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In Topic: Edex Cup - non sanctioned event. - The Memorial May 31st

Today, 09:45 AM

He must have. I don't pay anything it just pulls the flat amount from my linked bank account

In Topic: Judge rules 30 year old must move out of parents home

Today, 08:36 AM

I wager there are fewer than five guys on this bored that would go to work tomorrow if they were handed, say, 5-10 mill right now. I sure as fock wouldn't.
Kids today are taught to follow their passion. Well that's all well and good. But most people have to do that on their off time. Very few get paid for it.

I certainly would not but what I would do os still work hard but take a risk in doing what I want to do such as open a golf shop. If it doesn't pan out, I'm still set up but I would work my ass off to make my own business successful

In Topic: Judge rules 30 year old must move out of parents home

Today, 04:53 AM

There is a difference between not having the desire or ambition to kill it career wise, and expecting someone else to carry you forever.


oh I agree. I don't care at all about my job and I look at it as a job not a "career" that I want to kill it at.  I wasn't implying that Tana expected anyone to carry him, just that his comments about Things getting worse not better and the days of the hard working American being over seemed odd based on what he'd previously shared about himself..... if that was indeed him. 


No you arent mistaken, thats me. And?


well, I really don't mean it as a personal attack. Im not whoever that guy was that you were going back and forth with and was asking you what you did for a living... Your statement just read like a PSA, warning us that America was going downhill due to laziness and the hard working Americans were becoming more a thing of the past and it would only get worse.... yet you've made statements before that paint you as one of those so it seemed like an odd comment from you. thats all. 

In Topic: Judge rules 30 year old must move out of parents home

Yesterday, 10:05 PM

People with little kids should get used to this idea. In a couple decades who knows how twisted and messed up society will be. Its getting worse, not better. The age of the hardworking American is over.



i may be completely mistaking you with another poster but havn't you more or less made declarations about yourself that would make the above bolded a hypocritical comment?


again I might be confusing you with someone else but there was definitely a guy on here who used to post about how he had some easy work from home gig that didn't pay a lot but he had no ambition or was too lazy to do anything else. 

In Topic: Anyone try or have a direct to consumer bed?

Yesterday, 03:55 PM

If you sleep hot avoid the memory foam mattresses and toppers.

That's the main issue I remember hearing from when memory foam first came around. I don't sleep hot, most reviews seem to point to major strides having been made in that regard... and considering I have a pillow top, I can't imagine them retaining heat much more than that