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In Topic: Michael Brown Memorial in Ferguson

Yesterday, 10:01 PM

I just saw some pics of the current memorial.  Holy fock,  how is that even legal??  I am sure most folks have seen memorials on the side of the road in your area where someone died on the street,  usually in a car accident of somekind,  they are something small,  normally a cross that is maybe two feet high.  This MB memorial is like a 20 foot long section of stuffed animals piled in the middle of the road.  Plus,  there is one far bigger on/next to the side walk on the side of the street.


I bet folks will vandalize this too,  and there will be outrage.  Before it is all said and done,  the taxpayers will probably end up paying some cop to guard this damn thing.  Talk about focking BRUTAL,  forcing some cop to guard a plague memorializing a guy who tried to murder one of his brothers.  THat would be rough. 

In Topic: I Like Being Crazy....

Yesterday, 09:29 PM

Lot of nice ones and second one is one of the best,  however,  I like 16 the best.  Dark chick with long dark hair,  and holding a coconut.  Red,  green and yellow bathing suit on.



In Topic: Anybody Want To See Queen Latifah's Cans

Yesterday, 09:07 PM

they looked okay to me.

she's 45 years old and quite overweight.

they look 10x's better than fake hard ass silicone boobs.

breasts are supposed to be soft and fleshy not hard as grapefruits with some skin over them.

how many of you have a chest and abs like this?

learn to validate those that are not perfect because you are not perfect.

i think it takes a lot of guts as an actress to be totally naked for the camera like that.

bravo for her! boo to you all!

:thumbsup:  I enjoyed seeing her bewbs just fine.   :)

In Topic: Just entered my 18th year of service

Yesterday, 06:32 PM


A major what?  


Also, thanks!

I am going with Major Badass.   :D

In Topic: Just entered my 18th year of service

21 May 2015 - 10:06 PM

Thanks for your service bro.  This Country would be focked if it wasn't for folks like you.   :cheers: