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  1. joneo

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Holy crap are you dumb. Do you not understand what double or nothing means?
  2. Fine, Trump won, get over it.
  3. President Hillary Clinton?.... NOPE, she lost buddy, get over it.
  4. joneo

    What caused Funny Picture thread lock?

    I didn't post any pictures in the thread.
  5. What you going to do? I think, I will stay with you....for awhile, maybe longer if I do
  6. joneo

    Public Shaming

    I know it's not election night but still, he was pretty funny making an ass of himself.
  7. joneo

    The Dodge Demon

    Paging BLS.....BLS. Don't buy this nor test drive it!
  8. Trump's fault. orange man bad.
  9. joneo

    Friendly reminder to all the haters

    And he's not impeached like the left promised he would be.
  10. Are you going to partake or be an observer?
  11. If so, who do you recommend and why? I have a rookie Jordan I'm thinking of getting graded.
  12. joneo

    Rescue dog aces the obstacle course

    That's awesome.
  13. Did you look at the title of the thread? I openly asked the question who has the ability to delete threads. As i ...I DON'T KNOW!! How can I distinguish it was a lie What's your issue dude? Did I piss you off somewhere down the line? Feelings got hurt??