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Yesterday, 10:15 PM


yeah im a bit concerned that he intends to drop Gio Bernard... without trading him away. Not really interested in someone who is going to ruin the league. 

that is crazy


So i guess we are keeping the new guy?

I hope not if he going to pull shtt like this.  I can understand not linking the guy for some reason,  but when someone drops a starting RB that will get most of a teams touches,  no even attempting to trade him,  well lets just say that tells me everything I need to know.  He is either trolling the league or not ready to play in this league due to lack of experience.

In Topic: The draft starts in 14 days.....

21 August 2014 - 10:57 PM

Monday the 25th 8 am.

Cool,  I will have the pick in by then.  I will set the auto pick so it starts right away.  Starting to rethink it and might go with someone else,  other than ADP.  thanks bro

In Topic: The draft starts in 14 days.....

21 August 2014 - 07:31 PM

Ok,  looks like I have first pick.  When exactly is the draft to start so I do not hold this thing up???

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17 August 2014 - 07:28 PM

Agreed, thanks for sharing.  You are one of the true real people here.  Actually I think you are the only one.


Anyway, my one piece of advice would be for your father to not make a rash decision on retirement.  When I read that, I thought "wow, why would he retire, his job would probably be a source of normalcy for him, not to mention something to spend his days doing."  It seems to me that losing both his wife and his job would be an extremely difficult situation to deal with.  Just a thought.



This was my thought too. Might be good for him to retain some structure and social contact through work. :thumbsup:

Yeah,  I kind of thought this too and mentioned it to him.  He can not do anything until September,  so at least that pushes it back a bit.  I even told him today that when my ex left me and took my son,  I was alone and went to a very dark place and I do not want to see that happen to him.    


We are both upset my mom had to work until the day she died and never was able to enjoy a retirement.  That is when I found out that his has lost many friends from work in the past.  At least 12 have have just dropped dead while at work.  He does not want this to happen to him and neither do I.

My dad came over for a visit with us tonight.  He seemed a little bit better today.  The next two days are the showing and funeral.  I am sure it is going to be extremely difficult next two days.


On a good note,  some old friends have reached out to me,  some that have not spoken to me for many years over petty shtt.  So glad they did.  


THanks everyone.

In Topic: Folks, call your mom......I will never be able to again.....

16 August 2014 - 09:39 PM

Thanks so much folks.  I know most do not take this place seriously,  but I tend to.  It really means a lot,  even the jokes.   :D


The first song SUX shared is her all time favorite,  "Your Song".  I keep playing it and cry like a little b1tch every time I do.  


She loved the other one as well.  I actually picked thee songs to be played at the funeral.  I will probably burst into tears every time it plays.


I have been hearing from friends and family,  some I have not talked to in years this past day.  I know it sounds cliche,  but mom truly touched a lot of lives.  She was a vital member at her church,  youth leader,  choir,  etc...  They are probably going to have to shut down the youth program over this.


She has worked her entire life,  including the day she died,  Friday.  She has always been a well liked person,  wherever she goes.  I have heard from many family members,  all saying the same stuff.  Mainly that my mom was ALWAYS there for everyone.  My formerly gay cousin called me and told my mom was the first person he came out to.  I have received many calls like this.  She has tons of co-workers from many past jobs that are saying similar things.  Let me quote one:


I'm amazed at how a very special woman has came in and out of my life. It all started at the grand opening of Newburgh Pizza Hut, we met and shared some laughs to rock out some pizzas. Few years past, I make a move to Mazzios pizza in Newburgh. To reunite with a friend, she and I had some good times there. She then introduced me to her son, Gary. He and I became friends too. After some more years I moved on to Buehlers only to find my friend again. I in the past year started at priceless to once again to work along with my friend, Barb Lance. Again her son came back into my life as well. I truly feel blessed to have shared some good times and laughs with Barb. God had a purpose for us to cross paths so much. I feel having her wisdom and friendship in my life has enriched me. I'm saddened tonight that our paths won't cross again till I see her in heaven. God is taking care of my friend now. I will miss ya and I'll be there for Gary. Rest in peace.


This all happened over about a 25 year span.  Her name is Kelly and I will probably cry like a little b1tch the next time I see her,  which should be this week as I shop at where my mom worked a lot.


My son is lost.  He spends every Saturday at her house,  for hours.  My mom took him to teen night every Wednesday at their church.  She would take him to church every Sunday morning as well.  They always left an hour or more early to have breakfast together.  He has no idea what to do.  He keeps telling me this is the worst couple weeks of his life.  He recently had a DISASTROUS Birthday celebration with his other family,  but that is another story.  


My dad.  Holy fock,  I have NEVER seen him like this,  not even close.  He is a wreck.  He married my mom when he was 19 and she was 17.  They have been married for 44 years.  I am very worried about him.  Being alone for practically the first time in his life,  at 63.  I told him he should go ahead and retire.  He said he may have to,  because he does not see how he can go back to work.  I imagine he will feel better over time,  but man,  this is rough.  He will be fine financially,  as they have always been hard workers and good savers.  Their house has been paid for for a long time.


He called the ambulance and they basically said she was gone after he watched them work on her.  He also found his father dead.  He has seen a best friend die right in front him saving two young teen girls once at a mud drag race.  I also witnessed this.  When his mom died,  my grandmother,  she was VERY bad.  I was SHOCKED when I saw her the day she died.  She was so bad off and lost so much wait,  she literally looked like a breathing copse.  Focking scared me for life.  He has seen too much death and this one seems the worst of all.


Today,  my dad and I had to go pick out the casket,  flowers,  and about 1000 other things.  EXTREMELY difficult.  I keep calling him and going over to his house,  they only live 5 minutes from me.  Only time I have seen my dad tear before this was when his mom died.  This seems to be hitting him much harder.  


My mom has been my rock my whole life.  I have no idea what I am going to do now, my main concern right now though is my dad and my son.  My son saw my mom at least 3 times a week.  He sees his mother maybe 3 times a year.  Other than me,  she was closer to him than anyone else on this planet.


She bought my son a watch that talks recently.  Every hour,  it tells you the time with a voice.  We were going to return it and get a different one that does not talk.  NOT anymore.  That watch instantly became one of our most prized possessions.  


I went through my answering machine messages today to clear some room since I only had 30 seconds of record time left.  THere is a message from my mom on there from about a month ago.  She sounds so happy on the message too.  I will never delete that.


Anyway,  thanks again folks,  it truly means a lot to me.   :wub: