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    "And the Academy Award for best token minority in order for a movie to get Oscar consideration goes to..."
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    Welp, I started playing FF in the mid 90's. Originally joined FFtoday around 97ish. If I remember correctly the site crashed around 2000 and all forums lost. Reopened in 2000 and I rejoined then. Have met 10-15 geeks over the years. Live in Houston now. Lived in Louisiana from 1990-2016. Divorced first wife and hapily married to 2nd wife. 2 boys. 3 grandkids. I drink beer and bbq a lot. I'm a fan of The Tyler Rose, Earl Campbell. I'm a huge Star Wars geek. I'm a fan of LSU and UT. I'm a fan of Astros, Texans, Rockets, and Saints. I was in the Army, used to teach and coach football/basketball, and have been in insurance for 24ish years. Anything else?
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    Ratings for woke video games, TV shows, films, and sports all follow the same pattern. 1. The first week of release can set record high ratings / sales. 2. After week 1, ratings start an eternal descent. Sometimes its a hard fall. Other times its slow. 3. Eventually ratings / sales crater at record lows. The media always chimes in after week 1 cheering the big numbers and saying woke stuff sells. Then the media totally ignores the collapse.
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    Hopefully way down. The NFL makes 90% of its money from the wallets of middle aged white guys. They have made the decision to pander to criminals and low lifes. I was done after the woke ads they ran during the last super bowl. Hopefully this summer of animal like behavior motivates others to take my path.
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    Relatively new enhancement, you should wear that one like as a badge of honor. Likes are ghey af.
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    DIdn't even know we had the ability to like stuff. Go figure.
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    Apparently reports of my demise were a bit off. Alive and well in Houston.
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    I'm watching Hard Knocks. Sean McVay is watching the video of Jacob being shot. He's flabbergasted and proclaims "WTF are people thinking?! How can he shoot that guy for just walking away?!" My initial reaction to his reaction is "WTF are YOU thinking?". That being said, I reserve the right to be wrong. Maybe my perceptions need calibration. So, I'd love to hear opposing viewpoints. But with a caveat. Here's my issue. They were called because his baby momma called the police and said he showed up, uninvited and took her car keys away. He would not give them back and was combative as best I understand. The police arrive and he was detained. That means lawfully, he cannot leave. He resisted, was tased (to no effect) and then walked to his driver's door, with what APPEARs to be a knife in his hand. But I will admit, it's tough to tell from the video. He walks towards his car and opens the door where he is obviously shot. My argument would be that he could easily have a gun or weapon in the vehicle and could then be capable of killing or hurting anyone in the area. So....what am I missing? Because I truly don't understand, but I AM trying to see the opposing viewpoint.
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    Sports, movies, and TV, together with the media, academia, big tech and the far left of the Democratic Party are in full battle mode for a hostile takeover of our culture. I don’t intend to give them a dime. Ad-blocker on (off at FFToday so Mike gets his half penny per click) pirate everything, watch stuff from 5+ years ago. Fock them.
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    Not gonna lie, the staying power of so many of the silverback names is impressive!
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    Holy crap. Just looked at my profile. Apparently I have been a member of this forum for 20 years as of last month!
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    Ha, not anymore. Gave it up recently. 28 and 26 years old now.
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    "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"
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    He was running away. was the knife sticking out his ass?
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    Damn you, Trump. She coulda been gone for eight years.
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    You forgot the part where he came to this same apartment on 5/3, broke in at 6am, went to the bedroom and fingered his ex baby mama without her consent to see if she smelled like another man's semen. She called the cops and reported it and got a TRO and an arrest warrant was issued. He has no permanent address so he laid low a few months and then showed back up at her apartment, she called the cops, cops showed up knowing his history, he resisted arrest, waved a knife, and went to his car for "something". Remember just a few years ago when the NFL had their big "we don't beat women or rape them anymore, we respect women" campaign? Now they are putting a rapist's name on their helmets. And the social media mob/BLM has forced them into a corner where they have to pretend not to notice what everyone else does.
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    Every black friend of mine thinks he deserved to be shot
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    BLS you are not missing anything. The world has completely gone crazy. Truth be damned.
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    He knew what he was watching and he knew the cameras were on him. Of course he was going to show outrage. Did you think he was going to say ‘Hold on, I have to see that again’ ?
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    Women waiting until the cashier rings all their stuff up before reaching into their pocketbook and taking out their card.
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