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    I've been following this soap opera all day on Twitter. I don't want any part of this clown, talent notwithstanding. The Raiders are in rebuild mode, which is embarrassing enough. Spending precious early round draft picks on a 31 year old WR, whdn you're in the middle of said rebuild, just screams of incompetence. Stick to the process, stay with the rebuild. This is a move teams make when they are one or two players away. The Raiders need almost an entire new defense. We're sort of like the poor kid at Christmas, who wants the shiny new fire truck, but really needs pajamas and a new pair of socks. Right now Mr. Big Check needs to take his act to Buffalo and like it, lest he be forced to pay back his signing bonus.
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    HiBig Guy, agree 100%. Everything- Canadians in cabs getting crabs, baseball, golf - all of it. My 'goto' used to be any cooking show with Nigella Lawson. (Busty Brit Beauty) And even though she'd be Buffalo Bills' first choice to skin, Nigella does something for me Plus her voice just - works. Great napping. Besides, when I wake up I am more than ready to Rodger the mrs. Which seeing as how I'm single, annoys my neighbor to no end.
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    I briefly scanned the article, but I did see mention of how 40s were glamorized by rap music. How is that racist, then, if the black community was glamoriziing it? Or was it due to Vanilla Ice and Snow behind it all?
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    Dumb. If you like to experience life outside of driving your metal coffins every day to work, it's a great place to live. More culture than any city I've ever been. Mardi Gras is overrated. But the music, food, festivals, and people are what makes it special.
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    That song makes me want to meet a bullet in the middle of my skull.
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    I knew I was getting old when I heard them play “I Used to Love Her” by GNR and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana in one supermarket trip.
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    CNN was caught red handed giving Clinton questions through Donna. This is 100% truth Liberals love to project so here we are with anonymous sources, AGAIN! And you idiots eat it up. How often do you have to be wrong?
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    Pornhub should rename themselves FAPFLIX
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    Hair band is it's own suck genre. Not classic rock
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    Ok...I liked this dumb ass song
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    Listening to a few classics on audio lately. Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, A Raisin in The Sun, The Old Man and The Sea, The Call of the Wild, Of Mice and Men
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    It's a republican run sex trafficking ring organized by and executed by trump. His Russian shadow affiliates own the plazas. Kraft went and a congratulations from trump for winning the supper bowl. Code words were big Mac or fast food The national championship buffet was televised as a public warning to those in the know to be carful that they are being monitored
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    24 years at $24M---that's a heck of a lot more than Harper and Machado are going to get. Who's his agent?
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    Jesus Christ, you got Hilary on the brain. Manafort plead. Which means he plead guilty if you need that explained to you. He plead guilty to specifically enumerated charges. Read the crap that he communicated. He was millions of dollars in the hole to a Russian oligarch and then offered up his position and influence with Trump as a means of repaying the millions of dollars that he couldn't otherwise repay. I mean, Jesus Christ use a little Common Sense. First off, Hillary was investigated about four thousand different times by Trey Gowdy and Company and manafort's name never came up. So, Gowdy and the GOP are part of the deep dark state too? Second, tell me why a guy who is millions of dollars in debt takes an unpaid position. Tell me why the same guy uses that position to create a much softer policy on Russian sanctions when he owes millions of dollars to Russians and ukrainians. Ywah, nothing to see there. Except for the fact that manafort himself admitted it. Is he part of the deep dark state too? Jesus, it's not like manafort went down screaming his innocence and claiming he been framed by Hillary Clinton and podesta and the pedo pizza parlor and Barack Obama and the deep dark state. He admitted it. Because he saw the overwhelming evidence and he said yeah, you got me where's my plea deal? God damn man. You got to at least try to learn something along the way. At least try to use a little common sense.
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    I mean, he caught you blatantly googling places to make yourself seem more cultured and worldly. Gotta give it to him. You got greedy with the verbiage, it happens.
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    LMFAO These worthless piles of sh!t don't deserve higher education
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    Because it was never true.
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    No. Because he's not owned by Wall Street and their free money from the Fed might be in jeopardy.
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    I don't care who you vote for but Hillary never helped Kevin in Home Alone 2 https://www.facebook.com/tyga/videos/10154135026367711/