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In Topic: Pro Police Whitehouse

Yesterday, 08:06 PM

Finally! This was posted today on the whitehouse.gov website.


Fockin aye rights!

:thumbsup:  :thumbsup:


Hell yeah.  Very refreshing and definitely helped Trump throughout the campaign,  respecting what the police officers do while the other side openly bashed the police at campaign rallies.


Hopefully this will help with moral some too after the beating they have been taking in the media and the politicians last few years.   Hell,  even the President would take shots at them.    :thumbsdown:

In Topic: Men hugging men

Yesterday, 07:42 PM


Update$#@!  He is not a hugger.  Handshakes only.   :thumbsup:

Handshakes suck.   :thumbsdown:


A lot of people don't wash their hands after wiping their ass or picking their nose.   Fock that shtt.   Disgusting.      :thumbsdown:  

In Topic: Sean Spicer

Yesterday, 06:18 PM

This one's pretty obvious just from the timing alone. 


They didn't want the media talking about the massive Trump protests throughout the world, so 

this guy took to the airwaves coincidentally right before the evening news hour. 


Looks like media didn't take the bait. 


But the mouf-breavers are loving it. Really?  He's upset at stories about the 'art in the oval office?' 

Geez, you guys are easy. 


LOL.  Not hardly bro.  This is either spin or you completely missed the point.  


Some are tired of the media lying their asses off daily with half truths and flat ignoring big stories while running bullshtt.  Protecting liberals at damn near every turn.   Obviously,  many are fine with it and some even seem to enjoy it.  


It is one reason Trump was elected and why we are so divided.  The constant spinning and double standard.

In Topic: Men hugging men

Yesterday, 06:11 PM

In Topic: Men hugging men

Yesterday, 06:09 PM

Big fan of the man hug

:thumbsup:   Me too.   Sadly,  my dad and son are not fans,  so I rarely receive hugs.   However,  I hug some of my female cousins and most of their children no matter if male or female.   :D


I think it mostly has to do with my mom.   EVERYONE loved my mom and she touched many lives.   Since she died,  I have tried to step in like she did,  although I am not nearly as good as she was.


Actually,  one of my cousins and I freaked out the family once.   We were very close growing up and had not seen each other in 20 years.   Well,  we finally saw each other at an event and when I went up to her to give her a hug,  somehow,  we ended up kissing,  ON THE MOUTH.


My mother even asked me after the event,  "What the hell was that?"   :lol:


I said I had no idea and did not plan that at all.   It just happened.   


She said "Remind me not to leave you two alone again."  LOL