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  1. frank

    Matt Kuchar stiffs caddie

    Actually, it’s not tipping I believe in, it’s over tipping.
  2. frank

    National Emergency

    They could use a relief pitcher but I wouldn’t call it an emergency.
  3. frank

    National Emergency

    I’m not reading this whole thread. Has anyone made a joke about them needing a relief pitcher?
  4. frank

    Cool stuff on Netflix.

    What makes you think anyone here would be interested in that?
  5. frank

    Am I high or is that a tiger?

    I almost posted that earlier and was about to do it now.
  6. frank

    My Post Count Went Way Down

    This, and don’t call me count.
  7. frank

    My Post Count Went Way Down

    Maybe the upgrade sent us back in time.
  8. frank

    My Post Count Went Way Down

    Don’t worry. You’ll catch up with the other boys one day. What about your post count?
  9. frank

    My Post Count Went Way Down

    W Wow. Now those 20,000 posts must seem like a waste of time.
  10. frank

    My Post Count Went Way Down

    Let’s keep it that way.
  11. frank

    Guess the Geek, FL edition

    It’s clearly frozenbeernuts. He posted that pirate picture as an alibi.