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  1. Big Blue 06

    I have Cancer :/

    Sorry to hear about the less than stellar updates buddy. Sending well wishes your way, time to kick this thing in the arse.
  2. Big Blue 06

    Something I wanted to share.....

    That is incredible, kids really are amazing little creatures. I’m glad everything is going well.
  3. Big Blue 06

    March Madness Bracket Talk

    Where is toofy? His garbage squad owes me $1500 for this disaster. They are losing by 20 and actually look worse than the score
  4. Big Blue 06

    March Madness Bracket Talk

    Agree, 100% percent better than an 8 seed. I had them beating Georgia tech even before tech’s best playing was ruled out. I’ll have to look and see who they play next. They could make some noise here
  5. Big Blue 06

    March Madness Bracket Talk

    I’m shocked they lost this early really. They are the better team but man, not today. They never even made a run in the second half. stupid Baylor. I knew Wisconsin doesn’t have the offense to hang with them. I was hoping for a fast Wisconsin start to get on Baylor.
  6. Big Blue 06

    March Madness Bracket Talk

    Good call my friend. Illinois is spitting the bit here.
  7. Big Blue 06

    March Madness Bracket Talk

    I fully intended to bet against Nova in the second round becasue they are garbage but North Texas is worse. I guess I’ll wait to bet against Villanova next round
  8. Big Blue 06

    March Madness Bracket Talk

    I hope that you are right in a sense with this and Loyola. I am going to wait for Illinois or Baylor to get down around -120 to -150 if they fall behind and pound the hell out of it. Did the same thing with Kansas yesterday. At one point, I was in it for $9,000. I’ll win a lot more than I lose that way. Ohio State would have gone the other way but I luckily skipped it
  9. Big Blue 06

    Movies that depress you

    Wow, nice call. I haven’t seen Sommersby in years, but I remember what a Focking bummer it was.
  10. Big Blue 06

    Saddest TV or movie scenes

    The scene in I Am Legend when he has to kill his dog, the only friend he has and who only got sick because he was defending Will Smith. I saw that movie once and I never will again.
  11. Big Blue 06

    Resident Alien

    Alan Tudyk is hilarious in everything he does. This is no exception. The show is promising and has some laugh out loud moments
  12. Big Blue 06

    Australian Open 2021 Semi Finals

    Yeah, up 2-0, I probably could have gotten +2000 odds on the other guy and I still wouldn’t have bet $100 to win $2000. Would have been throwing it away. plus, I’ve watched the other guy play before. He’s good but not that good. Just one of those fluke things
  13. Big Blue 06

    Australian Open 2021 Semi Finals

    This post certainly didn’t age well. I ended up passing on it, because Novak wins this thing every year. Still, Nadal losing like that was insane. He takes a 2-0 lead on anyone and it’s almost a done deal. I guess this was the almost .
  14. Big Blue 06

    Australian Open 2021 Semi Finals

    I know Novak wins this every year but may be worth a hundred or two on nadal at +500. He is cruising
  15. Big Blue 06

    Geek Super Bowl Squares 2021

    Got it. Thanks for doing this; I truly thought I was just donating money. hookers and blow for everyone!