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  1. listen2me 23

    Broncos trading for Flacco

    Not sure. You touted 5'11 Tyrod Taylor during the offseason. So not sure where you stand. Point is, when the first thing you mention on a QB is his arm its usually a bad thing. Rodgers Wilson Brees are not tall and have been 3 of the elite QBs in thr last several years. Name a good QB who wasnt accurate? Ill wait.
  2. listen2me 23

    Broncos trading for Flacco

    Lock sucks so it wouldnt shock me. Elway has this idea that if you have a big arm or are tall you will be good.
  3. Ive hit a deer direct on and killed the deer 2 times. Both times broke windshield/headlight/hood damage. Ive went into a grassy median after trying to miss one and losing control of my vehicle. Just last november I swiped one going 35, it took out a headlight with its azz end fell into the snow and got up and ran away. That was a first. Many other times ive just missed them. Ive ran over a big buck that was already dead laying on the road.
  4. Have you ever hit a deer with your car? Serious question. Actually who here has hit deer on the road? Can we get a tally.
  5. As opposed to walking your squishy azz into a market and buying mass produced animal meat. Riiiight...
  6. Hunting is good. I dont really have a problem with this. Highly against poaching and not a fan of this being endangered and what not. But if Pakistan doesnt care about protecting an animal like this then I guess I shouldnt care. If he paid 100k and did it legally then who cares really? I wouldnt be cool with the US just letting people hunt endangered species. But hey it is the middle east.
  7. listen2me 23

    Broncos trading for Flacco

    I think this more so means they will skip out on this year (perhaps arent thrilled with any) and take one next year in a stacked class. Your post makes sense but you are still out a 4th for no real reason. It isnt like Flacco is a guy with upside. If they draft one this year they basically lost out on dead money by cutting Keenum just to give a 4th for another place holder/stop gap qb. I mean if you think Flacco has a chance to finally be a good QB at age 34 coming off injury then I guess good move. But to me thats eishful thinking.
  8. listen2me 23

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver

    It isnt a good class but not sure if it is historically bad. Haskins has potential and certainly delivered in big games for Ohio St. I mean I have been against thr college systems that produce huge stats with small QBs. But I give on that. Game has changed a ton. Murray could be really good with a good coach. Dont like Lock or Jones but they are 2nd round type talents who may get pushed up the board by QB needy teams. EJ Manuel draft was pretty bad off recent memory. He was 1st QB taken at 16.
  9. listen2me 23

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver

    Probably but not by a ton. I figured they would just keep Keenum and draft one. Or if they dont like this years class ride Keenum to top 5 and pick one on next years stacked class. They signed a career backup in Keenum to start. Failed bad. So the following year they go trade for a crappy vet QB.
  10. listen2me 23

    Broncos trading for Flacco

    Dont understand the move for Denver.
  11. listen2me 23

    Joe Flacco traded to Denver

    I hear for a mid round pick. Probably a 4th, Denver has 2. Dont understand the move for Denver.
  12. listen2me 23

    MDC, you were right

    No. I didnt say that. In Pizza's true form it IS practical and basically fast food. You grab a slice from some where. You order a pizza for a kids sports banquet. You say kids grab a slice. Not "here is your fork" " do you need a knife?" Like I said before, not saying it cant be "good". But it really isnt even pizza. So to compare your casserole to pizza is like apples to oranges.
  13. listen2me 23

    MDC, you were right

    Deep dish is basically a casserole. Im not saying it cant be tasty. Im just saying that it isnt pizza and isnt very practical. You basically have to go sit down and use a fork. Sorry it isnt pizza.
  14. listen2me 23

    Looks like Hunt goes to the Browns.

    Not disagreeing totally. But when it is for 1 year 1 mill then I ask...why not? Duke hunt and chubb combined will make much less than Todd Gurley will next year and Gurley isnt the best RB on his own team apparently. Signing Hunt to a 1 year deal is less risky than signing any of these RBs like DJ Bell or Gurley to huge deals . Maybe they trade him as his suspension is almost up to a team who had a RB go down. Either way point is it is hardly any risk for the type of talent you may uncover or be able to trade.
  15. listen2me 23

    Looks like Hunt goes to the Browns.

    What PR blunder? Have you guys watched the NFL? They inducted a guy who killed a man not too long ago. Teams draft Tyreek Hills each year. What distraction?