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  1. frank

    Motley Crew..the dirt...netflix

    You’re a funny guy.
  2. frank


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  4. Yes I would. I have no interest in politics. I think caring about Trump or any other politician is lame. People like to think they are being intellectual when they support or criticize politicians, but they are really just treating them like celebrities. Trump, Hillary, Kardashians, all the same. Anyone who has the time or energy to complain about a calendar needs to get a life. If I saw someone with a Trump (or any other politician) calendar, I might think they were a loser, but it would never occur to me to complain.
  5. I’m not sure which is worse, having a Trump calendar or complaining about a Trump calendar. Both are pretty sad.
  6. frank

    WoodStock 50

    I must have been out cold, but the way the story’s told, they found me lying naked in the rain.
  7. frank

    WoodStock 50

    Red rain is coming down.
  8. frank

    WoodStock 50

    It can’t rain all the time.
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  10. frank

    WoodStock 50

    Here comes the rain again.
  11. frank

    The difference between water and beer

    A label that says coors light?
  12. frank

    Lawmaker jabs teen in the face