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    Stop it, there's never ever been mysterious death related to the Clintons ever. Be real bro.
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    I am tired of hearing about Trump, guns, terrorists, Me Too, gays, immigrants, Mexicans, China, North Korea and believe it or not racism. Tired, tired, tired!
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    It's always easy to do when you're in solitary on suicide watch. No doubt this is just a legit suicide and not one of them Clinton ones this time.
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    Well, that didn't take long.
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    Just heard he got suicided
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    Definitely some magic brewing with this Mets team, last night was awesome.
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    I see a bit of the Elaine dance there. I was waiting for the kick and the thumbs.
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    Just started season 4. Love it. Favorite show on TV right now.
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    Buy one, get one free. They have some nice looking ones, imo. If you lose them or they break, you get another pair for for $9. https://shadyrays.com/
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    Can you go one day without taking a shot at MDC?
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    688 posts and wanting credit for all 20 years. That’s like playing catch in the backyard twice a year and saying you’ve been a baseball player for decades.
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    Normally I would agree that Pence (if he's the candidate in 2024) would get destroyed. But the far left has insulted us middle of the roaders so much that it's going to be very hard to bring us back into the Democratic Party fold. I voted for Obama, but because I voted Trump, now I'm a racist? Good luck winning back my support ever again.
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    Hard to say..what were you trying to accomplish?
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    I don't think violence is attributable to one political party, unlike most around here.
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    That happened to my wife once. Gloria’s friend “Alice” was over one time and she was wearing a really nice pair of socks, so naturally Gloria started saying “I want your big black socks, give me your big black socks” over and over within earshot of my laptop. I still get the pop-up ads.
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    man I can barely handle one woman like that but the trio, yah I surrender
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    She has a face? You aren't searching correctly. Nice bewbs and hips. A tad skinny but there's curves there.
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    Do you think she hired someone or personally went into Epstein’s cell and suicided him?
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    It's mainly the left that uses violence to express their political outrage. This incident had nothing to do with politics. But good job trolling again.
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    As a strategy yes, it is the left that focuses on it....is it possible someone not a leftist might....hmmmm, that is an interesting question....but the left has already told us we can paint an entire group with a broad brush, so lets get to painting boys!!!!!