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  1. shorepatrol

    Indoor security cameras

    HD and dumps to cloud are really all you need. I know, big help
  2. Ya, a fast food burger combo is 16 focking dollars compared to 8 now. Eat sh!t commies
  3. The mental special ed gymnastics these liberals play is HILARIOUS. EVERYFUCKINGTHING is double or more the cost than it was before this admin took over. Eat sh!t commies
  4. shorepatrol

    My Week 14 NFL Rankings

    Healthy they have beat down everyone. Badly. This isn't changing. I bet NIners beat Dolphins in the SB before the season started. 100 bucks at +11000. Hoping for that but it won't matter who they play.
  5. shorepatrol

    My Week 14 NFL Rankings

    NINERS n o t h i n g e l s e m a t t e r s
  6. shorepatrol

    Cheap meals you still enjoy

    Wife made beef stew over white rice tonight for the first time in years. Not bad. Real focking cheap
  7. shorepatrol

    Bunny and Me at lunch in New Orleans

  8. shorepatrol

    ***Happy Football Day Week 13***

    Niners healthy. #6 incoming
  9. shorepatrol

    Jussie Smollett's conviction upheld by Illinois appeals court

    Nah, the media did. They are very good at it
  10. shorepatrol

    Kansas City Chiefs Fan vs The Woke Mob

    lol phag
  11. shorepatrol

    Some conservatives want to ban no-fault divorce

    "Women should not be allowed to vote" I'll vote for that guy
  12. shorepatrol

    Trade proposal

    Declined. Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. shorepatrol

    Walmart shooting in ohio

    lol phag
  14. shorepatrol

    Kyle Rittenhouse - Criminal or Hero?

    Yet you were OK with asscanning all of them for not getting the vaccine.