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  1. Abort the parents and media. Problem solved
  2. shorepatrol

    AZ Brings Back 160 Year Old Abortion Ban

    No public funds for non medically necessary abortions, get your coat hangers out whores
  3. He's not a bot, he's an old, bitter guy with nothing better to do than troll. It's pathetic
  4. shorepatrol

    Trump/Biden in a Nutshell

    White suburban women is how we got in this mess.
  5. shorepatrol

    War in Israel

    50 drones are tagging along with those rockets too.
  6. Orange man bad is your only "truth"
  7. shorepatrol

    This economy is so bad

    It hasn't, that statement is focking clownshoes
  8. shorepatrol

    This economy is so bad

    Because it hasn't. My very large international company announced a freeze on wages last week, no raises this year across the board, mileage reimburse is frozen at 41 cents a mile regardless of gas prices now too. Fock Joe Biden and anyone who voted for him
  9. shorepatrol

    Quotes you use in everyday life?

    " I do what I want "
  10. shorepatrol

    Chick-fil-A chick

    It puts the lotion in the basket
  11. shorepatrol

    Chick-fil-A chick

    JFC man, give your little man a break beating it to death watching these vids.
  12. His narative doesn't fit yours , BOOM, "he's a junkie"
  13. Wasp spray for the ones outside. Bug bomb your attic if they are up there