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  1. Meglamaniac

    Best Gambling movie

    If you've gambled for a while it is the best, it perfectly captures the gambling culture/attitude/characteristics in it's portrials
  2. Meglamaniac

    Best Gambling movie

    Let it Ride Far and away the best gambling movie to gamblers
  3. Meglamaniac

    Richard "woke" Sherman Arrested

    Article said that was SOP for domestic cases until he sees a judge
  4. LOL, what's wrong with Wayne
  5. And you might like him if you gave him a try https://www.listentothebear.com/brad-paisley-tributes-eddie-van-halen-with-crazy-hot-for-teacher-cover/
  6. You know him from the Nationwide commercials
  7. Meglamaniac

    Couple of guys taking selfies huh?

    There is no functional link in your post
  8. You're so jaded, you really wanted that guitar didn't you
  9. It was a really good show He gave away a guitar to a kid(13-15) that was standing next to the stage and told him to start playing, see you in 10 years He also grabbed a chick's cell phone and pretended to wonder through her pics, then ordered a 12 pack of Bud Light from Target and had it sent to her house. Played for 2.5 hours and included his 2 opening acts lead singers in a couple of his songs
  10. No but I did begin my love affair With water
  11. Meglamaniac

    Instead of NFL pro bowl...do this!!

  12. Meglamaniac

    Instead of NFL pro bowl...do this!!

    Sorry, but if the 2 teams are separated by more than 1 loss then this is a bad idea.