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Early Superbowl Megalodon Shark Tooth Contest

11 January 2019 - 07:59 AM

I am not sure if I can do a contest the week before the Superbowl this year because I will be out of town.  So I will do this early.   TB#1 Winner TB#2 Loser TB#3 Score of the winner (Closest wins but under beats over so if the winner scores 32 then 31 beats 33 but 33 would beat 30) TB#4 Score of loser. If nobody guesses the winner I will go to TB 2,3,4.   Example    NO 21 KC 18   Must have 500 posts to enter.  The winner gets something like this:   Guesses must be in by kickoff of the first game Saturday 1/12.  If you want to change your guess add it to the bottom do not edit your post or I will miss it.  Someone please make a post when the kickoff starts since I will not be home.  That way I know where the cutoff is.      final!!!  


JERRY         KC    37        LA    27

 VOLTAIRE    LA    28        KC    24
MIKE H         LA    45        KC    33
FANDANDY  LA    31        NE    24
BANDRUS    LA 27          NE 24

DROB           NE    31        NO    28
HERBIV         NE    37        NO    31

TDRYAN       NE    25        DAL    27
SUPERMIKE  NE    40        DAL    10
FROZEN       NE    27        PHI    23


 BIGBLU         NO    31        KC    27
DONS           NO    35        KC    28
LISTEN2ME  NO    40        KC    36
PATWEISER NO    41        KC    38
BRAD            NO    34        NE    31
JONEO          NO    42        NE    24
FILTHY          NO    43        NE    41

ETERNAL        GB    56        NE    2
ROCKFORD    IND    31        NO    27
NZONER        IND    34        NO    31
SHOREPAT    IND    38        NO    31
MTSKI         DAL    24        IND    16
5-POINTS    DAL    31        KC    28
MOOKZ        LA    27        SD    24
KANIL            NO    24        SD    20
IAM90S         NO    28        SD    24
STRIKE         NO    31        SD    24
REALITY       NO    31        SD    28
CLOACA      PHI    27       KC    13       
BUFORD       PHI    41        NE    33
RAIDERS       SD    33        LA    31
NORTHERN   SD    26        NO    24
Alias              SD    38        NO    31
MEGLA          SD    44        NO    34

It is a Sad Time to be a Steelers Fan

23 December 2018 - 08:47 PM

What a wasted season. :cry:

Great political Christmas gift for friends on both sides of the aisle

04 December 2018 - 12:30 AM

Make the Party Great Again!!!


I sent a bunch of people a bottle or two of Trump wine and a Trump corkscrew the Christmas after the '16 election. 





Kind of an in your face / gag gift for friends on the left.  Appreciated by people on the right. I got more feedback than almost any gift I ever sent.  Some people said they took a bottle to a party and it was a hit no matter who was there.   A little high for a bottle of probably cheap wine but still a fun gift. 

Having a lot of fun in my $20 Local league

02 December 2018 - 07:49 PM

Has anyone won a league with half their players from one team? 


10 team league.  Currently #2 seed at 8-4 and should win today..  In playoffs already.  I did not take it very serious at the draft and I am a Steeler fan so here is my team for this year.  





K. Johnson/Ingram/Martin


Various (Usually Lockett or Tate)

*V. McDonald


*Pit D


I got lucky a lot with match-ups, and I may not win but have been having a lot of fun watching PIT this year.

I was on the Smithsonian Channel

01 November 2018 - 06:37 PM

They did a show called Top Ten Deadliest Beasts.  They sent a team out to film me diving on my boat a year ago and they just aired it last night.   It will be on a couple more times this month at like 2am.  It is on demand on Comcast and I just watched it.  I was in a few seconds of the promo at the very beginning and my 1-2 minute part of the segment was at the end of the show since the did the Megalodon at the end.  They interviewed me and showed my boat and some drone pics of the area.