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  1. Meglamaniac

    Chips on sandwiches

    Primanti Brothers
  2. Meglamaniac

    Have You Ever Noticed ...

    Tell me more
  3. Meglamaniac

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    Just had this https://welcometorockvillefestival.com/lineup/ Upcoming Goo Goo Dolls Deirks Bentley Blink 182 311 Brad Paisley Bush and Live UB40 Zack Brown Band
  4. Meglamaniac

    Cocktail of Choice?

    Pretty much a bourbon on the rocks kind of guy. I have a pretty good selection of bourbons and have 2, 2 litter aging barrels I use to make faux BTAC selections
  5. Meglamaniac

    Sky Bacon

  6. Meglamaniac

    Sky Bacon

    Whats the price for each?
  7. Meglamaniac

    Stick hard at work

  8. Meglamaniac

    Raider Hater = Peenie?

  9. Meglamaniac

    Raider Hater = Peenie?

    He stood under an AC unit didn't he
  10. that's pretty close to TOD
  11. Meglamaniac

    Thanks for getting my thread locked

    Mom's calling, your cereal is on the table, hurry now, don't want you missing the bus
  12. Meglamaniac

    Thanks for getting my thread locked

    Yea, yea, I know
  13. Meglamaniac

    Thanks for getting my thread locked

    Pretty sure the thread title is clear You don't know me or my 'writing technique'
  14. Meglamaniac

    Thanks for getting my thread locked

    I'm calling you out asshat, I'm sure Krueger knows this