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    Get back to me when they change the name of the street in front of the white house to this guy's name. Or when the sports leagues start putting snippets of his manifesto on their uniforms and fields. Or when the entire congressional leadership kneels in solidarity with him. This guy was a lone wolf psycho. Now he's dead. BLM/Antifa is an ongoing political insurrection based on lies and hate.
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    They are literally saying, well the American people shouldn't be so stupid as to believe the things that I said were fact. And Giuliani has said under oath repeatedly, we don't have any actual evidence of voter fraud. But it's funny how quite you guys get about that. Cuz should I spend a half a day digging up the threads about Dominion voting and all the other nonsense? Because it seems like you guys just kick the can down the road and pretend that never happened. Pretend that Trump never claimed that there were like millions of people that is inauguration pretend that there were more than two people taking selfies at the insurrection. I mean you guys are just f****** retarded. And it doesn't really seem worth the effort. Thinking back to the old days where some of the equivalents backed bush without any kind of reservation. and then when it turned out they were all full of s***, they just sort of disappeared.
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    If your not sick go. If you really worry get tested before hand.
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    Deep down they all know Trump lost fair and square. Even Trump knows.
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    thanks wiff for giving our geek righties another chance to show how deep their heads are up their asses.
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    Wow. Because that wasn't expected. Simple-minded dolt. You realize your heroes are throwing you under the bus as being too stupid to understand that they were lying to you the entire time. Right? Jesus christ.
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    We can’t let people feel bad about poor life choices. Thus we all need to suffer. This is the communist way.
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    I have no idea why the country is pushing everyone to be a phag or take so many focking drugs. Maybe mdc or rusty or herbi can assist on this one.
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    Right... And it sounds like you've been living with the regret ever since.
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    The WHO has previously stated that if you are asymptomatic transmission is rare. So the odds of spreading if you're not having symptoms are nearly nil. Have a great time!
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    Before we can give any specific advice, we must know: Can length?
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    Mebbe I misunderstood you. I loved Van Halen, but loved them more since Sammy joined.
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    Show up but avoid hugs
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    That sucks. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Did they explain the reason behind blotching out part of the card with marker? Something seems fishy.
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    No need to move. They already hijacked it. What made the US great is on the ropes and seems unlikely to survive, as the parasitic subversives have taken control of nearly every institution. As this video indicates, Amerika had already been steadily losing sight of what made it great before the bottom fell out in 2020. The Bill of Rights, like every other thing about US culture, is being subverted now because the Marxists have figured out that privatizing the censorship is just as effective as public censorship and makes for a good bypass. Radical fringe leftist ideology is being drip injected more and more into the mainstream of Amerikan discourse via the Edgeucayshun System and Big Tech. Control of the Overton window is in the hands of easily butthurt, gender-nonconforming pink haired thingamajig freaks in San Francisco where anything goes on the left and more and more mainstream conservative voices and talking points are silenced with each new round of censorship. As I see it, we are teetering on the cusp of societal collapse.
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    I heard Matt Gaetz is against ID laws.
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    Wow, yes let’s all treat the talking points from a far-right propaganda organization as gospel. Again, when one starts with a faulty premise (the disproven claim that 2020 was a fraudulent election), it’s like a bad foundation. The whole house collapses the first time a strong wind kicks up. Notice the heritage piece assumes that lie is true as its starting point. Hence the house of cards. They also are calling things “myths” and then not even bothering to say they are untrue. 1. "We didn’t have drop boxes in 2016” which wasn’t the point. They took drop boxes away. Period. Whether they had them before 2020 is not the question. They are flat-out lying when they say drop boxes aren’t being taken away. They are cutting them by more than 2/3rds. That is literally taking them away. NOT a myth. They also are reducing the hours one can use a drop box, and putting them inside the polling place instead of outside. They are basically worthless now. It actually would have been more honest to ban them entirely. 2. Onerous ID requirements. Another cover-up and reframing, instead of telling the truth. Absentee voting didn’t ever need an ID in the past. But when absentee voting became popular with Dems instead of just military and older republicans, they need to add more ID requirements. People should be aware that there really is no need for further ID with absentee ballots. To get one, you already need to have registered to vote, which means you already showed ID in order to register, and they are mailing it to your address. This does literally nothing to prevent fraud, because if some mythical vote-stealing criminal is getting your mail, they can get your driver’s license number too by stealing the letters from the DMV. Just a totally unnecessary redundant exercise to make voting more of a pain.I bet this backfires on them though. In 2024, we probably won’t have another pandemic, so absentee voting patterns will return to normal, and this will more likely invalidate military and elderly votes… both of which tend to skew right. 3. Water in line: they don’t even bother to deny it but still call it a myth. The idea is that partisan people are trying to influence voters by giving them water? It was already illegal to campaign for a voter within range of the polling place, so if that was what the water-givers were actually doing, they could have prosecuted them under existing law. And then they pretend the law will shorten lines. It will not do so. It says it will investigate the lines after the next election and supposedly do something about it in subsequent elections. Meaning - nothing changes in the next election; the lines will still be long. That whole poorly written piece is full of more deflections and spin too. The fact that they list these “‘myths” and then don’t disprove them, but instead make excuses for them or try to explain them away tells you all you need to know. Here’s another more detailed evaluation of the 98-page law. Each write-up focuses on different aspects of the law. Since this is The NY Times, many people will think it’s inherently biased too (although please note the Heritage piece is explicitly biased and partisan). So look at this and if you think they’re both biased, maybe you can think that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Not everything in the law is bad, but there is bad stuff in it that makes it unnecessarily harder to vote. And the state-level interference in local election boards is draconian and dictatorial. So much for freedom. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/02/us/politics/georgia-voting-law-annotated.html
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    To you as well. Have a blessed Easter everyone!
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    All in how you frame the question. If you asked whether they approve of voter suppression tactics (which is what this actually is), you’d hopefully get 80-90% saying no. Though not at the Geek Club
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/12/03/melissa-carone-michigan-trump-giuliani-election/ Oh my god. No wonder you guys don't watch the news. It's amazing that SNL at its wildest impersonations can't exceed the stupidity of the people they're trying to lampoon. See, Sarah palin. And now this drunken loon! No wonder you dorks are feeling disenfranchised. Who literally do you stand by as being your standard bearer these days? Literally, the best defense of the people you have man humped over the last 4 years is, " well nobody would be so stupid as to believe us right?" I guess they haven't spent much time on this board.lol
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    You're talking about Rudy's lushed out witness at the court proceeding where he proceeded to fart all over the place?
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    That’s pretty much where I’m at. No more Mr. Nice guy.
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    Since none of you live here and clearly have no idea what you are talking about, you all should really STFU. I hope every out of town business leaves. I moved here from NJ and it is fact that voter suppression and all sorts of illegal shenanigans are going on down here in Georgia. In NJ, they send out voter information. NO SUCH THING DOWN HERE. You have no idea where to vote, they change the polling location all the time. They change the times every single time there is a vote. In black areas, the voting boxes never work. You all are ignorant. Please mind your business.