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  1. Meglamaniac

    What’s the oldest chick you had sex with

    me 37 her 58 and crazy, fun but crazy
  2. Meglamaniac

    Smoking meat

    Cover them with some old towels in the cooler and they will hold much better
  3. Meglamaniac

    Smoking meat

    WSM 22.5, the only smoker you will ever NEED to buy and can easily be used as a grill by removing the heat sink
  4. Meglamaniac

    Smoking meat

    Does this site allowe you to post pics?
  5. Meglamaniac

    Smoking meat

    Trimming is important, not just the fat cap but also the deckel and the silverskin. There is a lot fat in the body of a brisket that will not render, you have to remove it pre-cook. Franklin has a very good Youtube video that helps visualize trimming. Also want to trim up the point and the flat to make sure you have a somewhat uniform piece of meat. I prefer to smoke at 275 uncovered and wrap in butchers paper at around 175, pull at 195 and for me this is most improtant, it needs to rest in a cooler or cambro for at least 4 hours PS- Smoke your trimming as well and use them in your baked beans Franklins video
  6. Meglamaniac

    Smoking meat

    Scrape the fat from under the skin before you smoke the chicked or pierce the skin with a knife or fork and apply a little EVO on the skin.
  7. Meglamaniac

    Are There Or Was There Any Pro Athlete's On These Forums?

    Yea, Rookie Ball in Cedar Rapids and Single A in Tampa with the Reds
  8. Meglamaniac

    @ a poster you miss

    I'm still here from time to time but thanks
  9. Just saw the alert, sorry for the late response. FFMike choose to do away with Mods some time ago
  10. Meglamaniac

    Ciiiiigar Geeks

    Ashtons Drew Estates Rocky Patel Romeo Y Julieta Macanudo Montecristo
  11. Meglamaniac

    Irrefutable evidence of Police Racism

    Awwww Now I remember why i don't post here anymore, thanks vomit
  12. Meglamaniac

    Awesome first dive today

    What river?
  13. Meglamaniac

    Grill, Smoker, Crock Pot, Pressure Cooker, Sous Vide

    No one specified steak. I reverse sear many meats I should say I didn't specify steaks
  14. Meglamaniac

    Grill, Smoker, Crock Pot, Pressure Cooker, Sous Vide

    Cuts out the oven/smoker/grill, it's a matter of convivence, but it can't duplicate the end result of a good reverse sear in a CIS.
  15. Meglamaniac

    Grill, Smoker, Crock Pot, Pressure Cooker, Sous Vide

    It's not the same, foiling causes the meat to 'braise/steam' softening the sear much like it does to a good bark when smoking