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  1. Mungwater

    If a Civil War started....would you enlist?

    Yeah colonels they send to train troops all over the world is a complete idiot.
  2. Mungwater

    If a Civil War started....would you enlist?

    Yeah the guy who has over 26+ years and counting who trains soldiers for a living,, is an idiot
  3. Mungwater

    If a Civil War started....would you enlist?

    You pvssies wouldn’t do anything
  4. Mungwater

    Yay, another surgery

    Sure, I was taking the dog out for a walk and he tripped me. I used my arm to break my fall
  5. Mungwater

    Yay, another surgery

    I’ll be here, love to see you again
  6. Mungwater

    Yay, another surgery

    So I broke my arm and separated my shoulder about two years ago. Have pins and a plate, now the army wants to remove all of it. Sounds like it’s going to hurt like a . Anyone have any experience with hardware removal? stupid Murphy, I should have pushed you down the stairs.
  7. Left/right, whatever. Anyone who follows any of those is complete batshit crazy. Then after every election their side loses, “how did that happen..?” Cause you avoided the middle
  8. So we can go back to not caring about soccer?
  9. Mungwater

    Sean Peyton vs Aaron rodgers

    He always has been one of the most overrated unprofessional coaches of all time, but what’s the deal? Just shut your mouth and coach your shitty team.
  10. Mungwater


    It sucked
  11. Mungwater


    I watched it this weekend, it wasn’t that good, but I can see how a fanboy would like it.
  12. Mungwater

    TSA Pre - The best thing I ever did

    It makes a world of difference, I’ve had it since it came out, free with DOD number
  13. Mungwater

    Which geek is this?

    Gary’s son is sure having a hard time lately