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  1. listen2me 23

    First Round NFL Mock?

    I dont see how acting like taking Murray is driving up the price? If they are willing to trade with Oakland then it is pretty obvious what they would be doing. And it isnt simple to tell Josh Rosen that. He had a big personality and is already said to be lackluster in prep for a QB and a loner among teammates. You dont bring in a guy like Kliff at head coach then strap him with a guy that is nothing like what he wants all while basically bashing Rosen in the process. That would be stupid and setting your coach up for failure.
  2. listen2me 23

    First Round NFL Mock?

    Cards are taking Murray point blank. Kings said he wanted him a while ago. Now he has the chance. New coach. His QB. It is said Rosen doesnt prep like a true NFL QB. Rosen will hear for months how they want to trade him. You think after all that they are just going to be like "hey josh you are actually our guy. We were just kidding about not wanting you after we just drafted you last year. Hope you understand!"
  3. listen2me 23

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    I can agree that there are a few formulas these days and it isnt just find an elite QB at all costs. But dont spin it into acting like grabbing a RB at #2 before you have ANYTHING else is a good formula. Hey maybe it will all work out for them. But most people agree that RB is one of the least important positions on the field in todays game. Or at least easiest to plug and play behind a quality line.
  4. listen2me 23

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Well they resigned Tavon Austin who is basically a similar player to Cobb at this point. Im not doubting that Beasley leaving left a void in the slot. But they have ample amount of depth. Perhaps it was a passing though but from your first post I gathered that you were afraid they would go WR with their 2nd rounder. I just dont see thr big need I guess. There certainly is little risk. But just funny that they needed a safety but couldnt pay one but find a 1 year deal for maybe a slightly better Tavon Austin who was much cheaper. Amari Gallup Hurns Austin Cobb. Seems crowded to me....especially for a team who wants to run the ball. Overkill.
  5. listen2me 23

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    I guess Im not understanding why WR is thought of as a need? They just traded a 1st for Amari. Spent what a 3rd pn Gallup? And have Hurns. I know they needed more of a slot guy. But really WR didnt aeem like a real need. I HIGHLY doubt WR was in play with their 1st pick. If WR IS that big of a need....a 1 year deal for a guy who probably play half the games doesnt seem like a fix.
  6. listen2me 23

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Washed up is a strong phrase. But have you followed his career? He is certainly on the down side of his career and is one of the more injury prone WRs out there.
  7. listen2me 23

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Cobb is the oldest 28 year old in the league. Wish him well. Was happy when they drafted him. He gave some good years. Good guy. Good worker. He will never play 100%. Even when on the field he will be 80%. Guy cannot stay healthy. At decent health he is an okay WR. He has no legs left. Hes a right spot right time kind of guy.
  8. listen2me 23

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    Dolphins should try to trade Reshad Jones for picks.
  9. listen2me 23

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    I doubt they brought in Fitz with any illusions of doing anything this year. He is the perfect QB to call on for a forgotten season of rebuild.
  10. listen2me 23

    The Free Agency Thread

    Cobb to Dallas. 1 year 5 mill.
  11. listen2me 23

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    Grinding to .500 each year doesnt work either. Josh Allen at 7 was the Bills highest picked QB ever. I believe Kelly was 13. EJ Manuel 16th. Each year the Bills were handing out contracts like they were a player or 2 away from anything. No one said tanking is a magic pill that cures all (sometimes it does). You are not getting what I am saying at all. I think we agree actually. What do you think I mean when I say tank? You seriously are excited for a possible 8 win team under Fitz? Lol you sound like delusional Bills fans.
  12. listen2me 23

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    It isnt tanking for Tua. It is tanking for a top draft pick and a little more control. A restart. Hey they could draft one this year at 13 if they really like one that is left. There are probably 3 QBs next year that very well could be rated higher than Haskins is right now. But a lot changes from now until bowl season next year. Tua is not an Andrew Luck. But I think he can be very good. Also to the guy who posted "its alabama they have all the talent" please stop. Tua is a very good prospect. Maybe he is a little overrated by some. I dont think anyone is acting like he is Luck coming out of college. The Dolphins have zero chance this year. Tear it down. Suck. And restart. Fighting to 6-9 wins each and every year is how you end up mediore for 2 decades. Ask Buffalo. They do it every year.
  13. listen2me 23

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    It isnt even tanking for any guys in paticular. But they fight tooth and nail to mid 1st pick (13th this year) with one of thr worst rosters and QB situations in thr league. At some point you just need to suck. Not sure if there is smoke here but maybe Haskins is gettable (if they like him) this year. Seems like Giants font want him.
  14. listen2me 23

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    You have to go backwards to go forwards in sports these days. Dolphins are much like the Bills. Never good but never bad enough. Looks like this year they may be doing a proper tank.
  15. listen2me 23

    LeBron is a focking loser

    Id be lying if I told you I have watched more than 5 total minutes of NBA basketball this year.