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In Topic: **Season Discussion**

29 September 2018 - 07:54 PM

blah. no luck. My relievers keep giving me losses, my starters keep getting pulled after 5 and missing quality starts even while pitching fairly well. wasn't in the cards for me. 

In Topic: Ouch

18 September 2018 - 08:08 AM

I was not the lowest scoring team this week, theoretically i could have gotten a W.


In Topic: Playoff matchups set

17 September 2018 - 09:03 AM

Let's see if these scrappy Rays can keep the dream alive

In Topic: Watching Aretha's funeral performance.........Ariana Grande :wub:

05 September 2018 - 07:25 PM

i focking told you guys when i had the vote thread.

In Topic: Bell holdout still

04 September 2018 - 04:23 PM

I would think it's likely he will show up in a day or so but I would think if he was just holding out until the last possible second and not missing any real games he would have reported last week or something.

In any case it's not a good thing even if he shows up today. It's a good chance he will be rusty at best or get injured.


while the chances of him not being in tip top game shape would increase, I dont think a player of his stature would be very rusty. Remember hw showed up about a week before the season last year and had one of his best seasons.