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#6249948 John McCain urged IRS to target tea party

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on Today, 06:51 PM


Judicial Watch uncovered the evidence. Still think this corrupt old man is a hero? Good riddance.

#6249826 Q Anon, legit insider or fake ?

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on Today, 03:23 PM

Just when you start being normal...you follow a conspiracy quack...

Says the sole remaining believer in the Muh Russian Collusion conspiracy. :wacko:

#6249441 1st 3 topics on this pathetic board

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on Today, 07:16 AM

Combine them: Trump signs E.O. to give Russian families ripped apart bibles.

#6249061 Trump signs executive order to keep illegal families together

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on Yesterday, 03:52 PM

The left gets whipped again by Trump.


#6249041 Time to whip 'em out and measure...

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on Yesterday, 03:28 PM

Never went to bed with an ugly or fat chick......

but I woke up with a few.

#6248351 Bye bye Angela Merkel.

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on Yesterday, 07:10 AM

You caught me, Im anti liar. Oddly enough, I actually expect our POTUS not to be a stupid ######. He only has 300 people to help fact check him and he doesn't care.

Because morons like you don't care. He could say the Earth is flat and you guys would fall in lockstep behind him I told you so! He's definitely got you guys figured out.


Speaking of lying and/or not caring, have you accepted that the FBI/DOJ acted illegally yet? 

#6248338 Bad day for FBI/DOJ scumbags.

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on Yesterday, 06:52 AM




A Russian man that offered to sell damaging information on Hillary Clinton to the campaign of then-candidate Donald Trump revealed in earlier court documents that he had been a long-time FBI informant. The man, Henry Greenberg, offered to sell the unspecified information for $2 million in late May, 2016, but the Trump campaign associate refused.
Greenberg, who also used the name Oknyansky

ANOTHER informant (Russian guy) that was offering Clinton 'Dirt' comes forward stating he spent time as an FBI source. So the FBI was colluding with Russians to start an investigation into Trump Campaign colluding with Russians.   :doh:


Yet Sho claims there was no action taken against Trump. The FBI could have opened a Bait Shop up with all the OCUNUS Lures they were using.


1. Downer
2. Halper
3. Timofeev
4. Mifsud
5. Millian
6. 'Greenberg'


All offering dirt on Hillary........................just like the Russian Lawyer b!tch that the DOJ allowed in the country for the meeting at Trump Tower. Is everyone connecting the dots yet?


Focking Clown Show continues.


#6248288 Bad day for FBI/DOJ scumbags.

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on Yesterday, 04:37 AM

Conspire to take down a President is a bogus claim...but whatever floats your boat.
The point is they were, to a flaw, putting country over everyone.
Many of them lifelong republicans (a point always missed by the Trump loving twits).



Horowitz said later he has additional information suggesting that the witness reports were changed after-the-fact in both the Clinton and Russia probes -- a particularly alarming possibility given the IG report's findings of bias in those investigations. Horowitz suggested that the IG is reviewing information concerning modified 302s, saying his office intended to "follow up" on the matter.


What happened to accepting the I.G.'s report and conclusions? Only if they fall in line with your delusions?


Changing 302s to free Clinton and go after Flynn/Trump.........That's called taking action son. 


And remember when you called Comey's 'memos' personal and not govt property? Yeah, the I.G. disagrees. Comey under investigation for leaking Classified Info.



#6247051 German crime rate soars! Trump blames Mexico! Democrats! Or fake...

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on 18 June 2018 - 01:00 PM

Remember when wiff was normal ?

Me either.



#6247021 Jurassic World

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on 18 June 2018 - 12:28 PM

I hope to God that Bryce Dallas Howard is pregnant.

She was doing press promoting Jurassic World and I'm pretty sure she got impregnated by a velociraptor.

Either that, or she's bulking up for a remake of one of my favorite sketches called Pigs in Space!

Dead ringer for Miss Piggy.


Another chick people push as being 'hawt'.    :thumbsdown:


Previous versions: Sarah Jessica Parker, Renne Zellwigger, etc......

#6247010 Bear tired of riding a skateboard. Mauls trainer in front of live audience.

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on 18 June 2018 - 12:20 PM

The pain was more than he could bear.

#6245458 Freaky Funeral Pose in PR

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on 15 June 2018 - 01:48 PM

Was his name Bernie?

#6244959 Steve scalise makes the play

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on 15 June 2018 - 05:45 AM

Good post wiff. When he was shot I think some guys here wished he died.


#6244739 Bad day for FBI/DOJ scumbags.

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on 14 June 2018 - 07:44 PM

You realize the report legitimized the Clinton investigation and that any bias actually hurt her, rather gut?
Still trying to figure it out?

You didn't read the report back. Strzok and others were hammered for their bias.

You hear what you want and ignore the rest. Just like here....ignore those speaking the truth.

#6244502 Bad day for FBI/DOJ scumbags.

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on 14 June 2018 - 02:51 PM

The Executive Summary and Conclusion was NOT written by the IG. It was written by bureaucrats in the DOJ (Deep State).





Keep that in mind. Rod Rosenstein