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  1. nospk

    Am I high or is that a tiger?

    Looks like a young cougar with big t!ts
  2. nospk

    Guess the Geek, FL edition

    Any pics of the guy? The dog looks awful angry
  3. No way their names are Best and Worster
  4. nospk

    Were any of you into disco

    Did you ever find out who the father of your kid is?
  5. nospk

    Were any of you into disco

    Some guys like hot chicks some don’t
  6. nospk

    Were any of you into disco

    Nailed it Disco sucks
  7. nospk

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    Boxes are 3 dimensional, squares are 2D. HTH
  8. nospk

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    Good lip sync too
  9. nospk

    It is a Sad Time to be a Steelers Fan

    Your act is like you are. Old, tiresome and smells bad
  10. bigot (plural bigots) One who is narrow-mindedly devoted to their own ideas and groups, and intolerant of (people of) differing ideas, races, genders, religions, politics, etc.
  11. nospk

    New muslim congresswoman on trump

    Do you know anything about her? Maybe her name at least? Wondering why you would be concerned and asking for an excuse. Will her term affect you personally somehow or are you just being a wise guy?
  12. nospk

    Friend has decided to drink himself to death.

    What a waste of your life. Very sad to hear about. If it was an animal it would be rescued.
  13. nospk

    $1.5 B lottery ticket still unclaimed

    Is anyone here really good at forgery? As in a professional
  14. nospk

    **Official 2018 championship week thread**

    Foles to Sproles
  15. If I use the abbreviation HT is it disrespectful? I hope so