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In Topic: Manafort Trial: Predictions

Today, 06:50 PM

So could get up to 80 years by my quick math.

This is the only thing that suprised me. 80 years in prison for finding ways to not pay the GOVERNMENT money.

Geez, murder sentences are less than that. Doesnt Reverend Al Sharpton still owe back taxes?

A lawyer manipulating his taxes or a billionaire paying off his whores suprises me zero.

80 years?!?!? For tax evasion. Wow. That does.

In Topic: Disappearance of Mollie Tibbets-Iowa

Today, 06:06 PM


In Topic: Brennan

Yesterday, 12:04 PM


The explanations given is pretty straightforward.


- Brennan and the like worked a lot of topics, situations, and "cases" that were left open or are ongoing. If someone currently working a situation or case sees something develop and wants to get some thoughts  from Brennan (or someone similar), they can do so. If I'm in week 2 on a specific situation, I'd welcome being able to call up the guy that worked said situation for a decade. Of course, now that Brennan doesn't have the clearances necessary, they can no longer do so.


- Also, a lot of these guys go on to work security type jobs for big companies. Having knowledge in regards to current cyber threats for example better equips these people to better protect fortune 500 companies and whatnot, which does help us the people obviously.


If we want to stop allowing that sort of thing, so be it, as long as we know there is a downside. But it should be for all former agents, as opposed to us only revoking clearances for the ones most critical of Donald Trump.


Maybe I'm naive but are you saying a current CIA / FBI person can't talk to Brennan now or something?   Like just talking to him about past experience is off limits?   I guess I was under the impression no longer have clearance means Brennan doesn't have access to new information / intel / whatever.    Which makes sense to me since he's been retired for almost two years.


Also, I work for a big company (private), does that give me the "right" to know classified information to help me in my career?

In Topic: Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020

Yesterday, 10:15 AM


Biden is the best option in that bunch IMO.  He can play the blue collar born in Scranton PA card with a good chance to win back the state, and he is seasoned enough to deal with Trump's trolling as deemed appropriate.  The top 3 in that list will talk about free stuff and would be on Trump's puppet strings.    :dunno:


Agreed.  If Biden runs against Trump and a GOP never trumper runs 3rd party and takes a marginal number of "could be" Trump voters away I could see Donald losing in 2020.  But thats about the only scenario.

In Topic: Trumpís trillion dollar deficits are putting us on a path to fiscal ruin

Yesterday, 10:09 AM

All 3 are factually correct.


2016 - 3.27 Trillion

2017 - 3.32 Trillion

2018 - 3.34 Trillion (est)

2019 - 3.42 Trillion (est)