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  1. Mungwater

    Beautiful Chicago. black lives matter

    The police brutality has to stop, clearly they roughed her up and that thing on her neck made the dent in the wall
  2. Mungwater

    Armenia vs Azerbaijan

    The easiest issue is part of Azerbaijan is basically on the other side of Armenia. And the port of Baku is the only major port in the capsian sea, everybody in the region wants it
  3. Mungwater

    Armenia vs Azerbaijan

    And the Azeris are the only Muslim country with diplomatic ties to Israel.
  4. Mungwater

    Armenia vs Azerbaijan

    Told you guys years ago it was getting steamy
  5. From it pic it looks like she got stung by bees, can we give her some Benadryl and take it later?
  6. Mungwater

    Secret Of BLM Success

    I think the difference is you don’t have to be involved to support them. with your first two (NRA is laughable), you have to be involved to support them. Everyone hates the KKK except KKK members.
  7. He had to have been drunk, didn’t he send that tweet at like 12:30 at night?
  8. He should have done a double thumbs up to really prove it
  9. Mungwater

    Nikola auto...wow. Anyone following?

    Sounds like that Tucker movie
  10. Mungwater

    Unwinnable Arguments

    Never bench Stephen Davis
  11. Mungwater

    Breona taylor decision

    No she doesn’t, peenie is a good person, she clarified her position.
  12. Back in 2008, there was a thing called “night posters” in Afghanistan. They’d pin posters of you with the appropriate bounty, dead or alive. It’s nothing new
  13. So moron kids acting like morons is a bad take?
  14. Oh give it a rest, kids knew it’s would be a reaction, and they got theirs
  15. They were suspended for being attention hookers, they got their wish