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  1. MTSkiBum

    Fred Arborgast wheedler

    You haven't been posting much. I need another lightweight reel and was debating whether I could be a hypocrite or not. They did not have any daiwa bg in stock and I almost went with a penn battle. I held off though. Heading out tomorrow for speckled trout, sheepshead, and red fish. My freezer is empty and I bought grocery store fish last weekend 😠
  2. MTSkiBum

    National Emergency

    Fine, I will bite. You have quoted him 3 times on this page alone, I do not think you can call him out for following you around.
  3. MTSkiBum

    National Emergency

    8 billion for 234 miles of border wall. They are most likely building in the easy to build areas first, ie they are not building in the middle of nowhere. This puts the total cost of the wall at a minimum of 64 billion, but most likely they are still underestimating the cost by a factor or so. It is one thing to say 5 billion or even 8 billion for parts of a wall, but 65-150+ billion for the complete wall and you are starting to talk real money.
  4. MTSkiBum

    National Emergency

    I have no strong opinion on this either way.
  5. If I am ever rich enough to go on an Alaskan fishing trip, northern Canada northern pike fishing trip or something similar i hope people do not rip into me. The pictures I post online for my hypothetical fishing trip will almost certainly be a look at me, however I would still have alot of fun on that trip.
  6. She is an actress on Legion I believe. Some of those pictures are from the TV show.
  7. I understand why many people think this is wrong, but on the other hand I grew up where hunting was the fall activity. There were many years I spent 40+ days in the field for deer, waterfowl, upland, antelope, elk, etc. As long as the meat was eaten I do not see what the issue is. I think this benefits the local community and the government at the expense of the hunter.
  8. MTSkiBum


    I will be back if the majority owners return. If there is a major overhaul of owners I will probably bail. Eventually I hope to cut down the number of leagues that I am in, I barely pay attention to football anymore. I will not be the person to quit any of them though, I will keep half assing it as long as the leagues have me.
  9. MTSkiBum

    My Post Count Went Way Down

    I am not sure what my post count was before, although mine seems about right.
  10. Let he without sin throw the first stone, haven't we all had a face tattoo or two that we have regertted.
  11. MTSkiBum

    Evo No 6

    A necklace ??? Come on man.
  12. MTSkiBum

    Toyota Sequoia, 4runner, Tacoma under $10k

    I had an old tundra(2001), same transmission and engine as the Sequoia. Awful gas mileage, terrible acceleration, worst brakes ever, and towed significantly worse than my wife's old Acura MDX(2008). I love old Toyotas, but the problem is so does everyone else. They no longer provide the value they once did. The cost of these high mileage, 20 year old vehicles is ridiculous. I think you get a better deal buying something else for cheaper even if it means higher repair cost. Saying all that, have you looked into an fj cruiser? They may be cheaper than a 4runner?
  13. MTSkiBum

    Home Budgeting...

    It is easy to let spending out of hand as salary rises. My wife and I need to start budgeting, we are good for long term(401k) but our short term savings is lower than it was 2 years ago. We have been withdrawing without putting anything in.
  14. MTSkiBum

    Grammys Thread

  15. MTSkiBum


    No story posted?