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In Topic: What's your greatest athletic accomplishment?

Yesterday, 10:42 PM

So did you fock her?


Also, I call bullshiot on batting 1.000 for the entire season.  Everyone gets out occasionally.  :dunno:

Nope,  never made it in her pants.  Started dating some other chick the next week.


It was just one of those softball leagues made up of local laborers.  We did not play many games either.  Only 10 teams total.  So we only had 9 games in that season I think.  No playoffs or post season,  just a straight up 9 games.  So not nearly as cool sounding as my 1st post.  :(

In Topic: What's your greatest athletic accomplishment?

Yesterday, 10:05 PM

I joined a midnight softball league one year,  before I was a cripple.  I went just to hit on the chicks.  I was pretty drunk when the team from work said they need an emergency fill in at bat.  I told them I was too drunk,  and they said I had to do it or they would have to forfeit.  It did not matter if I even hit the ball,  as long as I could stand at the plate.  The chick that was there I was hitting on said "You should do it,  it will be fun to watch".  So I think this might get me laid,  why not.  No pressure at all.


I get up there and swing at the first pitch and knock it out of the park and everyone goes bananas.  THey all said I had to join the team permanently after something like that.  After the chick said she would come to every game IF I played,  I agreed to do it.


Next game,  I bat 1000.  They give me the nickname "The Natural".  Yeah,  I know,  real original.  I proceeded to bat 1000 for the ENTIRE season.


So that was it,  I actually had at least a base hit every single time at bat for the entire season. :banana:

In Topic: What's your greatest posting accomplishment?

Yesterday, 09:55 PM

I have started a thread here at the geek club that has over 386,000 views.  It might have more views than any other thread in HISTORY at the geek club.




There are many more(Posting accomplishments),  but I am kinda humble.

In Topic: Are vaccines good or bad?

Yesterday, 09:27 PM

I'm fascinated by these numbers.  I've been on record for questioning some scientific positions, particularly around carbs and diet, but immunizations are arguably the greatest scientific achievement ever.  Who the fock is taking medical advice from Jenny McCarthy.  :wacko:

Vaccine truthers,  AKA Autism moms.  These women are focking nuts and NOTHING will change their mind.  

In Topic: Bates Motel on A&E

Yesterday, 07:06 PM

Have you tried on-demand or on A&E's website?

The site is focking HORRID.  I FINALLY found the season one episodes.  I am on season 1,  episode 9.  When you click on that episode to watch it,  it is season 2 episode 7 for some focked up reason.  I have tried a dozen times and it always takes me to season 2 episode 7.  Worst part is,  it had some previews as to what all has happened so far so I was just dealt about 100 focking spoilers.