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    You already rooned it by freezing it. May as well cook it well done and put ketchup on it now.
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    i am shocked selfie would buy into leftist propaganda.
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    This is misplaced anger. It's the job of the administration to temper panic not add to it. You're 100% wrong on the president's role here
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    Oh oh. The dems got him -- again. Ughhhh! First they they beat him in the election, then they booted him out of office with impeachment. Man oh man have they given him a lickin'. He's sunk. Sink. Sank. Sunk. Nail in the coffin. My oh myyyyy folks. The dems come through yet again. Time and time again, these dems come through. It's their hard work ethic and their devotion to America that sets them apart. When will the right ever learn?
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    You just failed on the first day of Lent.
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    People need to chill out. Gah.
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    I think her backup plan is to run interference for Bernie and be his VP. Then she can run in four years or step in when he can not finish his term.
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    I'd say they are playing Candyland.
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    I call it awesome drinking material. It's like watching SNL in the good old days.
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    Michael Irvin pushed off on every catch he ever made.
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    Trump is lying to the American people and telling them he likes where the stock market is right now and that we have nothing to worry about with the Coronavirus. I'm just waiting to hear him say that he checked and all Coronavirus germs are registered Democrats. It's really a shame that the citizens of this country can't rely on the president to keep us informed on a potential deadly pandemic. Any other president would have started a task force and named a czar 6 weeks ago. Our president wants to lie to us and keep us uninformed and m,eanwhile we have Geeks buying food in bulk and preparing for quarantine. It's a shame those Geeks have to look elsewhere to know how serious this is. Usually, Trump's lies are greeted with an eyeroll and a laugh. That's just who he is. hahaha. Problem is, he is so far in over his head that he has no clue how to actually lead when times get tough. He's always in campaign mode. It's a shame we can't appoint Obama as co-President just for a couple months so we have an actual leader in difficult times. He started a task force as soon as the Ebola virus hit the news. Obama took the world leadership role back then and Trump would be smart to use him as an adviser. But he's too busy Tweeting about Brad Pitt and thinking he's a victim because the virus is making the stock market go down.
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    Start up the impeachment proceedings.
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    These people are the worst. They better get Lizzie out of there. No one likes her.
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    I just went to Home Depot and got 100 pounds of bird seed. Good enough for my kids
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    Yes..exactly...because of douchenozzles like you guys panicking and going to the store to buy all the focking food. Cause youre a bunch of idiots. Hey like I said, America has been clamoring for a panic....You included and thats cool man. Im just saying it's dumb
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    She was fine last night when I left. What are you worried about?
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    Diversity is our strength the only race is the human race!
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    One other thing that causes me heartburn. Please avoid conditional trades. You either take a chance with keeper deals or don’t make the deal. Having to potentially roll back changes if a deal is rescinded due to injury makes it even more difficult to keep things straight. It also effects the ability to make other deals with the two managers while a trade is in limbo. Can I now safely assume that my E-Rod deal is voided if his tweaked knee turns into a big deal? If O’Neill or Woodruff go down, is it assumed that the Disturbed/Strombn trade is voided? If Verdugo’s back gets worse, is my deal with Harry out the window? If Berrios’ arm falls off, is the Talent/Harry deal dead? Let’s hold off from posting trades until you are ready to obligate. If you are concerned about a medical issue, hold off on posting the deal until keeper deadline day. I will consider all posted and confirmed deals as final and binding. Thanks!