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  1. Big Blue 06

    Favorite Nintendo games

    My wife bought me an original Nintendo and some games for Christmas a couple years ago. Some of my faves growing up were Super Mario Bros, SMB 3, Mike Tyson punchout, Simpson’s: BART vs the Space Mutants, RBI baseball.
  2. Big Blue 06

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Love this guy, he plays the right way. Great defense and she has gotten his bat straightened out. 16 more at bats will have him qualifying, and in the lead, for the batting title.
  3. Big Blue 06

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Eh, not their night. can’t win em all, and Cleveland is a very good team.
  4. Big Blue 06

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Huge 4 game series for Cleveland. As much as I’ve been enjoying this Yankees season, it’ll be nice to see them play a quality team after 10 games against the worst garbage in baseball. Indians need to keep winning because the Twins are winning and don’t seem inclined to go away. I’m enjoying that division race and it’ll probably go down to the wire.
  5. Big Blue 06

    Recommend a TV Series on Netflix

    Sons of Anarchy. I know a bunch of other geeks have watched this as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the series.
  6. Big Blue 06

    Born White Apology

    I’m sorry she was born white too. I don’t want her as a representative of the white community.
  7. Big Blue 06

    Fave Everyman Actor

    Exactly, first name that popped in my head.
  8. Big Blue 06

    Top 20 Electric Guitar Intros of All Time

    I enjoyed the list. The first songs I thought of were Zepp - Heartbreaker AC/DC - Back in Black Clapton - Layla sure enough, there they were at 4, 3 and 2
  9. Big Blue 06

    DirecTV customers - we lost CBS?

    I just checked and I lost CBS. Other than football, can’t think of a single thing I watch on that channel. If not for Fftoday, I may not have known for another month.
  10. Big Blue 06

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    I have no idea why RP and MDC took this thread over, but on the original topic, I am seeing Thomas Rhett in August 1. My wife really likes him and I’ve heard a couple songs; they’re not terrible.
  11. Big Blue 06

    Top 20 Acoustic Guitar Intros of all Time

    That was a fun video, I have all but 2 of those on my iTunes (rush and Peter Gabriel. I have no use for either of them.)
  12. Big Blue 06

    Stranger Things on Netflix

    I really like this show as well. It’s like a Twilight Zone/Outer Limits type show, but it’s based around technology, most of which doesn’t exist yet. As someone said, each episode has different actors/characters/plots, so if you don’t like one, but wait until the next one. You’ll also see a lot of famous movie and TV actors guest starring in each episode.
  13. Big Blue 06

    Stranger Things on Netflix

    Absolutely love the show and have seen each of the first 2 seasons more than one. Finished season 3 and thought it was great. Creators said they are doing season 4 and that’s it.
  14. Acuna is gassed and Alonso seems to hit too many line drives. Vladdy seems like the winner.
  15. Gotta think that will hurt his chances in the final round. That’s a lot of swings.