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  1. Mungwater

    Outside of live sports, Do you still watch ESPN?

    I’ll DVR the 30 for 30s but that’s really about it
  2. Mungwater

    **College football championship 2023**

    If only people gave a
  3. Mungwater

    **College football championship 2023**

    My nephew is student body President at TCU and I couldn’t give a . College football is dumb as hell now. It was only bearable, but now with NILs and transfer portal, it’s completely stupid
  4. Mungwater

    What to do on a 12 hour stop in Charleston SC?

    I went to school in Charleston, good restaurants down there too. basically do what rlld said
  5. Mungwater

    Okay, I admit it

    Damn, there seems to be a lot of chlorine in that gene pool
  6. Mungwater

    Okay, I admit it

    Is moonshiners a show or something?
  7. Mungwater

    Okay, I admit it

    Who is that and why should we care?
  8. Mungwater

    OK let’s talk about the border

    Yay, they moved the sun bowl fan fest to here on post because the convention center is full of migrants.
  9. Mungwater

    No topic on George Santos?

    I saw on the news this morning he’s claiming he didn’t say he was Jewish, that he was actually Jew-ish because his mom has a Jewish background. It’s hilarious
  10. Mungwater

    Is Rudy just a guy's chick flick?

    Rudy is from my hometown, he’s a total piece of . He even did some time for a bit, tried to start an energy drink but stole of the money instead
  11. Mungwater

    Today’s Silverbacks

    Feb 2005
  12. Yeah and if this post gets 500 likes, it’ll cure my neighbors kid cancer! Can I get an amen?
  13. Mungwater

    Your Funnest Concert Experience

    Please stop using funnest as a word
  14. Mungwater

    Smile...horror movie

    It was freaky, good movie
  15. Mungwater

    Astros win World Series

    Even though I’ve been to about five hundred astro games. I live about four miles from the stadium. I like the astros but completely hate the fans, they’re total bandwagon. When they are t good, you’ll see maybe 5000 people at the game, but once they start winning, place is packed. Just annoying