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In Topic: ~STICK files bill to end in-state college tuition for illegals

Yesterday, 10:49 PM

How many emails are in your inbox since yesterday and what's the approx. love/hate ratio of them?


over/under at 1000 and 70% hate

I bet the legal Hispanics are on board with Stick here.  Most of them that are here legally do NOT like that others get to jump to the front of the line.


I have a friend I went to high school with that is in the Army and he married some babe from Thailand a few years ago.  He has been trying to get her to be able to come to the USA legally with him for well over 2 years now.   :thumbsdown:

In Topic: Charles Manson getting married

Yesterday, 10:44 PM

If you want, I could give your email address to a cute 38 y/o English teacher I know (34C or so) who happens to be single and available. 


You could say you met in a 'Charles Manson is getting married' thread which is pretty romantic, I must say.

Hell yeah.  As long as she likes fat,  poor,  and hideous looking dudes with long hair and gigantic beards.   :wub:

In Topic: Charles Manson getting married

Yesterday, 10:42 PM

Maybe you should troll prisons for megalomaniac killers?   :dunno:



Maybe you could try to pick up chicks at a refugee camp in South Sudan.




In Topic: 22times Obama said he COULD NOT ignore, or create immigration laws.

Yesterday, 10:39 PM

So,  he going to basically legalize about 5 million illegals.  Here is an interesting caveat some may have not considered.  I keep seeing the liberals claim Obama has created or saved about 4.5 million jobs.  So lets assume for the sake of argument that is the correct number.


That is more folks getting legalized vs jobs that have been created his entire tenure as POTUS,  or right about the same.  


No wonder the black folks are so focking pissed off at this guy.

In Topic: Charles Manson getting married

19 November 2014 - 11:00 PM

And I can not even get a date.....FML :thumbsdown: