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  1. Cruzer

    It Was 50 Years Ago Today ...

    70's CCD here.....let me tell ya, those nuns didn't fock around.
  2. Cruzer

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    The basic set for today's game has basically morphed into a 3 wr set... Which is somewhat a contradiction for this team bcoz Garrett's culture is still stuck in the 90's. Red still believes you win championships with 2 TE, 1 FB offenses. Nonetheless, this team needed another WR. Witten is back but let's face it, he's also 95 football years old. And somebody has to fill the role for Beasley being gone. I love Amari and I love Gallup - but another piece was needed... If it fails, no harm - he's on a 1 year deal anyway.
  3. I've the luck of a 3-legged dog - really only 3 people.
  4. Cruzer

    Greatest Red Heads of All Time

    Lynn Gilmartin
  5. Cruzer


    Happy b-day to a fellow Cowboys sufferer.
  6. Cruzer

    Twitter was founded 13 years ago today...

    It could disappear 2moro and I'd never miss it - never use or check it.
  7. Cruzer

    Ichiro - hangs it up.

    Ichiro was 28 when he got his 1st MLB hit.
  8. Cruzer

    Ichiro - hangs it up.

    Ichiro announced his retirement today...... A total class act and a sure fire 1st ballot HOF'er. Ichiro's all time hit total (including Japan) - 4367..... Pete Rose - 4256. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/03/21/seattle-mariners-ichiro-suzuki-retires
  9. Cruzer

    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    No idea if Tarantino is overrated, I'm assuming he is........... But for sure his movies aren't my thing. I'll pass.
  10. Cruzer

    Aunt Becky done focked up

    No - the biggest flaw of humanity is Greed............. corruption is simply a byproduct of that.
  11. Why stop here? Mizzou should ban Federal Taxes too. More money for guns and blasting stuff. :anarchydeadahead: