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  1. Mungwater

    Trump steps into North Korea.

    I don’t understand what “legitimizes NK” means, they’re a country with nuclear capabilities and we have had an armistice for about fifty years. What else do you need to be legitimate?
  2. Mungwater

    Geeks who're politically Centrist

    I don’t care enough to even vote, if I don’t live in one of the swing states, it really doesn’t matter
  3. Not trying to troll, and I asked what has ANY president done that impacts you..
  4. No it isn’t, it’s directly a third of the whole thing. Give me one example where, any president any side, had a direct impact on your life?
  5. Militarily-wise, yes, President in the CINC, but to 99% of people, the position is just a commerative coin. What branch were you in?
  6. But that’s Congress, what has any president done, directly, to impact your life?
  7. Exactly, any president doesn’t even have to do anything, just look at the browns odds in Vegas once they got OBJ, he didn’t even play a down yet.
  8. What did trump do to impact that? Nothing, President just executes the laws, he doesn’t create them. It’s solely a figurehead that has nothing to do with anything
  9. So a movement, but what has a president done directly enacted that impacted your life?
  10. That was desantis and the people, not trump. What has a president ever done, directly, that impacts your day to day life?
  11. What impact has any president had on your day to day life?
  12. People need to get a life, both sides, guess how much impact the president has on you? Absolute zero
  13. Mungwater

    Bitcoin to $1 Million

    The same people who thought they could retire on baseball cards and beanie babies..