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  1. Mungwater

    Had to put the dog down

    So sorry to hear
  2. Mungwater

    Why are people still hoarding toilet paper?

    And if you don’t believe that, number 12 will shock you!
  3. Mungwater

    How Much Tax Money goes towards "Black Ops"?

    The video game?
  4. Mungwater

    Is there something to this Italian aspect?

    Doesn’t every Italian family have an Adrian telling them to win?
  5. Mungwater

    My dog murphy

    He walked two blocks and went up and down the stairs! So damn happy. I know this sounds stupid, even when I got him my ex said “get that one he’s cute”. You don’t choose a dog they choose you.
  6. Mungwater

    Dropkick Murphys

    Hey, he’s a good boy! Just a little hurt right now, don’t kick him
  7. Mungwater

    My dog murphy

    So he contracted something called ivdd and his legs were paralyzed a bit. But I’m glad to say he’s walking and standing like normal after about a week. keep it going Murph
  8. Mungwater

    I bought a slow cooker today

    I have a traeger, I know some folks say it’s cheating, but I love the ease of it.
  9. Mungwater

    March Madness Cancelled?

    Imagine how funny it would be if there was a breakthrough tomorrow: “March madness is back! Except for the women’s, no one is tuning in for a 56-48 barn burner, they’re still cancelled”
  10. Mungwater

    Popular movies you have never seen

    Die hard
  11. Mungwater

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Don’t worry jerry, I’ll take care of your family.
  12. Mungwater

    NBA to suspend season until further notice

    Does lebron or Giannis win the MVP now?
  13. Mungwater

    March Madness Cancelled?

    Are hookers still good? And you mung does wear no condom and he finishes balls deep
  14. Mungwater

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    They cancelled the rest of the Houston rodeo today.