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    Yeah, absolutely brilliant. It's like Russ is the offspring Wiff would have had if he'd snuck in the hospital and raped Terri Schiavo.
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    Q is batshit crazy and is nothing like Russia pee tapes/conspiracy. Not that it wasn't fake, but there were strong reasons the left believed in it.The right wing equivalent to the Russian conspiracy would be the election being stolen. Both Russia and election fraud had a president behind them: Obama put illegal surveillance on Trump related to Russia Trump was the main person pushing election fraud, Both had multiple respected/trusted members of congress: McCain(and many democrats) for Russia, Cruz(and many republicans) for the election. You have to understand why the far left believed the Russia conspiracy theories if you have any belief in the 2020 election conspiracy. Any time you get the president and multiple members of congress behind a movement against the other side, then you will believe if you want to believe. Even if you believe that one is false and the other is correct, based on who is pushing the narrative hopefully you understand why the other side believes the way they do. I am interested in the theory behind Q even though I fully understand that many conservatives have never even heard of it, let alone believe in it according to pew research. Pew research is a left leaning site and even they admit more democrats know about Q than republicans.
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    I looked it up and still don't get it. The left loves qanon but they can never explain what it is.
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    Well, since it’s all the same twat...
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    What a depressingly craptastic thread. But yeah, MDC did report whoever googballz was and I assumed at the time it was RP.
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    Hairy animals exist, therefore Bigfoot is real. - JustinCharge, probably
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    Tom shows his age and his defense isn't able to bail him out this time. Chefs 31 Bucs 23
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    Child sex trafficking exists therefore it is sane to believe Hillary eats children in a Satanic pedo pizza dungeon, some guy on 4chan said so.
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    The Russia hoax was promoted for years on MSM and given incredible air time and coverage and widely believed on the left. The Q Anon BS only proliferated on some freak weird fringe far right conspiracy group. I know I never really got a full grasp of the thing until last week when cloaca posted that link and I tortured myself, watching mind-numbing dumbness for three hours, to get a grasp of what it is they were talking about.
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    He isn’t a good fit for NY. Like Randy Johnson wasn’t. Mets dodged a bullet
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    For anyone that hunts or even fishes, you should really download this app. It is very helpful for location public and private property. It also lists springs, boat ramps, park and more. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/farwide-hunt-fish-explore/id1383297776
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    I'm not trying to push Qanon as a conservative or liberal thing, I've just been trying to explain what it is and how it started. There are conspiracy theorists on both sides of the political spectrum.
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    This isn't really about Democrat or Republican though. This is about people pushing conspiracy theories. It started on the 4chan message boards and the anonymous person went by Q. People thought he was posting secret clues about Trump battling the deep state. It's evolved into something more now.
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    I do not believe you for one second. You know exactly what it is and you are just trying to play dumb.
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    She know who the father is?
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    There were still political wars, but you could start fun topics and most people would post in the intended spirit of the thread. That doesn't happen anymore.
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    do you think he was too busy banging Asian cam models and lesser known pron stars back then too?
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    Since nobody officially won - can I park in the Geek of the Decade parking spot?
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    I refuse to vote in this poll because I already voted in MedStudent's poll. I agree with him. Sux is pulling a doosh move.
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    Don't sweat it. I appreciate your effort. This is one of the reasons people keep leaving this place. No one ever does anything around here, yet when they do the same people complain and act like pussies. It's really no biggie though and was expected. This place is the only way some get any people to actually converse with them, therefore they take it seriously. They failed in real life. Just rest assured that you've accomplished more in your 25 years on earth than Sux has his 45.
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    Actually, I haven't voted yet. You're a little premature, but I am not surprised.
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    I find it interesting that its perfectly OK to accuse the Catholic Church of hiding pedophiles but its a conspiracy theory to think Hollywood does it, even tho there have been plenty of pedos exposed in Hollywood.