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    I did get it. Thanks!! My offer was 97% of asking price.
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    Always the financial opportunist, milking every last dollar out of the deluded, ignorant loyalists who blindly worship him and get suckered into spending hundreds of dollars to see this pitiful loser continue to peddle his Big Lie, while so many in his own party distance themselves from this narcissistic, sociopathic clown.
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    Oh look. Another “me fishin' is stupid “ take. Yay.
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    Buy and hold is for an asset with solid fundamentals. Crypto is speculation.
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    To those who don't like the taste of coffee, do you also find yourself hating the taste of adult things? Like do you eat chicken nuggets, hot dogs with just catchup, and cereal for all of your meals?
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    That stuff is awesome. My Cuban friends in Florida used to make it when I lived there. Turkish coffee is very similar.
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    So you pay a few bucks more at the pump and keep our oilfield guys employed. Woot!
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    Nah. Just another opportunity to laugh at your sorry lying piece of existence. We all laugh at you. You just don’t comprehend it.
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    She can choose to act that way on the podium and I can choose to think she is a disgusting piece of shlt.
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    Shuuuuuuut the fock up B1tch. Cause it’s not “EvErY fOcKiNg TiMe”. But cause of a little B1tch like yourself reporting me and gettin me banned for 3 days to where I couldn’t post anything. Take your head outta your ass and stop being a focking c\/nt
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    nasty pelosi telling the public that she was set up to not wear a mask by a salon owner.
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    Blacks hate America because they live in the sh1tty parts that used to be nice before blacks lived there.
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    Once again, autism vibes.
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    You can't fix stupid. Trump rallies make NASCAR look like Mensa.
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    Eat sh1t, loser. Hopefully this place is making your arteries harden.
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    You mean nobody wants to watch someone suck Bidens cack all day? Shocker.