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  1. Filthy Fernadez

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    It depends. At Longhorn's I'll do ranch. At other places, I'll do ranch and honey mustard mixed.
  2. Filthy Fernadez

    Nancy blinked: 5.7 for Wall............developing.

    In case anyone thought signing the spending bill hamstrung the President on building an actual wall or actually enforcing our immigration laws, think again. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-by-the-president-28/ The restrictions he agreed to on the barrier only apply to the 1.3 billion. All other funds are free from restriction. Same with other funds. Again, I ask why are Chuck and Nancy trying to get the better of him after all these beatings he's thrown them?
  3. Filthy Fernadez

    Quoting Ann Coulter today of all people

    No but that info explains his 'short eyes'
  4. Filthy Fernadez

    So when do we collect the check from mexico?

    Guy creates topic telling us we're wasting our lives posting useless sh!t. "I'll try 'More Liberal Projection' for $1,000 Alex"
  5. Filthy Fernadez

    Manafort: 19-24 years + $24mil

    Who did he work with while Hillary was Secretary of State? https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/10/24/stunning-tucker-carlson-reveal-paul-manafort-worked-for-podesta-group/ That not what you were looking for wiff? Can you give us an explanation for that? Which is more likely; Manafort being hunted for something that occurred in his 3-4 weeks as Trump Campaign Manager or his years working for the WITCH?
  6. Filthy Fernadez

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/02/17/i-doubted-jussie-smollett-it-breaks-my-heart-that-i-might-be-right/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.a62ad00928dd Washington Post just spent $5 million for their Superbowl ad trying to boost the public's view of them and they write 'they're sad this story about Smollett was a hoax?' Are they really that ignorant to how that makes them appear?
  7. Filthy Fernadez

    Quoting Ann Coulter today of all people

    Hey Ann, why the long face?
  8. Filthy Fernadez

    This is what will most likely kill the National emergency

    Poor wiff must feel so conflicted about keeping POC out of the country; his hatred of Trump versus his unparalleled racism.
  9. Filthy Fernadez

    Good Morning

    Morning Mike....... On this day in FF history, a turd the size of the Bismark is brewing. When it breaches I may have some dignitary strike it with a bottle of champagne.
  10. Filthy Fernadez

    Lure transformation

    The spinner I'm thinking about is similar to one on the 'Tiny Torpedo'
  11. Filthy Fernadez

    Nancy blinked: 5.7 for Wall............developing.

    They are certainly not taking an effort to hide it much anymore. Is this part of Trump's plan? To expose them and make them reveal their true intentions/nature? Exposing their racism, murdering babies that have been born, unchecked immigration to make sure their voting populace stays up.........
  12. Filthy Fernadez

    Lure transformation

    I'd add another treble hook to the tail. Maybe with a spinner or something.
  13. Filthy Fernadez

    Don Cheadle....loves hisself sum trannies

    How long before these liberal snowflakes start criticizing the FDA for being insensitive by calling 'trans-fat' bad?