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    Amelia Pond makes my pants feel tight.
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    Well, if it’s online, then it has to be true.
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    Saw a story online regarding a poll showing that Biden would destroy Trump in 2024.
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    Welcome back @Artista
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    1) Because it wasn't an 'insurrection", it was a few dozen knuckleheads who got caught up in the moment trespassing. Just because the MSM talks about it nonstop as an 'insurrection' like it was a big deal. It wasn't. Looked more like a mostly peaceful protest and the major violence was an unarmed protester getting shot by a security officer. 2) There's already a few hundred zillion investigations to round up and put those dozens of knucklehead trespassers into sixteen year prison sentences. 3) The only purpose of the "investigation" is to serve a big witch hunt and keep it in the news for retarded leftists to write about and masturbate over. 4) Is the point of the investigation to identify/punish the officer who shot the unarmed little 110 pound lady protesting? No, of course not. The Dems/media just want to beat a dead buffalo.
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    My wife is getting Taxol for her chemo. As Artista mentioned when I was getting my cisplatin I shoved my feet and hands in bowls of ice water which sucked but might've helped since I didnt have any major issues. My wife's chemo nurse gave her a heads up that she could instead get ice pack gloves and socks from Amazon. Looks like she's wearing oven mitts but helluva lot more convenient and comfortable than straight ice route.
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    PGA Championship Round One 1. KSB -10 (-5, -3, -2) 2. Fumble -6 (-3, -2, -1) 3. Lager -3 (-3, -1, +1) 4. Wonder -2 (-1, -1, E) 5. Dain -1 (-1, E, E) 6. Cloaca +2 (E, +1, +1) *tie break 4th golfer +2 7. Alias +2 (E, +1, +1)
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    As I said from the first response, we are in agreement. To those in this thread that would consider him late in round two or three, as some have posted, I think you will be extremely disappointed. You could make the case that many low-end Rb2/Flex type have low end RB1 potential. I am saying no way Gaskin finishes the season as a top 12 rb. It is rather early for predictions of this kind, but it was near 90 degrees in Cleveland today so it feels like late July.
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    Bill Clinton can tell you first hand they weren't afraid to investigate The Capitol Erection.
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    This should be renamed the gaslighting thread. A whole lot of false assertions up in here from wiffleball.
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    It worked. We know who all the betas are.
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    this whole thing was largely a Beta Test buckle your seat belts
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    Dead officers? Dead rioters? Care to elaborate on how they died?
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    Yup. Wiffle heard the initial bullshit report, loved it, amd won’t let go becomes he loves it so much, even though it’s been proven to be bullshit, he doesn’t read much. He even made it officers instead of officer, he was so excited. Typical low information hand fed sheep voter. Shame.
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    Half the country still believes that bullshlt. The media knew exactly what they were doing with that one, very effective.
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    You guys are astounding. Obama likes mustard? 15 threads. Our nation's capital is overrun by hundreds of rabid rioters sent out to hang the vice president and the speaker of the house? Crickets. Wow.
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    Its not over. The odds are EXTREMELY high that there will be a deadly mutation of covid. Most pandemics mutate into some super killer form at some point. The Spanish Flu actually killed relatively few people in year 1. It was a mutation in year 2 that was the super killer. We just ended year 1 of this pandemic. We are early in year 2. So far, covid has killed 2 million or so globally. The Spanish Flu killed 50 million, almost all of that in year 2 and beyond. If you listen to medical experts when they give interviews on the future of covid, many of them allude to this that this thing is not over and they really don't know how things will play out in the coming years. We are at super high risk of a deadly mutation spawning that beats the vaccine in year 2, or year 3, or year 4. We are on the virus' timetable. They won't give the all clear until 2025 or 2026. Unfortunately, my predictions are right way more than they are wrong. But again, this isn't "my" prediction, its what the entire medical field is saying, so...
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    Queens Gambit..netflix. Fantastic show...brilliant story
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    Too close to care. Gimmie any one or combination of more than one. Whatever.