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    US OPEN ROUND TWO 1. Lager -1 (-1, E, E) [6] 2. Wonder +1 (-2, +1, +2) [4] 3. KSB +4 (+1, +1, +2) [5] 4. Cloaca +6 (E, +3, +3) [6] 5. Alias MC (-4, -3, MC) [2] *tie break top golfer -4 after round 2 6. Dain MC (E, +2, WD) [2] *tie break 2nd golfer +2 after round 2 7. Fumble MC (E, +3, MC) [2]
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    It is hard. Ask GB. But, I do wish to reiterate that letting this go is not setting a precedent. Collusion, tanking etc. should not and will not be tolerated. I have looked at every trade. All transactions, acts or non acts should be looked at on their own merits and results/potential results. Voodoo is now aware that he needs to either act or communicate an inability to act. As should everyone else. The health, enjoyment and perpetuity of this league are my priorities.
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    Don’t forget my fat pension. My pension is so fat it could be from Fishtown. Life’s good.
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    Hell, I'd say most days I'm more aware that he's the president than he is.
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    The completionist chronicles By Dakota Krout Excellent LitRPG stuff Funny and well thought out @mmmmm...beer On kindle unlimited...his other series divine dungeon is good too
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    This forum and being here on Christmas.
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    What a focking wierdo you are.
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    All that historical significance wasted on a buncha shitbags. What a shame.
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    We should send money to a random fund in Europe while placing additional restrictions on our own power generating plants.
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    Somebody failed history class, badly. LBJ was already a lame duck by the time MLK was shot (he already announced he wasn’t running in the upcoming election), and attempts to create an MLK day in 1968 were killed in Congress anyway, never making it to the president’s desk. And another history fail in the above post: Ford was a Republican. So if you wonder why Ford didn’t do it, then how about why didn’t Nixon do it? I mean, the answer is obviously that racists in Congress never let that bill make it to the president’s desk. By the 1980s, attitudes in America had changed enough that most people in Congress supported a MLK day…. Jesse Helms being the biggest exception. LBJ worked with Congress to pass many meaningful laws to end segregation in America and allow black people to vote. Much more substantive than signing a bill establishing a holiday. If you want to believe some fantasy that Lincoln’s GOP is the same as today’s GOP, go for it. But history says otherwise. Even the simplest look at the “solid south” right after LBJ passed civil rights laws shows it flipped from blue to red with record speed. Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, and other famous racists (formerly known as segregationists) led that charge.
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    What, are they getting in to selling strap ons?
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    I say this quote, along with "The world needs ditch diggers, too", to my kids all the time.
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    Or you could just watch the news. I've never seen pitbulls take over the city of Seattle for months at a time, holding everyone around them hostage and burning down businesses. I've never seen Doberman pinchers storm a capital buildings. I've never seen German Shepards calling out sick or just showing up to work to collect a paycheck. I've never seen a poodle drive drunk, kill a family, then plead innocent and say, it wasn't me. I've never seen a husky perform armed robbery/assault. Not give up during an altercation. Die as a result of it. Then see the dogs family cry in out rage and say he was misunderstood. He was a good boy, he's only done this 4 times before. I've never seen a Dalmatian get picked up by the pound over 30 times in a ten year period. I've heard of arrest records that big and higher. I've never seen a bulldog turn it's human into an evil person. I have seen a human turn a bulldog into an evil dog.
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    Most shelters are small groups with volunteers. The dogs are a fraction of the cost of a breeder. They aren’t making bank. I wasn’t deflecting as I have no idea how you want to twist this, but I feel real good about what I do. I said you need a hobby because you want to turn every thread here into some sort of sissy slap fight.
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    HT is no cop. He’s a sexually frustrated house husband who pretends he’s on patrol when he drives Lyft.