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  1. Cruzer

    LeBron is a focking loser

    NBA teams average 32 three point shots per game..........per game! The league has morphed into street ball... The rare times teams aren't just jacking it up, they clear everybody out, isolate and try and draw a foul........ I feel really bad for the kids today - this is the game they are growing up with..... How lucky are we that we got to see Jordan, Magic's Lakers, Bird's Celtics, Isaiah's Piston's - thank Gawd for that.
  2. Cruzer

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    And many thanks to WW - another great weekend scoreboard, awesome as always.
  3. Cruzer

    Love and Rockets

    Great song, but never did much else.
  4. Cruzer

    Good Morning

    GM Mike - is it wrong that I my order Rueben sandwiches on regular bread? I just hate Rye. Please advise.
  5. Cruzer

    Good Morning

    Got 27 in Saturday.......18 y-day.. I did it for you!
  6. Cruzer

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    This team is (currently) in great Cap shape - with a (projected) total of about $54m to play with in 2019. However, as we know - that number is subject to change any day now... Tank was Franchised the other day, whether or not he accepts, we will see... Dak, Zeke and Amari are all currently under contract and (technically) Dallas doesn't have to worry about them for a year or so still... But we all know Jerry is senile and we all know that this team could fock it all up at the drop of a hat... I have a sinking, sickening feeling that Jerry is about repeat the same mistake he's made many times over - over investing in offensive bells and whistles... There's and iceberg out there coming, and Jerry is headed for it full steam if he's not careful. * Dak, Zeke and Cooper are all going to be due around the same time - you gonna pay all of them? * You can not win with 30% of your Cap tied up in your backfield - and Jerry is headed there. * Dak is not an elite qb - and you simply can't pay him like one either. To give him $30m+ a year and have him for the next 10 years is a death sentence. * You do not pay RBs, ever - not in today's game. And by the time Zeke is up, he will have damn near 1500 carries - which is the cliff for RBs in this league. * Eventually Vander Esch and Jaylon are gonna be due - you gonna pay them too? I'd damn sure rather pay them than Zeke.
  7. Cruzer

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    Congrats LOD - well done.
  8. Cruzer

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    Cruzer in Spanish translates to: Titanic
  9. Cruzer

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    I'm about to collapse like a Jenga game.
  10. Cruzer

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    Remaining Field who made cut. Boy, the late push to move the Cut to -1 bailed a lot of folks out - it was gonna be a small weekend field had not.
  11. Cruzer

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    Rory just one-arm chunk focked a 4-iron 235 yards to about 10 feet.
  12. Cruzer

    Edex Cup IV - The Players - TEAMS

    Agreed, I looked at him too..... Then I saw he's barely made any cuts at all - figures.
  13. Cruzer

    K Hunt gets 8 games!!

    I was thinking anything over 6 games was just - fair pop.
  14. Cruzer

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Somebody in that Jones Clown Camp needs to be on the phone to Jordy Nelson.