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In Topic: I'm moving to China!

Yesterday, 11:05 PM

ETA: https://www.chinadia...-to-extinction-

"Eating habits in south China driving endangered animals to extinction"

This reminds of something I saw a while back that I thought was focking OUTSTANDING.


That damn 3D printer is at it again.  Read some science piece on how they figured out they can make replica ivory horns and tusks that the morons use for medicinal purposes in China,  like Volty has been telling us for years about this stuff and how they all nuts and think this ivory from endangered animals cures all kinds of shtt.


They claimed they are going to just print a TON of this fake ivory shtt and FLOOD the market with it and sell it for FAR cheaper.  It is supposedly genetically identical too,  so it just may work,  if this is true.  I will admit I have not looked into this other than this one piece,  hoping it not fake.


Here is the link.





I am going to say it right here,  right now.


The greatest invention since sliced bread use to be that DVR.  


This 3D printer has taken that spot now.  


I have seen this thing do tons of awesome shtt.  THis damn thing even prints body parts for animals that folks can put on these animals surgically that saves their life.  It is especially cool when they help endangered animals.  Here is one more link with an example of this




In Topic: Saw an old friend today I have not seen since high school.....holy focking hell

Yesterday, 09:58 PM

I love aquariums. Used to have a 25 gallon and a 50 gallon fresh water one. Always wanted a salt water one. The closest thing I had to salt water looking fish was cichlids. They caused me stress though because even though I got ones that were supposed to get along ok, there was always a mean nasty one that was a bully. Bad bad fishie...

:thumbsup: I have had many kinds of tanks over the years.  cichlids were a lot of fun.  Had some Red Devils that mated all the time.  I even had a red finned cigar shark that was featured in a video game called Metal Gear Solid.  Had the fish for a few years and then the game came out.  As I was playing this game,  I had to catch fish and eat them for health.  I noticed they looked a lot like the fish I had in my aquarium and looked into it.  I had that same fish in my tank and thought it was just neat as hell back then.


Had some snakes in this tank too.  Ball Python,  Burmese python,  and two red tailed boas as well.

In Topic: Saw an old friend today I have not seen since high school.....holy focking hell

Yesterday, 09:53 PM

You lost me at the first sentence.  How could he be a good friend for many years when you have not seen him since high school. Sounds like you might have been good friends a long time ago, but obviously not any longer.


It does give you perspective, though.

I am disabled and do not force myself on folks in an effort to not roon a good time.  Nothing roons a good time like a cripple limiting what everyone can do.  So I just stay to myself.  Some of my BEST friends,  I have NEVER even met.  Several are on this board.  


I am a little surprised by this post,  coming from YOU.  I know for a fact you are a hell of a human being and it is a little shocking seeing you say this,  if this is what you really believe.  Maybe you just focking with me,  like most.  THat okay too. :cheers:

In Topic: Saw an old friend today I have not seen since high school.....holy focking hell

Yesterday, 09:47 PM

Saltwater of freshwater aquarium? How many gallons? What kind of fish? Live plants? Coral?

The fish forearm demands answers!!!

Freshwater.  Sold a 55 gallon and two fish,  a clown loach and an orange algae eater.  No plants or coral,  just gravel and castles and rocks and shtt like that.


My buddy has a much bigger tank that the fish went in.  At least double the size of the one we sold him.  It was pretty cool watching these fish go to there new home.  Dad was down to  just these two fish and they never came out.  Once we put them in my friend's tank,  after about 4 minutes,  they two fish from my dad got together in the corner of this new tank and were all over each other.  They seemed happy to know someone else in the tank.  NEVER seen these fish do this and dad has had them both for ten years.


Went down there today and the clown was out and my buddy said he has been out quite a bit.  He has lots of fish,  and they may have just been a little lonely,  as crazy as that sounds.  These fish seem very happy with their new home.  MUCH more room too.

In Topic: As America screams about slavery that occurred a century and a half ago

Yesterday, 09:38 PM

Before I was in the tanker unit that I went to the Gulf War with, I was in a Pershing Missile Unit for a year. One of my roommates there was really into this crazy film/documentary call "Faces of Death." It was a montage of explicit deaths and executions. Now, overall I liked this guy but it was really focked up viewing and I didn't much appreciate having this litany of intense death scenes on one after the other after the other. Consequently, I'd make myself scarce whenever he watched that.

Anyways, if I'd never met this guy, and known how otherwise cool and normal he was, I'd probably think there was something wrong with Gary mentally for enjoying this horribly sick stuff.

Most of the shtt in those films was BS.  It was a combination of false tales along with some real crime scene photos and some camera tricks,  maybe even some wizardry.


I do not get much out of this anymore.  I do not really enjoy it.  I feel obligated to watch and spread awareness so others can know what is happening,  without being traumatized.  


I had no idea how  the real shtt could get to you,  until it was too late.   It is best not to watch this shtt.   :cheers: