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  1. The way the Daily Mail worded the headline for the story of that Facebook message Cindy McCain received kind of sounds like Trump wrote it, if you read it fast. There's lots of people in the comments horrified he did that.
  2. "And then there were the pranks: the remote-controlled cockroach in the kitchen, the "Psycho"-style scares in the shower. One time, according to a friend, Beto collected an especially verdant turd from one of their kids’ diapers and put it in a bowl, telling Amy it was avocado. (Neither would confirm this, though Beto did allow it sounded like something he’d do.)" WaPo This is "zany." I don't mind practical jokes but choose wisely. Having my husband startle me in the shower..don't even need Psycho in mind for that to be super unpleasant, and the **** thing would be revolting. The cockroach is fine.
  3. I didn't look over the post with the thought 'where can I put a bigger word?' That's unwanted if it comes across like that. Usually when I edit it's for the opposite effect. I'm not someone who's ever personally impressed by a display of vocabulary if there isn't clarity. Good vocab and clear thought > plainly stated but so plain you can't express much nuance of thought >>> good vocab used to form unclear thought.
  4. Fine, you can have your electric fulmination back
  5. I can understand the criticisms of me writing in a cumbersome manner. It is good to be as clear as possible and not lose any intended meaning. No upside of being unnecessarily complicated. I've never thought that about cbfalcon's posts though.
  6. For the most part, no. I just started rewording it in a plain talking manner, and it was trickier to deliver the nuance.
  7. There's probably some respect for unabashed hardliners by progressives. They're of the same dogmatic, censerous spirit, just looking for a different outcome. It just takes being in a socially acceptable class for receiving deference for that to manifest. My guess at least. But more significantly, I think it makes people uneasy to displease adherants of a religion that has active terrorists appealing to it. There's a fundamental respect, there's also fear.
  8. Wow. And I wasn't drinking and I thought iam90sbaby mentioned Booker at the end of his post by auto-correct mistake. Almost said something about it. I actually meant you. Since you'd been supporting an awful candidate that I'd actually vote for you over.
  9. The former, if it was only between the two of them. Wouldn't vote for cb otherwise (well at least i'd need to see his platform first, and now this sounds dirty).
  10. I'd actually vote for cb before Beto, by magnitude of a million. Hopefully that says something. Plus the hot thing wouldn't be totally fake news.
  11. In his announcement video he said “We are truly now more than ever the last great hope of Earth." Little cringeworthy, esp. the way he delivered the line. He seems as loony as Warren, et al. Klobuchar is down to earth, although known to eat her salad with a comb. Resourceful. Good kind of weird 😁
  12. He seems weird foremost. I don't understand the 'hot' thing. The first time I've seen him speak more than a few words (ie., not media clips), granted, was watching his announcement video. He seems painfully phony. Some it-turned-out phony people have gotten by my radar before, so I don't think I'm great at discerning who's phony necessarily, yet for even me, it's like there's blinking neon lights around him saying "I'm full of s***." Side note: I really don't like right leaning men who, in blanket terms, take issue with women who do anything outside of a traditional gender role. But oddly, left of center men like Bernie and possibly this guy, who give lip service to progressive feminist ideals, seem in action to actually be worse in how they use women. Opportunists. Get supported by them, while being mothered by them, and try to ascend to roles they don't have much substance for. The candidate who has the best actual record of getting things done, capturing bipartisan support, and you can tell... actually knows plenty of real world ins and outs of things, is Amy Klobuchar. She's the most sturdy seeming, which dudes would tend to be more. But progressive men often just have this lack of steadiness to them. Hopefully time makes this really visible to people.
  13. naomi

    Refusing to Apologize - We Need More of This

    Titans is describing shock factor joking, which is usually easy to discern. Sounds like Carlson was dryly sharing his actual condescending and careless sentiments in a way to be amusing but also present an actual viewpoint. I wouldn't assume Titans wants to inflict harm on his wife if I heard his conversation. I hear Carlson as a little punk dispensing his viewpoint. More power to him, the public can just take notes. Some will like him more for it, some will dislike his character, deservingly.
  14. naomi

    Refusing to Apologize - We Need More of This

    Crowder > Tucker Both hold some traditional viewpoints that are now controversial, but character wise, the former is a gentleman at the same time. I agree he shouldn't apologize if he's not sorry/doesn't want to. But I do think he's a bit of an a-hole now, and I was neutral before/haven't watched his show enough to have a deeper impression.
  15. naomi

    Is this wrong?

    One more https://twitter.com/AstroAnnimal/status/1102625748521762816?s=20