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  1. shorepatrol

    Just watched The Sopranos

    She said you binged her better than anybody. She's still pissed you wiped your d!ck on the drapes
  2. shorepatrol

    Just watched The Sopranos

    I've yet to watch it. Dog days of summer coming up so I'll binge it with the wife finally
  3. shorepatrol

    Chips on sandwiches

    It's both and it's not close for me. Cheap stuff tastes like gasoline and RUINED me the next day. Titos tastes good and I don't get a hangover.
  4. shorepatrol

    Chips on sandwiches

    Bullshit. There is HUGE difference between Titos and and the cheap stuff. Same with all other better hard liquor. Not a wine drinker but I'd imagine it's the same
  5. shorepatrol

    Chips on sandwiches

    Yep. Doritos on bologna and mayo sandwiches when I was a kid
  6. shorepatrol

    Yanis vs Lebron comparisons

    No interest looking anywhere near Yanis to close out the game
  7. shorepatrol

    Yanis vs Lebron comparisons

    Playoff ratings agree. Bigly. Nobody is tuning in to see Yanis
  8. shorepatrol

    How do you reconcile your views vs your actions?

    Great question. Even a better point. Everyone is a hypocrite at some level. I have a hard time with that on some levels
  9. shorepatrol

    Yanis vs Lebron comparisons

    Not close. Kid is real good, but still doesn't have a jump shot or the physical ability to take over a playoff game
  10. shorepatrol

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    Don't bring bit tittied AOC into this.
  11. shorepatrol

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

    How much land does he own?
  12. shorepatrol

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

    5'4" 160 pretty faced blonde, big titties with a great smile and personality. Marriage material
  13. shorepatrol

    NBA Draft Lottery

    He'll make more in endorsements his first 5 years than he will his entire career in basketball contracts. He'll be fine