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    What does the origin have to do with suppressing effective treatments? If anything, if the US government/Fauci was involved in the origin, they would have even more motivation to end it, which would mean encouraging all effective treatments. All these supposed effective treatments were around in 2020. So if they were being suppressed, it wasn’t because they were “going all in on the vax.” Next theory?
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    Somebody made fun of Castro’s kid?
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    It’s not as good as the trials made it out to be, but it is effective. “Defective” and “barely works” is fake news.
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    Digby already won it twice
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    To summarize: The thread is about Simone Biles getting the Medal of Freedom for quitting. You respond with Rush ARRRGGHHHHH!!!! I point out you are a troll. You call me Eeyore again because I rained on your troll parade, again. I point out that this is what utilit does: grasps on some incoherent response and pounds it incessantly. You say you aren't a troll, it's for realz.
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    They are blinded into this idea that Musk is now some hardcore conservative who is taking down the liberal establishment of Twitter. Rich people have some weird hold on them.
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    Are you still trying to claim that you’re a Republican? Listen, you pansies are out. It’a a new party. Go stand over there with Liz Cheney and the Bush family. You’re irrelevant.
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    I know guys when they wanted to get out of work claimed back injury. Back injuries are real, hard to prove. We have found our new back injury.
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    Punxsutawney Phil (I didn't spell that, I cut and pasted)
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    Song is so-so but the animation is fun.
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    In my (closing) supermarket a few years ago there was this bad attitude black kid at the register that didn’t help bag my groceries- I wasn’t the one to let him (or any register worker) do it themselves but when I and running my card he should be starting the bagging. This jaggoff would just sit back and wait. One day I lost my sh!t and said you aren’t going to help bagging the groceries? He said not his job. He was fired that week. Lazy focker. F him.
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    This is my overwhelming takeaway from the whole Covid past two years. I genuinly feel lied to about the covid vaccine I took a year ago; not the safety but the efficacy. It's a shitty vaccine, barely works. Secondly why isn't my own government finding the root cause of all this? Anyone with a brain knows it was a lab leak from Wuhan.....but somehow, someway this is not being investigated full force. It's the most insane thing I've ever seen. Our government treated us like parents talking to children about Santa Claus. "Be good and you'll get presents!" No mutherfockers, give us the facts, give us the science, give us the truth. No sugar coating, no spin, no little white lies for the good of the whole because "you" know best. Fock You.
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    More and more ppl here on this board are seeing how Pimpadouche acts like a retarded troll and then Hack comes in defending it when they’re both on the wrong.
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    good shots. fock him. call me when theres someone who isnt fleeing, with gun and clip in car, shot at cops, and then ran.
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    Me too. Just stop committing crimes and fleeing scenes. 99.9% of society can do it.
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    Apparently Part 2 of Season 4 is only two episodes? Episode 8 is 85 minutes long and the season finale is two and a half hours. That's different.
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    Worst poster ever. Both TDS and pedo groomer.
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    Yeah. It's great that murdering kids is safer. I may be crazy but, I'm glad I didn't murder my daughter.
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    WASHINGTON – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen tried 15 months ago to shut down some economists’ concerns that President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic relief package could fuel rising prices. “Is there a risk of inflation?” Yellen said on ABC’s “This Week” in March 2021, three days after Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law. “I think there’s a small risk. And I think it’s manageable.” On Tuesday, as inflation is at a 40-year high, Yellen admitted on CNN, “I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take.” She said she hadn’t fully understood the impact of what she called “unanticipated and large shocks” to the economy and supply chain bottlenecks that boosted energy and food prices.
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    Is this what you teach your students? What ways are they getting?
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    You need a Spermoff thread: New Music I Can't Stop Masturbating To.