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  1. Big Blue 06

    Books you are reading

    I just finished reading a book called “The Librarian of Auschwitz”. As you can gather from the title, it was a bit heavy and a bit dark, but I enjoyed it.
  2. Big Blue 06

    Books you are reading

    Yeah for me the shadow and bone series was Decent. Not great but decent. Six of Crows is set in the same universe, cut with completely new (and much improved and fully formed) characters. i am looking for a new book. Will have to check out Orange Tree.
  3. Big Blue 06

    Books you are reading

    It is but not the way you think. Honestly, I walked by it in the bookstore a dozen times, thought about it and passed. Finally got it, read it and absolutely loved it.
  4. Big Blue 06

    Recent Favorite Youtube Addiction

    I’ve never heard of these but I couldn’t turn that off. It was really funny. And that one chick is sexy as hell.
  5. Big Blue 06

    Books you are reading

    I missed all the talk about this. While I enjoyed the Shadow and Bone series, I loved the Six of Crows duology much more. Definitely worth reading; that’s one of the series that I’ve read a few times.
  6. Big Blue 06


    I saw them when they opened for Metallica in Philadelphia, likely that same show you’re talking about. Admittedly, I didn’t know any of their music, but I thought I’d give them a chance. focking terrible. They sounded bad, the sound coming from the speakers was eh (possibly not their fault). I haven’t given them a chance since and that was 10+ years ago. They could have improved by then and they may give a great live show now. All I can base it on is that one experience.
  7. Big Blue 06

    Super bowl prop bets

    I saw that a couple of sportbooks are refunding that losing bet, as they are saying that it’s the worst beat they’ve seen in years. Not sure which ones, but hopefully yours follows suit.
  8. Big Blue 06

    Bands with a distinctive guitar tone

    AC/DC had a sound that you could never confuse with anyone else.
  9. Big Blue 06

    Super bowl prop bets

    I will post mine later when I am done. So far, I have 40 prop bets for about $1000 total. My cousin is much worse, he’s up to $1700 wagered. I’ll probably end up around $1,500 bet
  10. Big Blue 06

    Goodbye Eli

    Well said. Hall of famer or not, elite QB or not, he stepped up in big spots and got it done. Great career.
  11. Big Blue 06

    <<<Wildcard Weekend Gambling>>>

    The public seems to be betting the eagles. What was Seattle -1.5 is not Seattle +1. i will take the Seattle money line +100 ($100 to win $100). I think the eagles are getting s little too much love for winning a crappy division. Yes, they are at home but Seattle seems to me the better team.
  12. Big Blue 06

    Witcher on Netflix

    That was one of my first thoughts. That sword fighting is crazy. After reading a little about it, it turns out that Henry Cavill is really good at it; the choreographer said he is one of the best he’s ever seen.
  13. Big Blue 06

    Witcher on Netflix

    I didn’t see any dates on screen during the episodes, so it was slightly confusing at first. I am halfway through the season, though, and it has all been clarified.
  14. Big Blue 06

    Witcher on Netflix

    I watched the first 3 episodes today. The first one caught my interest, the second was a little slower but introduced new characters. Third one was decent. I’ll definitely finish the season but i read that season 2 won’t be out until 2021, so I’m not sure if I’ll still be interested at that point.
  15. Big Blue 06

    Witcher on Netflix

    Really excited for this, wife and I will have finished the season this weekend