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Yesterday, 08:25 PM

gocolts for all that pontificating about women not having sense, your response is full of drummed up reaction. Pot, kettle.


Deconstructing what TNG said: A woman getting bothered because of attention more heavily focused on another woman...that is behavior that doesn't exude confidence. Check. That's pretty much true as a general concept. Anyone driven to action (like leaving a board) by personal affront that arises in that manner has a fragile ego.


Gocolts running a site where women enjoy being ogled by men (regardless of any inherent appeal of the men...i think that is an important point...I will add on)....not surprising. Check. (Albeit it's a bit disparaging). It's not being suggested that the site exists primarily for that.


That is just the stating of simple (probable) realities.

I do not need my groups or posts analyzed and broken down trying to find secret meanings.  It is just one situation that happened after over 4 years.  Also,  one instance does not define a group.  . :cheers:

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27 November 2015 - 09:15 PM


Eh, not when you say that one of the chicks got all bent because another chick was getting attention. That doesn't exude confidence as much as you think it does. But, okay 


I am also not surprised that you run a site like this. Carry on! 

:lol:   WOW.  Sometimes you women freak me the fock out with the nonsense you come up with.


I want to thank you for this post though.  It helped me BIG TIME.


You see,  I have been having trouble with my ex wife and her mother.  By trouble,  I mean I am struggling to get them to care or include my son in their family activities,  like Thanksgiving dinner for example or calling him on the phone more than once a year,  hell,  they only live about 30 minutes from our house.  Been talking with them for YEARS trying to get them to see the light with no luck whatsoever.


After reading your post,  it was like a revaluation.  It is damn near impossible to explain shtt to most women.  Not all women,  cause I know a few who are not completely focked up,  but most.


So,  after reading how badly you misunderstood my post,  it dawned upon me that I have been talking to the wrong people,  the women.


So after a disastrous Thanksgiving(We did not get an invite,  nor did my son,  hell,  we did not even get a phone call on Thanksgiving) and reading your post,  I decided to call my ex wife's husband and talk with him about it.  Looks like that might have worked,  time will tell.  He can deal with the crazies and I will just start dealing with him.


Also,  I am not sure what kind of site you think I run,  but I have a feeling you are misunderstanding that too.  Sure,  some chicks will post good pics of themselves like that,  but that is not all we do,  not by a long shot.  I am big on freedom and allowing folks to post ANYTHING they want.  So yeah,  how crazy of me,  to run a few pages that let folks say and post ANYTHING they want without being labeled or ostracized by some Nancy who gets their feelings hurt every 5 minutes just because they do not like something.


So thanks for the help TNG. :cheers:

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27 November 2015 - 08:52 PM

1228 pts: PoColts - The only thing that scores less than this team is Gary himself. But in fairness, he has no legs.  Or money. Or charisma. Or looks.



I have two friends trying to set me up with one of their mothers for the last 6 months.  We(The mother and I)   have been chatting and may eventually meet one day.  I am just so slow and lost,  I think I am focking it all up.  lol

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19 November 2015 - 11:17 PM


Praps I don't need dudes to fawn all over me?  :dunno:


Sounds like you run a site full of a bunch of insecure desperate women. 

:lol:   Just the opposite.  They are confident women that are so secure,  they have ZERO problems with nudity is all.  They are just not uptight.  NOT saying you are either girl because I do not think you are.


99% is just kind of sexy stuff.  They are not taking close up selfies of their twats spread open or anything like that.  

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19 November 2015 - 08:56 PM