and our fully funded emergency funs should have already been in place. Well... we had a pretty good wake up call with the shutdown and are "getting after it" now. This last shutdown shouldn't have even made us blink, but it did. We downloaded the app (you can also sync a version on your laptop or home comp), worked up our February zero based budget and we're off to the races starting with our paychecks this week. I know there are other options out there as well, YNAB (You Need a Budget), and Personal Capital both seem very popular as well.
  7. mmmmm...beer

    Bowflex Selecttech 1090

    Sold my iron hex dumbell set today... 8 -> 40 lbs + rack for $300... tons of buyers. I undersold a bit but didn't want to piecemeal it out and wanted them gone. I had an extra 2 xtra sets of 20's and xtra set of 30's I picked up someplace I threw in too. Some dude got a smokin deal. I think I'm gonna use a lil bit to pick up the bowflex stand Christandidilious recommended. I'm of an age I'll throw out my back bending over to reach for a weight I haven't even touched yet! 😄
  8. mmmmm...beer

    Olivia Newton John is 70

    She was so sensual back in the day... this song is still one of the sexiest around.
  9. mmmmm...beer

    Bowflex Selecttech 1090

    I have 25# & 45# kettlebells... they will absolutely smoke you.
  10. mmmmm...beer

    Bowflex Selecttech 1090

    Thats what I've read... I looked at them awhile ago.. but was curious as to durability. Everything I'm reading right how is saying exactly what you are.. 10 years.. zero problems.. love them.
  11. mmmmm...beer

    Bowflex Selecttech 1090

    Sweet!! I've been looking for a pair of these for awhile! Got these 200-400 off depending on sale price... seem brand new and go up to 90 lbs each. Anyone use these or 552's? I've been watching for awhile and had been going to start buying heavier weights as I'm finding dumbells much easier on my shoulders than straight bar. Gonna replace my old hex iron set in the garage...
  12. mmmmm...beer

    Credit Card debt...

    I don't know what you mean on thr balance over month to month thing. I have like $74 bucks cash back balance after 2 months. Wait sorry... I was wrong it's 1% back up to $3000. https://www.discover.com/online-banking/checking/?cmpgnid=affl-ck-CJ&src=S00000NUU&van=Dbank
  13. mmmmm...beer

    Credit Card debt...

    Oh damn... you did that too huh? I didn't but one of my younger acquaintances put 10k worth on a credit card. I told him he was batshit crazy, but he told me I was for missing the free money train.
  14. mmmmm...beer

    Credit Card debt...

    Ya that's where we are too... should just pay it off, but sorta need to see if this next shutdown happens. Don't want drop that much if we won't get paid again for a month+.
  15. mmmmm...beer

    Credit Card debt...

    Pat got me thinking... With the whole shut down thing the wife and I were looking deeper unto our finances and figuring out what was important or not. We started by consolidating a couple of our accounts to put all our savings into a credit union that has a local branch. We have used USAA for banking for a couple years and its all online. We also recently started with Discover bank also fully online as they have a 3% cashback on all debit card purchases. Anyway... neither of these banks have a local branch so we went with a credit union. At the same time I looked at our credit cards. We had 2 of them, one hotel points the other airline miles. We use them for trips and medical bills and what not. We have let them fock around and just hang out with balances for longer than we should have. Our new credit union had a deal going on... 1.99% credit card for 24 months with no balance transfer fees. So... closed the other two cards... $7900 later... we're going to start hammering these things. We haven't really been worried about sh!t... but I'm tired of feeling like we're not "getting it done" with what we bring in. We both agreed we need to buckle down. Quit spending friviously and get out of any debt other than the mortgage. Time to get back on our Dave Ramsey type zero based budget.