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  1. gocolts

    Message from Gocolts' Son

    Hey, everyone. I've unfortunately got some bad news to bring you folks in regards to my dad. I remember hearing my dad talk about these forums a lot back in the day. I don't know if this is the right place to post this or even if any of the guys he talked to back then are still around, but my father has tragically passed away. He's been in a rough spot for the past few years, and on some level I suspect it goes even further back than that to a degree. On August 24th, I found him dead in his home with numerous used cans of compressed air and seemingly just as many empty cigarette boxes on the floor around him, with a can still in his hand. I have no words to describe this other than how unexpected it was. Although when I look further back it explains much of his past behavior. He's gotten into over 5 wrecks over the past year, and he's been found to have been huffing since an earlier accident this year - and there's traces of substance abuse going back to 2018. Since I graduated High School - and possibly before then even, I think he's lacked purpose. It's a common thing for people to retire, do a whole bunch of nothing, and passing away shortly after as a result. I know based on conversations I've had with dad over the years that he's felt purposeless for a while. After his most recent wreck, we were left with no vehicles - no means of transport. I'd started taking it upon myself to find a way for us to get by without either of us being able to transport ourselves - and had a good plan sorted out. The biggest one was groceries, which we found we could order online from Walmart. I later found out that he'd been using his funds to buy at least 40 cans of compressed air over the few days prior to his death. He'd also fallen for romance scams and lost over $10k over the past year to them - as he was desperately lonely and wanted someone - anyone, to give him a sliver of romantic companionship. And I think because of this, the other foolish purchases he's made, he felt a level of guilt for putting us so far in the hole financially. As of right now, there's over $5k of unpaid credit card debt and another couple thousand behind on the bills. My last conversation with him was on Friday - and after getting into his phone, I found that he'd neither made nor received any calls since then. His phone was still at 21% battery when I turned it on, and it was fully shut off when I found it. That's what had me worried in the first place - I called down there and got no response, not even a ring - just went straight to voicemail. It seems to me that all of this together was a suicide attempt - and sadly, a successful one. None of us had any idea that this was going on. Myself and his friends knew that something was going on - but we had no idea it was like this. He'd just turned 50, I figured I'd had a good number of years left with him. But instead, I found him 24 hours after his death. If you're someone out there struggling with addiction, depression, loneliness, or purposelessness - get help. Don't wait until it's too late, reach out, talk to a friend or two - don't worry about being a bother or a problem. Trust me - your friends and family would much rather have you around. If you're out there and you know someone who might be struggling, do everything you can to be with them and support them. Maintain consistent contact - daily if you can. If you've got friends and family out there you haven't spoken to in a while - give them a call. Take care of your mental health. Depression and drug abuse is no joke - mental health problems can be just as deadly as physical disease. Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this topic. Feel free to move it wherever is more appropriate. It seems most of his posts are in here, and I remember him specifically mentioning the Geek Club subforum - so I decided this is the best place to put it. If anyone is worried about me, don't be. I've got family to help me through all this. By the time all is said and done, I'll be well taken care of. Thankfully despite dad's poor financial decisions, he never did anything too harsh that we can't recover from - the property he lived on will be sold off soon, as well as much of what's inside it. I've seen firsthand what happens when a large sum of money is misused and abused - and I won't let the same mistake happen twice. I'll be putting most of it into a safe investment account, and use dividends to help me cover my additional costs of living and whatnot. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if I could ask anything from the staff/admins here, it's that you not do anything like closing his account or anything. I'd like his contributions to the site to still stand and still be easily seen - and I'd like his account to still exist as it does today. And thank all of you for having fun with my dad when he was around. I know he appreciated all of you.
  2. Yeah, a little screwed up to say the least.
  3. That is right. Found out my dad had a son right about 9 months before I was born. The family that I did not know about until yesterday does not seem mad or resentful, they just want to know about him. Of course we want to see the similarities between her father and myself since we are brothers. Maybe I should say we were brothers, he is now dead. Died in 2018. Not sure what happened yet, but it has been under a year since his dearth. I showed her a picture of my father at a young age and she showed me some of her dad around same age and they look a lot alike. She found me through Ancestry DNA thing. Said her grandfather ran my dad off because of age difference between her grandmother and my father and that they just want to know about my dad and about this side of the family. She did not know her grandfather, my father, was dead until yesterday. So I am overwhelmed. I feel happy. I have a niece. Something I never thought I would have and wanted. I am glad she found me and we plan to meet one day to swap dad stories. However, it is weird finding out all this now, over two years past my father's death. Plus, I have to find out what happened to her father since he is my brother, I am worried about dying super young. He was not even 50. How crazy is this sh1t???
  4. LOL I had a fire extinguisher.
  5. Nope. Just enough life insurance to bury him. There was some retirement money. Sh1t is way over my head. All I know is I took out a lot of cash last year and am still pretty close to where I was when I started.
  6. Have had it since December. It is pretty bad ass. In fact, my son went to that tech shool. I had him show me their's. Our's is way better.
  7. THanks guys and gals. I ill come back and reply more in the next day or two.
  8. When I go to bed I go to bed. I do not have a PC in front of me, not even my laptop. I can't do it on my phone.
  9. I am diversified as fock. Plus, I have not said how much I took out last year. Way more than I should have and he has me almost back to where I started, in a year. So maybe it was more than 8%. Sh1t is over my head.
  10. I have been trying o talk him out of it for years. He knows if he doesn't start bring cash in soon, I am selling the house.
  11. There is no way it can be beat and be understandable. I can ask him to post the list here maybe.
  12. Holy sh1t, I am going to try it on next time I am at my son's place. Hell yeah!!!