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In Topic: yay we can kill babies up until birth now

Today, 08:04 PM

seriously, regardless how you feel on subject...is it really cause for celebration? lighting up the wtc? on three...1,2,dead babies...yay!!!!!

Even if you are Pro Choice like myself. The descision to choose to abort should be a difficult one. Pro choice means pro choice not pro abortion like it should be celebrated. Yay!!! Abortion!!

Agreed with the sentiment of your post. Abortion, even if chosen or necessary, should never be actually CELEBRATED.

In Topic: Pelosi Playing Politics

Today, 07:20 PM

I don't want the wall up because of the negative effects on the wildlife.


:lol: well done

In Topic: Pelosi Playing Politics

Today, 07:19 PM

Keep putting werds in other people's mouths you hack.

You dont get it! MDC is just joking around. He doesnt mean anything he says. Even though he posts here most every day quite a bit a day.

Gah, I cant imagine.

It has to be exhausting, not sure how he does it.

In Topic: Pelosi Playing Politics

Today, 06:13 PM

Read something

Even by the sunniest estimate, the wall is going to cost a crapload more than 5 billion. .

A full Wall yes.

So youre saying the Trump administration has made a huge concession by only asking for 5.7B ?

I mean, 2020 is just around the corner. Yall act like Trump will be around forever.

In Topic: Pelosi Playing Politics

Today, 05:01 PM

Is it worth blocking $5 billion in a +$4 Trillion budget for national security.

Maybe you can tell me the benefit to the American people to not haviing a wall.


I'd love an honest discussion about why a Wall isn't needed or doesn't work or isn't needed in certain places yada yada.   I'm all ears.  Personally I can see where Walls may not be needed.  Where simply more and other means of enforcement may be better suited to help curb illegal immigration.  


The amount, 5.7 Billion isn't the issue.   At least it shouldn't be, that is barely more than Obama added to immigration in the 2016 Budget.


But we all know the real reason here.  Trump wants it.  Nothing else matters.