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    Digging up a thread that hasn't been posted in for almost 6 months to tell people "I wish your daughters had been raped." Seriously dude- go outside and touch grass, seek professional help....something...you are an angry weirdo at this point.
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    Prime example of how this poster is a complete piece of sh1t. Bumps a 6 month old thread to call me a pedo, make up lies, and then wish my daughter was raped. What a terrible person you are. Seriously. What a disgusting life you must lead that you need attention so bad you would pull a move like this. Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any worse, you do this. Abhorrent.
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    One division would symbolize your family tree, which does not fork.
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    MAGAtard tears are flowing Throughout the extremist right The red wave they expected Was only a trickle through tonight Their beloved leader Clownzo Got his ass pwned once again The intelligent Americans Looked up and said "amen." A seat gained in the Senate A message loud and clear MAGAtards growing weaker With each coming year So let his be a lesson To MAGAtards en masse Your days are growing numbered So come and kiss my ass!
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    Walker lost....I guess he is free to go fight werewolves and vampires now. Perhaps the Republicans can turn to DeSantis to see who he would vouch for and help buoy to victory. Because that guy clearly understands how to appeal to the base. The old guy may have lost his touch to some varying degree at this point.
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    Your turn @Horseman Whilst one of my favorite new posters here at the Geek Club, the cockiness is a little much. The most successful man I know (on his own accord) drives a simple work truck. My buddy who has the most attractive wife, rarely if ever mentions it. If you got it, you don't have to say it....
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    They don't know what to do. What they want is illegal. But alas....
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    Regardless of what happens this week, I want to thank all of you guys for being active all season. I have been a part of numerous FFToday fantasy leagues and I'm fairly certain all of the previous ones wound up with dead beat owners. This has been a great group from the draft night and onward. Also for putting up with any issues or disagreements with league setup. We didn't have much time to hash things out and no one got too pissy and bailed. Which I would hope in a low stakes league for fun. Next season will be smoother sailing. and a special thanks to Bier for having a fantastic team and making sure we all know about it
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    Jesus man. You really need to take a break from this. You've said some pretty horrible things.
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    They are probably just happy the family pets are safe for a few hours.
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    I've never waisted money on a brand new expensive vehicle to drive around. That's just not a smart investment.
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    LOL. I'm sure the angle now will be the FBI lawyer had no ties to the FBI.
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    The professional baseball player doctor psychologist Sunglass model that won’t admit to having an alias accusing others of lying, that’s rich.
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    The fact that Biden isn’t on here really chaps my ass. Cause if anyone in this country is a stooge HE is the one
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    I’ll give Elon a mulligan. Hard to catch every cockroach at once. They move quick in the dark, and hide in the light.
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    I like the quarter pounder with cheese. Yum.
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    are we going to get to enjoy this slap fight in every thread?
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    Transgenders make me want to vomit.
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    Shemp was the only one who popped up in other movies. Probably the only real actor of the bunch.
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    Dying your hair a non-natural color = 12 points Own a pitbull = 12 points Own a wife beater = 1 point for each Divorce = 6 points each Cook seafood in a microwave = 12 points