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  1. LOL I had a fire extinguisher.
  2. Nope. Just enough life insurance to bury him. There was some retirement money. Sh1t is way over my head. All I know is I took out a lot of cash last year and am still pretty close to where I was when I started.
  3. Have had it since December. It is pretty bad ass. In fact, my son went to that tech shool. I had him show me their's. Our's is way better.
  4. THanks guys and gals. I ill come back and reply more in the next day or two.
  5. When I go to bed I go to bed. I do not have a PC in front of me, not even my laptop. I can't do it on my phone.
  6. I am diversified as fock. Plus, I have not said how much I took out last year. Way more than I should have and he has me almost back to where I started, in a year. So maybe it was more than 8%. Sh1t is over my head.
  7. I have been trying o talk him out of it for years. He knows if he doesn't start bring cash in soon, I am selling the house.
  8. There is no way it can be beat and be understandable. I can ask him to post the list here maybe.
  9. Holy sh1t, I am going to try it on next time I am at my son's place. Hell yeah!!!
  10. My girlfriend(Gs and they are amazing) moved in with me at the end of May. She packed what she could and moved in. Just one load, in a Trailblazer. Her cat, which is very important to her. So I knew she was serious. We moved the rest of her stuff in this past weekend. Four days later, both her children move away, 16 hours away. My son has graduated high school. He went to this tech school half the day. After school was over, he emailed the teacher to see if she would let him come download some files he forgot. She did. I took him and talked with the teacher for about an hour. We had a great talk. His final project after two years in this class, graphic design, was to build a website. He came home that day and told me he blew the teachers away with his website, and that he half assed it. So I am talking to this teacher and I ask about this final project. She said three teachers grade the sites at the end of the year. She said within 5 seconds, she told him had an "A", another teacher said this is obviously a 100% and the third teacher said it was the best site they had ever seen a student do at this tech school. Said he should be able to make a great living just building websites for people/companies/business. She went on to say after the 5 seconds and they were all so blown a way, they stepped out of the chair and told my son to show them everything, because they were worried they would miss something. THey never have done that with a student, they just go through it themselves. He is that good. My son is self taught for the most part on all of this. We own 18 domains. He knows how to make sh1t just appear. When you scroll through a page, the words and paragraphs just shoot up from the bottom of the page. He has forums. That is just the beginning. Just like here, a lot of folks try to get around the filters. The one word he is super concerned about is the dreaded "N" word. So he has made it where nobody can post anything that would look even close to the "N" word where someone would know what they were saying. I say come on man, that has to be a long list. So he goes to the place where the words are listed. There are literally hundreds of variations he has seen people try and he made it to where they can't post it. I tried to have him give me the list so I can share it, it is too big. It turns into multiple files. Way over my head. He needs a job though. So that is what he is trying to do right now. He can not move away either as he is buying my home. The underground fight club is now above ground and most of the fights take place in the National Guard Armory in Evansville Indiana. The old place everyone was scared to go has become worse. We tried to help the neighborhood and it worked for about a year. No shootings are back up and lots of craziness happens. My girl does not want me going down there anymore at all and my son feels the same way. Our lives are extremely busy. We literally have appointments every single day. Her dad is extremely bad off, so we help him all the time too. I have lots of things I need to get done and do not even have time to return phone calls to people I love most days. It has helped me lose some weight. I have lost 100 pounds since my father died. I have also stopped smoking and I started smoking regularly when I was 15. It has been many months since I have had a cigarette. I stopped smoking around THanksgiving last year and fell off the wagon and smoked three ciggs. So my health is improving. I am down from about 14 meds a day to about 6. That Mustang GT I bought last September, I have already put well over 12K miles on it, and I also drive a truck and Camry and even my girlfriend's Trailblazer a lot. Mustang GT still doing good. I have gone to Plays and my girlfriend and I are going to a musical this weekend. She loves country music and I hate it. lol She hates metal and I love metal. We are compromising though. <3 So lots have changed in last year or two. And no, I am not broke. I have not blown my parents retirement money. Plus, my finance guy ROCKS!!!! I made over 8% last year. So I had to pull some cash out this year. I do not get much chance for social media and especially get much of a chance to post here. Just thought I would give you guys a quick update. Hope everyone is doing well. Oh yeah, one more thing. I pay almost no attention whatsoever to politics any more. Do not watch NFL either, at all.
  11. gocolts

    Geek Club posters

    I really let that league down. They were great to me and my life changed completely and then I focked up badly in the league..
  12. gocolts

    Post your childhood home

    Can't believe I figured out how to post this. https://www.google.com/maps/place/340+Green+Valley+Dr,+Chandler,+IN+47610/@38.0492994,-87.3742243,3a,75y,356.92h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sy6yPlX0ame9NNA4QQxgnIQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x886e31e425887b41:0x82c326ba4ccb7d74!8m2!3d38.0495677!4d-87.3742422 There is a two car garage behind the house you can not see. My dad worked on cars and his Jeep all the time in there. He played hard and made money on the side. I have shared pics of the Jeep before. I still have it actually.
  13. gocolts

    Who Will Die First?

    LOL, nope. I brought that sh1t above ground man. Told the police, won their support. Went to broad meetings, won their support. Next fight is at the National Guard Armory on the 28th of this month in Evansville Indiana.