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In Topic: DNC Erects Four-Mile Eight-Foot Tall Fence Around Philly Convention Site

Today, 02:46 AM

Its hilarious that phurboy keeps coming in here.



It sure is.   He makes a post and like a moth to a flame,   same few people come running in here and go off the rails.  


Focking hilarious.  

In Topic: White People - Get To The Back

Today, 02:33 AM

 I wonder if any of those whiteys pulled a Rosa Parks?

A few months ago,  I found out the REAL reason she sat in the front of the bus and it shocked the hell out me.   Maybe I should start a thread on it.  

In Topic: I have had a girlfriend for over a month now.

Today, 02:21 AM

Tomorrow night will be another first for us if everything goes according to plan.


Since my son is spending the night with his mom,  I do not have to go home.   My girlfriend only lives about 5 minutes from my ex wife,  which is where my son will be spending the night.


Well,  when my girlfriend called me tonight,   she said I can spend the night tomorrow night and just go pick up my son the next day when he is ready to go home.    :banana:


Should be a fun too.   Not for sex though,  unfortunately.   However,   her 18 month old grandson will be spending the night.  I have already met him twice and he really likes me and we have a lot of fun together.   Tomorrow night will be awesome.   It has been so long since I have done anything like this,  I can't wait.  I like kids and am looking forward to reliving some memories of when my son was that age.


In Topic: I have had a girlfriend for over a month now.

Today, 01:24 AM

Well,  the night went pretty great.    We ended up watching that Deadpool movie.  So I was able to horrify everyone by telling them this place has been doing that thing for years.  lol


My son is spending the night with his mother tomorrow night for the first since I was awarded full custody when he was 10.  He will be 17 in 3 days.  Typing that out made me realize just how big that is,  wow.   Almost 7 focking years since he has spent more than a couple of hours with his mom.   Holy fock.


We have been trying to make this happen since focking last year.   Something always comes up or happens to fock it up.





In Topic: What's Worse

Today, 12:51 AM