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    You really need to get over being picked on as a kid. JFC you're a twink.
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    Dominos is by far the best of the national chains
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    Well, it's not like Trump lives at an exclusive resort that is Members only that screens people from coming in. Nor is he protected by one of the world's greatest security services who vet every single body that comes within a hundred feet of him. Nor does he have a staff that gets paid to do the same thing. So yeah, some random dude just randomly sits down next to the presumptive GOP nominee and former president? Yeah, happens all the time.
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    As opposed to being old and obsessed with random libs getting OWNED!! ZOMG! on Twitter like a teenager? SO much better use of your time. Keep fighting the good fight!
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    There is some nurse (?) with a caulk gun and a tampon on a stick just moving them back and forth; dear lord that is disturbing.
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    Yea, actually cultist not listing to Fauci led to tons of them dying in 2022 and directly led to them losing several states in the midterms. They'll also lose future elections due to no longer with us cultist. SAD
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    https://nypost.com/2022/11/28/non-binary-biden-nuclear-official-charged-with-stealing-womans-luggage-at-airport/ It’s parents must be so proud, and what a cutie !
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    I like to throw pennies at the scumbags who beg for change at intersections. And I do mean "throw".
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    I think the term "minor attracted persons" helps blokes like you though.
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    It does appear that Faucci played everyone, and even when the science showed he had done so, the guy has evaded accountability. This guy is a top shelf POS.
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    god damn you are a moron yes first off commenting on you...the tolerant leftist now I listened first handed and form my own opinions meanwhile you continue to get spoon fed your narrative and yah you have no knowledge of my level of education, and the fact you think there are backwoods in San Diego, LA or Palm Springs shows how retarded you are there is a reason why you are the only focking idiot on this board that doesn't comprehend things, not a single other person has ever commented that they don't, because guess what, an average mind (which you aren't) can decipher thoughts, misspelling and gramatical issues and understand meaning 100% as far as the issue at hand, I would rather listen to a person regardless of whether I agree with them or not and hear their side of the situation, but you keep getting your info from people close to people who might know how someone thinks...aka MSNBC
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    Proper English-language usage would help make these nonsensical connections of words actually make sense.
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    Twerking isn’t dancing. Twerking is shaking your ass in a sexual manner. It requires no feet or leg movement, which dancing does. It’s all about the ass, nothing more.
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    Close thread. Cancel retards like Hauck instead.
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    Damn...you look to be in good spots all around. Fighting for the playoffs down the stretch is a good place to be in.
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    This type of stuff is getting closer.
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    No you don’t drop Slayton, you keep the wr, and drop one of those two def.
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    I don't think Ed is making his point very clearly. Of course they celebrate every goal they get. He's saying it's a cheesy goal. These guys battle up and down the field and it's incredibly difficult to get your guy into position to get even a halfway decent a shot on goal. Defenses rule and you can go a good twenty minutes without either side giving the other team's offense any air. It's incredibly difficult. Then, along comes the ref who says "Screw all that. Here. Have a chip shot that you have a 90% of making." An eagle on a par five is a damn impressive feat, setting the ball down on the green and putting it into the hole from two feet away isn't impressive. And that's what a penalty kick is.