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    Dropping this one back in for quick access. The Fauci lies throughout the scamdemic.
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    She is a great example as to why there is no common ground. Give an inch they take a mile. I will never accept trans people as normal. They have a metal illness and need help not encouragement.
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    FYI, I will be slow posting to this thread and I may not read/respond to your replies for quite some time, but I will eventually. I do not want to spoil the show for me. While I could easily binge watch the series, the problem is I have to wait until the kids go to sleep to watch with my wife since she also really likes the show. But this is also good news to have my wife like a TV show that I am extremely interested in, but this does slow my watching down. I have read the books/played the video games, which means that I also will include minor book spoilers in my post, but I will take caution to not go too far into what i think will happen in the future. I strongly suggest avoiding my posts if you do not want to read book spoilers.
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    There are no dominant teams this year. They can all lose.
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    Ravens are incredibly shorthanded. Impressive they took GB to the wire.
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    I love two week playoffs and championship rounds. That’s what we do In all three leagues.
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    Playoffs started last week and it's a two week accumulation of points (against the same opponent) so I have last weeks lead. I have Mahomes and Mark Andrews, Javonte Williams, 49ers Defense, and Dalvin Cook and Antonio Gibson (or Tyler Lockett) still to play. And we start 2 Flex, 2 QBs, 2 D/ST, 2 TE, 3 RB 4 WR, 2 Kickers. It's pretty crazy points we can put up especially over two weeks. Guy I'm playing still has the rest of the 4th quarter for Davante Adams and Noah Fant, and Stafford, Carr, Fournette, Justin Jefferson, Odell Beckham Jr, Bucs D and Vikings D. I'm up 438 to 336 and projected to win 499 to 460.
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    You're not ??? 1st off cousins sucks and Stafford drafting him in double digit rounds tells me alot about your 8 team league but best wishes in your penny league FYI don't wait on a good te or qb
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    Yeah I'm humble about being right drafting kelce early he catapulted me into the playoff race ...,but glad your content with Tannehill and knox in your double digit rounds
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    Stop making sense. You’ll be taken in for questioning.
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    I just did a search and I can travel anywhere in the world. Africa, Australia, Hell I can go to Russia for less than $600 But COVID!!! People still aren't getting together for Christmas. I see freaks in masks and faceplates. But people can still travel the world. I don't know what's a bigger lie. Covid vaccines are safe and 95% effective OR Airplanes have super advanced filtration systems that stop the spread of covid. What a focking joke.
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    Why do you continue to acknowledge me? Shonuff did the same exact thing. Also denied voting for either of the two main candidates but only went after one of them. Congratulations. You’re just like one of the all time idiots around here.
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    Belated to falcons and to r8erh8er
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    Tampa Bay Times is a completely biased, woke leftist rag. Nothing is to be believed by them. They are fully in the D nominees pocket for next Gov.
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    I didn't vote for either. Both candidates sucked for different reasons. I voted locally and state wise. As for #2- again you come back with more assumptions doubling down on being wrong. Admirable I suppose. It's fine you are selfish. I am not. It isn't virtue signaling (I mean damn it's not like my name is Sean Mooney dummy), it's just who I am. As to your last comment- there is that weak comeback line once you've been put in your place. Trump had zero effect on my day-to-day life. And who is a "true Republican president"? Besides- if a President has that much effect on someone that person has issues.
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    She left me for some loser on a Fantasy football forum.
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    People are still playing basketball? Well, good for that dude. Stick by your guns.
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    She's like Joe Bryant. She learnt to do the internet and the next thing you know she gets ugly and starts threatening people.
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    If the tax code invented by our politicians is broken, why are they singling out private citizens?
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    Some people are just not good at rankings.
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    I assume the next version will be Trannie.
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    Pretty sure singing wasn't the primary skill they were looking for during casting.
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    Imagine the ignorance of this. Kyrie cannot play in the same type of building because of woketards following the biden puppet masters so they trade him to a rival who will say , 'sure you can play in our arena. No problem'. The level of retardation on the left is off the charts.