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  1. Mungwater

    Anne Heche

    I didn’t see it. Sucks someone died, but she isn’t any different than the thousands of druggies that die every day.
  2. Mungwater

    Anne Heche

    It’s interesting, I know she was an actress, and I’ve seen her, but I honestly can’t recall one role that she was in.
  3. Mungwater


    You mean quannel X?
  4. Mungwater

    US to China "Hey, check this out..."

    All politicians are idiots, doesn’t matter anymore, how can anybody not understand that?
  5. No it won’t, most people simply don’t give a
  6. Mungwater

    The Forward party.

    It’s the fringes that ruin the two party system. this will go away, for nothing else but the name. Imagine how annoying SNL is going to be once the first headline of “joe smith (F) Indiana” see they say screw Indiana!
  7. Mungwater

    Support the troops unless...

    If you believe that, I don’t know what to tell you.
  8. Mungwater

    Support the troops unless...

    I also love how every bill will lower prescription and medical costs. ##### clowns just trying to save their jobs.
  9. Mungwater

    Support the troops unless...

    There’s always so many riders on any bill, it’s all just a show now
  10. Mungwater

    Running of the Bulls 2022 - three dead in 24 hours

    Yes, but their Spanish is a little different. I was living in Germany at the time
  11. Mungwater

    Running of the Bulls 2022 - three dead in 24 hours

    I ran with the bulls in 99, it isn’t that bad, they were probably drunk and stupid
  12. It’s a slippery slope once they put fat chicks on the cover
  13. Mungwater

    Massive 21-car pileup in Montana

    What did the other four cars in Montana go?
  14. Mungwater

    Good Morning

    Sure did, it’s only you that I puke on
  15. Mungwater

    Good Morning

    Just got back to the office after meeting skibum.. no anal rapes