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  1. naomi

    New Music I can't stop listening to - PART 2

    Surprised that I liked this, and I've since been "discovering" Lady Gaga The style she's doing in her latest album..
  2. naomi

    Cool stuff on Netflix.

    Murder Mountain about the darkest (well hopefully it's the darkest) side of the marijuana industry in Humboldt Co. California is pretty engrossing. Bonus of beautiful haunting scenery beautifully captured.
  3. I read the article and didn't find it as 'woe is me' as expected. She seems like a genuinely nice person (sensitive but also sensitive to others) but she is focused on anti-fat shaming and people being aware of their privilege. She's apparently gun shy with men now. It would be cool if she met a guy who genuinely liked her and who was thoughtful but just didn't go along with the sentiments you're supposed to express to be in solidarity with that stuff. MDC, she mentions that kind of stuff on Twitter.
  4. naomi

    New Bored question #2 Dark theme???

    Could we do that before?
  5. I like bandrus but this made me actually LOL. Congrats frozenbeernuts! Thanks as always for doing this Bill
  6. naomi

    Religious guys... How fervent are you?

    The message you get from the Bible regarding fervency is more about the inner man. Praying and fervency go hand in hand. Not ritualistically praying a set prayer, but communion with your Lord. Earnest communication from the heart. Not doing good deeds for it to be known of man. Jesus rebuked the outward motions of the Pharisees as self-righteous/self-justifying, hence why we say things are Pharisaical when they're legalistically motivated and often hypocritical. The model for the "assembly" as laid out in the Book of Acts is not encouraging of grand worshipfullness as somehow equaling holiness, rather it's possible "where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." So assembly wise and the blessings associated with that, that could be a homeless fort under a bridge. How fervent you are starts and ends with where your heart's affections are. You could be in the grand holy looking place going through all the ins and outs and pretty inside, but you're getting your perceived attendance points.
  7. naomi

    Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson?

    It's clear they're dating now. Not sure about her choice but at least Kate Beckinsale is funny
  8. naomi

    My kitteh died today :(

    Surrender date postponed to 2/16... Fate giving you a little more time to embrace the idea of new kittehs! pic pic
  9. I had that thought too but I think because she references helping someone enduring a long illness when she was young, and going the career path she did in part out of wanting to help people, and ends with the fact this is going to make her selfishly happy...and she talks about "coming home" to her dad...the most profound thing in her whole life was losing her dad. It mattered, nothing else had mattered. Nothing in this life seemed to have the ability to move her. Success wasn't sweet, nothing was sweet. Momentarily sweet sure, sensually gratifying, but not worth all the deeper..nothing here. Sounds like she was depressive in that really stoic way people sometimes can be, and missed her dad a lot. It was basically the sensible choice, in that vacuum. It's hard not to project. I would absolutely hate a really urban lifestyle, its soul sucking to me, so it makes me wonder if she didn't ever experience enough of an alternative to it, to feel more alive. Struggling for 10 years with writing that letter though, she must have thought about a different setting herself and reckoned it wouldn't change her. As for hanging, just me speculating, but I think it shows some resentment, not at any person or situation on earth, but it's like a message to the fact/the objective reality itself of you having to have been here. You're taking control now and you're done. Didn't will yourself in here, hung in (pun definetely not intended) for a while though, and resent that hassle.
  10. naomi

    My kitteh died today :(

    I just thought strike was teasing me? They're not my cats. I could see Sux making a great cat dad to them though. They could use that before Feb. 2nd rolls around.
  11. naomi

    My kitteh died today :(

    Let me try to change this Two middle-aged adult male tabbies. Cricket (he has a little crick in his tail) and Cowboy. They do mean something to me (belong to another family member) but I can't home them. They're slated to be surrendered (I think either the Bradshaw shelter or SPCA) on February 2nd, and the plan B notification if no one has taken them after a certain point won't be opted for. We've discussed local rescues and for whatever reason, that's not the plan. They're both healthy and youtube friendly. Cricket is a love sponge. Cowboy is independent and he seems like the critic who wants to observe and not participate but he winds up enjoying affection too, just tries not to show it. They rough house to some degree together, been buddies since right after kitten stage I believe, never really spent time outdoors.
  12. naomi

    FOCK... being force transferred again.

    The most beautiful dusk sky I've ever seen was in the Albuquerque area. But I imagine there's not too much of a middle class feel there. Just people with money in their enclaves, and then communities defined by substance and state dependence. Could be wrong, I just bet the middle class areas have slowly faded into the latter. Even if you have money, being relegated to enclaves is a little dispiriting.
  13. Yeah, it's almost like there was some transaction that took place.. If you want to understand Levitical law which was peculiar and completely interactive with present law in the context it was delivered, I can link a good audio series on that. And it just takes direct rational understanding, not twisty interpretation. The law was also basically impossible to meet and is repeatedly referred to as a schoolmaster, showing that man doesn't measure up, but even more importantly, that he cannot. Isaiah 17 (OT) Bible passage in my sig (NT)