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In Topic: Scale of 1 - 10 - how badly did this hurt?

Yesterday, 11:52 PM


does someone have to hold you up while someone else hits you in the balls?




I was only like 16,   years before I became crippled.  

In Topic: Hey let's check in on Rio and how the Olympics are coming along

Yesterday, 11:48 PM

Rio Olympics: IOC To Hand Out 450,000 Condoms To Athletes
Even 100,000 female condoms.   175,000 packets of lube supplied too.  




In Topic: 2016 Trades

Yesterday, 11:41 PM

:thumbsup:    THANKS

In Topic: Today is...

Yesterday, 11:21 PM

Congratulations.   GREAT job keeping it together.  


Here is to another 15,  and more    :cheers:

In Topic: Which Geek will go fullest retard when Hillary wins?

Yesterday, 11:15 PM

gocolts will go crazy like last election. Hell, he posted a link the other day that Michelle Obama is a man.

BLS will post the same chicken little garbage he always has.

:lol:    That was in response to pennie's question as to why some people think she is a man.   Some people she worked with or knew somehow really think she is a man.  I was just showing why some people might believe that craziness.   I was not agreeing with it in any way.   :cheers: