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In Topic: Something I bet nobody ever thought they would see in this league......

Yesterday, 10:05 PM

I will likely end up in the ballpark of 150 points this week and still don't have a change against the First Place Dong Dealers. The Focking First Place Dong Dealers...... 


Great Week Gary, Congrats.  You're team is really on a roll.  :first:



THANKS bro.  This might be the biggest win for me in the history of this league.  Weekly high scoring player and team this week I believe.  Might be in 1st place of the entire league too at this point.  


My best season ever in this league,  I won 4 games.   :lol:   


I am only one win away from matching that.   :headbanger:

In Topic: Which of these would fetch the most at a FFT charity auction?

28 September 2014 - 09:27 PM

Easily the T-shirt, as it doesn't exist.

HA.  I always though that too.  That is,  until one of the awesome geeks sent me an authentic FFToday t-shirt.  


I'm a tourist attraction! :banana:

:D   I bet that is one long ass line to get in.

In Topic: Hey, Kutulu

25 September 2014 - 10:00 PM


In Topic: Now, who could have possibly seen this coming?

25 September 2014 - 09:57 PM


Yes and no.


Repub's are stupid for aligning themselves with a shrinking vote base. It's time to stop catering to the wealthy-elite and Jesus Crispies, and time to start accept the changing landscape in which they exist.


So long as it remains 1 vote for 1 person, the Repub's will continue to lose ground unless they start accepting a wide ideology. 

I disagree.  They have tried that with the last two elections and has been a freaking disaster.  Why elect a liberal republican when a liberal democrat is on the ballot already.   We KNOW this will not work.  


Time to nominate a true conservative again.  The voter base for the GOP is not shrinking.  Most are just staying home because the GOP keeps nominating liberals.

In Topic: Something I bet nobody ever thought they would see in this league......

25 September 2014 - 07:44 PM

I will now go kill myself.

:lol:  :lol: