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  1. crackattack

    NCAA Hoops '18-'19

    Purdue's been on fire lately. Playing for a share of first today. Big win by IU last night.
  2. crackattack

    Mmford and sons

  3. crackattack

    Who are you rooting for and why?

    Rams. Like Sean Mcvay. I think he'd be the youngest head coach to win the SB. Not rooting against the Patriots. Wouldn't mind seeing Brady winning his 6th either. He's the goat. I'm just hoping for a great game. Youth vs Age. Enjoy the game
  4. crackattack

    Pharmacists= pill counters.

    That's dr's and typically the directors of the pharmacy. Not your everyday Walgreens pharmacist.
  5. Well, this act of racism did occur. The cop was racist. How can he do his job effectively and fair when he has a clear bias against blacks and possibly other minorities? What does this cops blatant racism while on the job have to do with the "msm"?
  6. crackattack

    Pharmacists= pill counters.

    Hospital pharmacists rarely mix iv's. That's a tech job. To your second point, I'm telling you guys, you wouldn't want that. but as I've said, to each their own.
  7. crackattack

    Pharmacists= pill counters.

    Also, a few years back, there was talk of creating pharmacists assistant. Or something like that. It would've been a degreed job. Maybe a bachelor degree. Where the "assistant" (or whatever it was called) could legally do a lot of the pharmacist work unsupervised. This was due to a national shortage of pharmacists. Not sure what happened with that.
  8. crackattack

    Pharmacists= pill counters.

    I don't think you're completely wrong. Yes, techs can do some of that. Yes techs can read some of the alerts. Where I think you're short sighted is with deciphering the necessary info. Or knowing if there's better/cheaper alternative meds to treat the pt with. 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation antibiotics for example. Can/should pt's recieve a higher dose and so on. Not all interactions are created equal. Some sensitivities are ok. Absorption rates, toxicity, drug excretion through the kidneys, etc. I'm not leaving those decisions up to a tech. Idk pharmacist do more then most people realize. To each their own.
  9. crackattack

    Pharmacists= pill counters.

    Also, do you want a person with a high school diploma trying to read and evaluate drug interactions, dosing information, possible allergic reactions, sensitivity to certain medications, counter indications, etc.
  10. crackattack

    Pharmacists= pill counters.

    You can request to speak with a pharmacist at any time. You as a patient/customer have that right.
  11. crackattack

    Pharmacists= pill counters.

    Adverse reactions. Compatibility with other drugs. They always (or supposed too) double check you're recieving proper dosing. Hell, sometimes the doctors will tell the pharmacist to dose the patient. Patient education. That's just a small example of retail pharmacists. Hospital based pharmacists do a lot more behind the scenes. Inpatient pharmacists do most of a patient's dosing of antibiotics, blood thinners, etc. They review lab work and adjust accordingly. They make rounds with Dr's and advise what meds would work best against certain bacterial infections. They really do a ton behind the scenes. Pharm D's are extremely knowledgeable individuals. Almost all students leaving pharmacy schools are Pharm D's. Smart people.
  12. crackattack

    yay we can kill babies up until birth now

    that's why I'm not getting into that conversation. I haven't read enough or researched the topic well enough to comment.
  13. crackattack

    yay we can kill babies up until birth now

    I'm not touching the "harvesting/selling" stuff. I was solely talking late term abortions. I find that sickening unless the mothers life is at risk.
  14. crackattack

    yay we can kill babies up until birth now

    Unless mothers life is in danger, late 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions bother me. If they can decide after the child is born, that's bothersome. What type of "deformities" or "mental" issues are they referring too? That's a pretty wide net. I'm seriously asking. Not being a smart azz.
  15. crackattack

    yay we can kill babies up until birth now

    I'm pro choice to a certain week/trimester, but this is sick.