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    The Democrats want to cheat in the election by spamming the country with ballots. They want to give special funding to the USPS to grease the wheels, so they called off their recess to do it. They couldn't be bothered to stay in session to work on a stimulus package for us citizens, but they'll drop everything to rig the election.
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    I really don't give a fock what you think. You came in this thread asking for proof of an afterlife, which you knew no one could provide, as though you were scoring some points. Then you went full on Richard Simmons. Between that and your gun-grabbing views, I'd say you're a mentally ill liberal weirdo.
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    Wow, this is like a punch in the gut. I have never met you, but feel that you are a friend. I am at a loss for words and that does not happen very often. Fock cancer and you will beat this. Please PM if there is anything that I can do to help you through this.
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    Whats the consequences of "cases" You do know that the overwhelming majority of cases cause no issues for the overwhelming majority of those that get it .... like way overwhelming. You think you're gonna get to steal the election over a potential runny nose. GFY Also https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/08/14/dr_fauci_there_is_no_reason_people_cant_vote_in_person_if_they_follow_safety_guidelines.html
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    Yes. Absolutely. I do struggle with it at times but ultimately believe that God created everything and cares about me personally.
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    The fact that people can go into a Walmart, blows away any claim of fear and danger these losers are proclaiming. They're just hacks who know their only chance is to steal it. You know it, I know it, they know it.
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    And yet neither you or Honcho has mentioned this regarding the "peaceful" protests spreading Covid every night, even when they beat up random motorists as they did last night. I guess those are consequences you're willing to endure......
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    Murder has always been illegal---you must have been the worst cop ever. I'm not going to provide a link to something that never happened, you link your "think it’s ok to “abort” a child after it’s born."
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    Thanks man, and thanks to all of you. I too consider many of you friends and would be sad to hear such news about you. As such I'll plan to stick around for a few more decades to regale you all with my wit and charm.
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    This. Although with a tl/dr plodding twisting rant into my atheism, first. God has a running 0-fer-lifetime record on the prayer answer request line by me. In fact most all of those prayer requests were registered when I was a kid. Since it was always pointless, I gave up trying and these last 25/30 years or so God is 0-fer-0. My childhood sucked. I was in a bad situation when I was a kid and I sure could have used some help, but whenever I asked for some, none was ever forthcoming. Still, when you're told your immortal soul is on the line, you don't want to give up trying. You take those warnings seriously, even though help never arrives, it's a long slow stressful process, a big struggle. I was already having to deal with a father who had an untreated GFIAFP-type mental disordered and was seldom employed. Then, I had this equally useless God that I was supposed to pray to for relief only to be disappointed time and again and again when that relief never came. It occurs to me that the reason all my prayers went unanswered is that either God doesn't exist or that I'm ultra low priority and not worth helping. I prefer the former explanation. The biggest reason that I don't get disappointed about not winning the lottery is because I don't play the lottery. I see prayer in terms of me use to buying fake lottery tickets but I stopped because I realized I would never win. I can deal with that. But if the religious folks are right and God is real to you, then let me be crystal clear: God has proven beyond any doubt, that he doesn't give a sh*t about me. I have a (psychological) suitcase full of unheeded needy-child prayer request receipts. Real God or unreal, either way, prayer had been proven to be utterly pointless in my life. I got through my childhood and teenage years without any supernatural relief or help at all and a bunch of mental stress. I went in the Army, went to college, continued to strike out in life, moved to China, found my footing, got married, and got on with my life. No help. When I was a child praying for help, I got rolled over. Then when I prayed for more help, life backed up and rolled up on top of me, burnt rubber into my chest for a few seconds, then sped off. Rinse. Repeat. That's my experience with prayer. Roadkill. Disappointment. So, when I got older, I learned to stop wasting my time praying, I took charge of my life, did by everything myself without ever praying, in this manner, I found happiness and success and peace of mind along the way. No help requested, no help received. The last time that it occurred to me that prayer might be useful was fourteen years ago when my wife was pregnant with my eldest daughter. She was required to stay in the hospital out of concerns that her pregnancy was ectopic. Now by this point, I hadn't prayed in many years, maybe now would be a good time. Then, I realized the absurdity or my predicament: the baby was attached very near the mouth of the Fallopian tube. If she was attached in the uterus, great; if in the tube, disaster. But where ever it was that she was attached at, a prayer would not move it a millimeter or three away from danger. And when had prayer ever done me a lick of good? Well, I had a lifetime of experience answering that question. So, I didn't get suckered back into the mental cage again. I did not pray, things turned out fine, and have not considered prayer at all since. I use to get angry about this half a lifetime's worth of unanswered prayer requests. I was a child, my life sucked, I really could have used some help. Didn't get any. Now that I'm an adult and I don't need any help, I don't send any requests. Again, it's my experience there isn't an entity answering the phone who gives a sh*t. My reasoning for that is that this entity doesn't exist. I absolutely reached out. I tried. I still do recognize there's still worth in religion even if there's nobody answering the prayer phone. Living your life in accords with these principles keeps your head on straight and out of trouble which is it's own reward. And if it helps prevent you from getting Woke, this evil non-theistic cult religion, great. Even better. But fock prayer. Utterly useless. I am so done with that.
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    If they thought mail in voting would favor Trump, they would be on the exact opposite side. Let's also not forget that the usps is one of those bloated government bureaucracies with ridiculous wages and pensions that Dems love so much. The usps currently has over 600,000 employees, not counting God knows how many pensioners. Which way you think those guys vote? they're saying that the usps is vital to provide service to rural areas... But we all know the Dems don't give a fock about rural areas. This is two parts election rigging and one part sucking off one of the few remaining vestsges of big labor, a vital democratic special interest.
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    I would say that was true. Now I'm probably more a right leaning libertarian. Mostly due to a loss of confidence in the ability of government to affect worthwhile change. That, and the standard of what left and right are has changed drastically. Now, calling a "woman" with a pen!s a man or suggesting that perhaps we should enforce immigration law makes you a nazi.
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    The penal code in every State is based on the 10 Commandments. Sorry, you fail to recognize that. Yours were college freshman atheistic objections to the existence of God. We've heard them before. Hopefully your vote turns elections in your State or district in favor of the GOP, but your personal views are indistinguishable from MDC's.
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    I look forward to your "I beat Cancer" thread, Jerry. You better post it when it happens because even though youre a random person on the Internet, I am surprised to find I really do care. Youre in my thoughts and Im rooting for you.
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    Elisha. . she was my 3rd pick in the tv girl draft.
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    Funny you say that, between that thread and the Wiff wrist AIDS I did wait a few days to post this.
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    I believe that you should stop posting here.
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    Detached suite for your mom please. I don’t care where you put dad.
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    We planned to convert our detached garage into a guest house for my MIL earlier this year. That idea crashed and burned when we found out her finances were a mess. She’s now living in our guest room and both my wife and I wish she wasn’t. I suggest a separate house if you can do it. Build it with aging in place in mind. No stairs, curbless showers, etc.
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    Sounds like the doc has a solid plan to knock this out. I’m sure you know we’re all here for you. Take care man.
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    This doesn't sound like you've had the poor, hard luck life you've led us to believe.
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    We need to keep the lefties IN the cities they helped destroy, otherwise they are going to destroy the cities they are fleeing to. They're like cockroaches, termites and rats. Let them in to your detriment.
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    That was the greatest when they all cried. When madcow maddow just sat there with her mouth open. Watching these losers cry is a top 3 reason to vote Trump.