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  1. Of course, the St Johns runs all through Jacksonville bending several times, that's why we have so many bridges, so it's a big part of Jax history
  2. and we had 5 from 2004-2005 after a decade of none here in FL, so I'm not sure what that means pattern wise.
  3. We were 1 block away from the St Johns river, serge hit at high tide, worst flooding in a 100 years or so
  4. Don't know if its a pattern or not, I was simply pointing out the inaccuracy of your statement
  5. I watched it from my home with a foot and half of water in it
  6. Meglamaniac

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    Is this the one that was the precursor to Z Nation?
  7. Meglamaniac

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    Dexter by a lot
  8. Meglamaniac

    Don Lemon (CNN) Sexually Assaults Man

    Sounds like a real 'Lemon Party'
  9. you seem to forget that when Mike did the upgrades many lost posts
  10. Meglamaniac

    Born White Apology

    pretty sure its 'personal point of privilege', can't have him speaking for the masses
  11. Meglamaniac

    Holy Crap This Forum Still Exists!