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  1. frank

    The difference between water and beer

    A label that says coors light?
  2. frank

    Random lyric thread

    Correct. No need for name calling.
  3. frank

    Funny Picture thread

    If I remember my freshman English correctly, Robinson Crusoe humped a tree.
  4. frank

    Random lyric thread

    I find it hard to believe those lyrics were chosen randomly. And ha, ha, no that’s not a song.
  5. frank

    small business geeks "merchant processing"

    Straight cash homie.
  6. frank

    Aunt Becky done focked up

    You obviously haven’t been paying attention to these stories. It’s all ball bearings nowadays.
  7. frank

    Need Info and assistance - Housing Crisis Genesis

    I want to party with you guys.
  8. frank

    Jordy Nelson released by Raiders

    Your post implies you expect the Raiders to have any idea what they are doing.
  9. frank

    It's Rick Dees' Birthday

    Eat my shorts.
  10. frank

    How can you not root for Tim Tebow?

    He never beat Auburn.
  11. frank

    Flipping off 5-0 is constitutionally protected

    You are, of course, correct. My mistake.