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  1. Father in law is a life long mets fan. Every year on this day, I text him the family guy mets fan clip.
  2. Big Blue 06

    Justices Roberts and Gorsuch betrayed you

    I don’t know if this will make things that much more complicated. Anytime we have to let an employee go now, I end up having at least a dozen conversations with HR about it. I need to have documented his/her poor work habits, done a verbal warning, written warning and suspension before I can terminate. It’s an incredible headache. If protecting gay/transgender people means I have to make 13 phone calls instead of 12, I’m fine with it.
  3. Big Blue 06

    Chopping onions thread. I'm not crying, you're crying

    Those get me every time.
  4. Same here with Hawks. Once in awhile you’ll see 2 or 3 smaller birds chasing it away. The hawk must have gotten close to their nests.
  5. Big Blue 06

    What was a better stand alone movie?

    Hmm, that’s actually an interesting point. I wonder how many other huge movies out there follow this same principal.
  6. Big Blue 06

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Zero sympathy for this “lady”. She took a swing at a cop. They even let her get in a second one before laying her out. I’m good with this.
  7. Big Blue 06

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Glad I got my thoughts in this thread before Newbie went full retard. Question to Newbie: wouldn’t you rather then wait to make sure they charge these guys right than just arrest them to make a point? Obviously, sure looks like the cop killed this poor guy. However, I think it would be very difficult to convict on Murder 1 here. I believe (and could be wrong) that you need to have premeditation for murder 1. Personally, I would rather the authorities take a couple of days to examine everything and charge these guys with something that maybe they can convict, like Murder 2 or even Manslaughter. If they go the easy route and charge these guys with Murder 1 and they aren’t convicted, that whole city will burn.
  8. Big Blue 06

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    I just bought a new 65 inch smart tv a couple of weeks ago. I should have waited for the looting, bought a round truck ticket to Minny and got a free Target TV. Would have been cheaper.
  9. I kid you not, this may be his finest role, and he only has a small part. This movie in fantastic, filled with quotable lines. One that I use often: “It’s Vietcong, not Vietcongs. You wouldn’t say Chineses.”
  10. I have a problem with Jimmy Fallon because I don’t think he’s funny, not because he dressed up as Chris Rock 20 years ago. Same with the Wayans; I don’t have a problem with the movie white chicks because of white face, I have a problem because it’s stupid and incredibly unfunny. also, I’m sick of all the apologies and the culture where we have to be offended by everything that has ever happened. Enough already.
  11. Big Blue 06

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    My question: why is he a dirtbag criminal? Don’t get me wrong, the odds are likely that he did indeed commit a crime, especially since he was resisting when they were trying to get him in the car. But shouldn’t we wait for more detail to come out before we just assume that he’s a dirt bag criminal?
  12. Big Blue 06

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Like what? I’d really like to know what you think could come out here to change what the video shows? Unless he has a history of killing people while handcuffed and on his stomach, gonna be tough to justify this one.
  13. Big Blue 06

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Man, I could have predicted that you’d be the one in here saying this. A couple of issues. you say the black guy does something evil: do we know what he did yet? According to the family attorney, he was being taken in for questioning in a non-violent crime. I don’t necessarily believe that, but I also haven’t seen any cops say what he was being taken in for. Black guy refused to be taken in and fought back: granted, 100% true from anyone’s side of the story. Cop gets upper hand and subdues criminal by force: also, this is true. Notice that nobody is complaining that they subdued this criminal by force. Nobody is claiming that they used excessive force while subduing him. You skip right from that previous point to saying that people whine about it. You blow right past the issue here, which is what the cops did once the suspect was subdued and the situation was well in hand. That is what people are upset about; that is where the claim of excessive force comes in. You conveniently skipped that part while summing up. Either you’re too stupid to understand the issue or you’re being deliberately obtuse. It’s 50/50 really; I could see it going either way. Lastly, what the fock do people in Chicago have to do with this story? Are the people there killed by cops? I’m trying to see how this is related.
  14. Big Blue 06

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    This. I don’t want to see Lebron on TV talking about how the black man can’t walk out his front door without being hunted.
  15. Big Blue 06

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Never said him getting arrested was a misunderstanding. He could very well have committed whatever act they were arresting him for and others that they didn’t even know about. What I’m saying is that once the situation is clearly continued, what is the point of kneeling on him, full weight or not?