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    Looks like I'm getting sloppy seconds today.
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    Tomorrow is my 19 year service date.. One more to go
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    No, for the most part, I really don't. But revise away. For the first two, the fear was that Trump would fangirl Putin and Kim and give away the store. He's pretty much done that. I don't remember anybody saying anything much about Trump and Crimea. Except that he would give putin a green light to do anything he wanted. And as for Syria? As I recall, both sides were hoping that Trump wouldn't abandon the Kurds and the Ysidi. And he had to be talked out of that . ------- Ive spoken of this before. This is what you see from televangelist and fox commentators. They start off with a completely bulshit premise but speed through it to get people to nod their head and say "uh huh", and then say anything they want after that based upon a false premise. To wit: "we all know the liberals eat aborted fetuses." MAGuys: "uh-huh." "So why would you possibly trust liberals to..." "Harrumph! Guys got a point!"
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    I prefer weekend morning puss. Smash it, roll back over and go back to sleep.
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    My wife likes the morning wood. I last 5 minutes instead of 4.
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    Well college basketball should follow this example. Give the kids that come from higher income/lower crime neighborhoods a better chance to make the teams.
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    I've recently had old fashioneds too, not too bad, pretty strong though, but I like whiskey.
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    I also have recently fallen in love with old fashioneds. I use a sugar cube and orange bitters. Whiskey selection can be a bit limited here. I use Maker's Mark usually, jack when I'm out of that (I have to get the Maker's Mark delivered.) I read that originally, you used Brandy to make them, not whiskey. Ever tried?
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    Imma gonna go with the Louvre inverted pyramid, for the win.
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    I’m in on this thread. And her vagina
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    It was fun watching Julie try to claim her being an emotional wreck throughout the game was using it to her advantage????
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    That is the obligitory down the dress shot they always do. Gotta love their consistency!
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    If you are a power hitter, I don't know why you wouldn't want to play in the NL Central. Milwaukee, Chicago and Cincy...all band-boxes.
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    You nailed it. Are we to assume only bad teachers teach at bad schools? Absolutely not. The problem with bad schools isn't the teachers or the management, it's the kids...who are a direct reflection of their parents. You can pour endless amounts of money into these schools and it won't matter because the parents don't care.
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    Member when Trump was starting WW3 with Russia? Member when Trump was going to attack North Korea? Member when Trump was going into Crimea? Member when Trump was going into syria? It's crazy how wrong the media is over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.... Again Yet people still believe them. Why? They have done nothing but lied to us for well over 20 years. Hell the last time the media was actually honest with the public was probably, never.
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    One of my biggest problem with these things is nice areas stay nice through hard work. A school is good not because of money, but because parents care. In this article they call that privilege and I'm so sick of that sh1t.
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    I agree, but CNN doesn't go as far as pretend things never happened... they just report that way. Meaning, if it supports they're agenda, they beat it like a dead horse. If it flies in the face of their agenda, they mention it once and never bring it up again.
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    Should have pushed her down and kicked her in that dried up pusssy.
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    I thought you were talking about 20 years at FFToday, this thread sure turned out disappointing