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    Today is my last day employed by my company. I have done almost no work since May, and they last paid me in the summer sometime, so it should be a smooth transition for them. I spoke to them about a month ago indicating my intention to retire, and they asked if I wanted to stay on in a smaller capacity. It was quite nice to have my company think highly of me, but it is time to move on. Health-wise I'm on cruise control now -- every three weeks I get the immuno which is fairly quick and easy. Next one is the day after Thanksgiving at 0-dark-30, thanks to the wife for signing me up for that slot, maybe I'll accidentally slap her a few times as I stumble out of bed with my tryptophan hangover. And I'm recovering nicely from chemo. However, objectively I know I'm living on borrowed time. I just read about some kid who died of leukemia; over 3 years he was given 2 "all clears", but it kept coming back. That's my likely prognosis. But I don't want to live in constant fear. So carpe diem! I've mentioned some of the things I'm thinking about doing. Maybe write the next great novel. Or invent some things to help laryngectomees. My wife thinks I should get into VC investing/evaluations. And of course, make a billion in crypto to fund it all. I have been busy spend a lot of time on care related to my lary and health in general, plus lots of work remains with settling into the house. But it's easy to get caught in a bunch of small things and waste away time, I need to focus on some larger goals. My retired friends say I won't believe how busy retirement can be, so we'll see. Emotionally I'm... meh. I didn't exactly have a detailed retirement plan in my head, but in general it involved me victoriously riding my chariot out of the arena with my shield, doing things on my own terms. This feels more like I'm being dragged out on my shield in defeat. My wife talked about throwing me a party, and I love her for it, but I said nah, I'll pass, and explained it to her. She understands. My kids want to celebrate and I'll do something with them. I mostly keep an upbeat attitude with them, like I usually do here regarding my cancer. Besides, I'm sure I'm being a bit of a curmudgeon about the whole thing. Anyway, expect me to put off becoming productive and wasting more time here in the days ahead.
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    This was a slam dunk case based on the FACTS. The only reason it was even close was due to spin and lies in the media that have some still convinced Rittenhouse is some monster. I hope he sues the fock out of MSNBC, CNN, all of them for defamation.
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    Thinking Wilson might see an opportunity to show he’s still a difference maker…. This is why I’ve held on to him for the last 6 weeks… Time to Shine!
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    Dude, one of my favorite songs of not only Christmas but All Time. Whatever I've ever said about you I take back. #fandandy4Life
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    I refuse to work at, send my kid to school or attend any entity that has a paid for position for "Inclusion, equity and diversity". That is code word for reverse racism, do not be fooled. I worked in a Fortune 100 corporation for 20 years. Seen it first hand. Judge people by who they are, their character not the color of their skin. That is now old school thinking. We are going backwards folks.
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    Really not getting it and you are choosing not to listen... By the way, you know how these jab companies came up with their efficacy? You should look it up. It is an absolute joke. In one of them the difference was 1 death out of the 20k people(I don't have all the exact figs here) But it was a play on numbers. The true efficacy was miniscule. You still say it prevents from getting it but that is not true. Once you accept the truth, then most of the arguments you make are worthless. LOOK IT UP! I am going to use some logic and hope you follow me. The whole nonsense of mandates for a jab to go dining. Just for your argument, lets say there is a 100 jabbed people in a restaurant and the jab reduces the spread by 50%. Is that not the same at 50 people that do not have the jab in a restaurant? Again, don't bother arguing the math, I could make it 250 jabbed in a restaurant and 25 unjabbed in a restaurant. The point is, it makes no sense. How about that Hockey team? Just as they do not even consider natural immunity. Why? They say about 700 kids under 18 have died of this in the last 2 years. That is 350 a year. Flue season.....usually 500 plus a year. You should start asking questions instead of just believing Pfizer and J&J.....by the way both those companies have been sued for misrepresentation. Pfizer 2billion suit. J&J, knowingly sold baby powder that causes cancer.
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    What's the difference between Kyle Rittenhouse and Covid 19? Kyles shots were effective
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    My site will send you a $500 check if you request it. Being in PA. I don't think they tax you as long as your winnings are under $600.
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    Wilson and D Williams Murray.
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    They're still opening themselves up to lawsuits. Judge, I was fired because the company is dictating medical procedures to me unrelated to performance of my job functions. They'll come back and say I was a threat to the workforce, and we can hash out in court. I like my chances.
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    Well, at leasst she can then claim to be the most unpopular president of all time
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    He should be charged with attempted murder.
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    Absolutely. His Grandma couldn't drive him there.
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    I've said this before and I'll say it again. This whole incident is a result of the police not doing their job, whether that was their choice or they were castrated by the city. But is anyone talking about that and what should be allowed re: rioting/protesting? Nope. There was a time when we learned from history but if we've seen anything over the last couple of years with Seattle, Minnesota, Kenosha, it's that this will happen again. Rinse and repeat.
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    MSNBC just put some random BLM rioter/protestor on the air saying it was Jacob Blake's uncle. They let him rant for 3 minutes and then suddenly cut him off and said "That's not Jacob Blake's uncle" and moved on. ROFLMAO. What idiots.
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    Boom! not guilty all counts. Self Defense lives on in America
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    Why are state lines so important? Haven't we been told that "borders" are racist? Isn't that why Biden invited folks south of the border to emigrate here and fock up what was an improving border situation? Further, shouldn't we protect all these immigrants from our white supremacist society?
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    It's not trespassing IF there are no signs that says it's trespassing or that it's private property. You all need to look it up!!!! How do I know? Because when I was trying to buy a home we walked through many homes being built. It was not a crime. However, there were homes that had signs that said, "Private Property" to prevent home buyers from just walking in.