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  1. crackattack

    New Zealand Shooting

    He only mentioned Trump's immigration policies if I remember correctly. He was motivated because of European attacks by Muslim terrorists. He hates conservative capitalism/policies. His ideal government was China. He'd be considered an anti Trumper outside his immigration policies.
  2. crackattack

    Padma Lakschmi

  3. crackattack

    I need expert help from everyone here

    Tater tots
  4. crackattack

    Anti-Vaxxers - Do we have any here?

    Anti-Vaxxers should also be anti-breeders. I put them on par with flat earthers.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me. The media is entrenched into certain camps. They have financial gains dependent upon the outcomes/keeping viewership. color me not shocked if true.
  6. crackattack

    Harper and Machado, what gives?

    The Tribe have 4 guys that could be an Ace. Kluber, Carrasco, Bauer, and Clevenger. Before you laugh, all 4 had sub .338 era. 2 of them were in the 2 era range. That's 4 legit 1's on a staff.
  7. crackattack

    Harper and Machado, what gives?

    Didn't Machado's contract have opt outs after 5 years? Or something like that. Phillies are on the hook until Harper is 39-40 y/o. Fock that.
  8. crackattack

    Official Vietnam Summit Melt Thread

    Agree. Orange Man did good 👍
  9. crackattack

    What's your current 40 time?

  10. crackattack

    Favorite band from the "Grunge" era / scene?

    Pearl Jam Nirvana Soundgarden Alice in Chains Smashing Pumpkins Mudhoney Candle box (sorta grunge sorta hair band) Screaming Trees Mother love bone Great time for music. Killed the horrible hair band era.
  11. crackattack

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Cleveland wins AL Central. Bounced in first round. **trades pending. Could update.
  12. crackattack

    NCAA Hoops '18-'19

    Purdue's been on fire lately. Playing for a share of first today. Big win by IU last night.
  13. crackattack

    Mmford and sons

  14. crackattack

    Who are you rooting for and why?

    Rams. Like Sean Mcvay. I think he'd be the youngest head coach to win the SB. Not rooting against the Patriots. Wouldn't mind seeing Brady winning his 6th either. He's the goat. I'm just hoping for a great game. Youth vs Age. Enjoy the game