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    He didn’t beg for cash you toolbag. He never asked for a thing until someone else brought it up. I do not know who you are but obviously you are a pathetic loser. You have no faith in humanity and that’s said.
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    We made it. Fawking crazy sh!t. Lost power and water at 2:30 PM. The winds were insane. Just got my phone to work. AT&T blows more than Ida. Hot as hell but she didn’t kill me. Have everything except power.
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    My issue with all of this is the following. During Trumps presidency, we had made up disasters. Two scoops of ice cream, kids in cages hoax, Russian hoax, Ukranin hoax, Trumps taxes, Good people on both sides lie, white supremacy lie, sexual assault lie, attacks from the media, "people familiar with the situation", "sources inside the white house" etc... etc... etc... This isn't a both sides issue. There's one side and that's the uniparty the establishment party that dems and Rinos belong to. All of them hated trump because he wasn't one of them and worse he wouldn't play ball. So don't give me that sh1t trumpers would make excuses for him. The dude who was in office for 4 years has no need for excuses for people in office for 50+ years. And I'm tired of explaining this to people.
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    God damn. The dooshbag ratio around here really has gotten out of control.
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    Yeah morons. I set up an account years before gfiafp got banned. Argued with him for years. Even got myself suspended by mocking my own dead brother once. All while maintaining two radically different posting styles. Sure. I am gfiafp.
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    I don't trust your QB group, but I think you have a solid team otherwise.
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    Sure did. I would say he made 2 or 3 seasons before needing help to pay his league fees. @patweisers44 and @cbfalcon used their winnings to pay pocolts entire league fee (CBF may have done it twice) (it was $55) One year a bunch of us threw in 5, 10 15 to get him paid. I liked Gary. I just got annoyed by what seemed his constant whining about money and life. I am allowed that. People don't know this stuff. So when I see a thread like this, my spidey senses start to tingle. pocolts could very well have passed. is wanting some sort of proof that bad of a concept? People think I am a bad person, that's just not true. I am a truth seeker. Remember rholio (I think it was) I started a collection and sent it to his wife. I found her on facebook and knew she was real. Guess what, there was also an obit. Not that hard.
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    Did you check with your people on Biden's draft dodging health issue? I know that's been your thing for years.
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    Definitely Billy Crystal from Soap.
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    Monroe on too close for comfort
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    How has Titans ruined your world? You keep trying to rub his nose in some of his poor decisions?
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    Who cares - 3rd round pick by San Fran. RB from Slippery Rock, worth a deep deep sleeper He's got a twin brother It Don't Matter WR, unsigned free agent, played at Shippensburg
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    Conversely to why I'm extremely high on Engram is the same reason why Tonyan is a DND for me. TDs are impossible to predict. I prefer to go by targets and to a further extent redzone targets. Tonyan had half the targets that Engram had last season.
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    That's why we don't argue with you
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    Do you guys have any memories at all? Jesus Christ, I mean even that question seems irrelevant given the world of Google. WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump, who campaigned in 2016 on ending "ridiculous endless wars" in the Middle East, took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that American forces currently serving in Afghanistan will be home by Christmas. It was unclear if Trump, who is seeking reelection next month, was giving an order via tweet or reiterating a long-held campaign promise in order to appeal to voters. Do I literally have to go out there again to find the stories about Trump's cabinet bitching about his handling of Afghanistan? This in No Way obviates Bidens incompetence, But God damn man... .I said it before
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    She is hot and what a great vocal. Love the song for the passion she puts into it.
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    I think maybe you esteem Christian Kirk higher than most.
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    A little late with this reply, but… It is definitely true that there are trans people who genuinely feel the way the proclaim to feel. The fact that it is genuine for a lot of them doesn’t prevent it being a mental illness. It is an illness to be convinced you are a gender other than what you are. If folks wandered around believing they had super powers, we’d recognize them as ill. If your coworker is convinced that he’s Troy Aikman, he’s ill. If your white uncle believes he’s black, he’s ill. And if your daughter believes she’s your son, she’s ill.
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    Wrong. The black nuclear family was reconstituted. So much that during the Great Depression 2 parent black households outnumbered white. If you have to go back to slavery and act as if nothing happened in between then you are a poor scholar. Stop acting like you know the history of this country. You continually show you don’t.
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    Tim Pool looks at all the counties trying to escape democrat control including in Oregon, Illinois, Michigan and Texas, and various sentiments regarding states seceding from the US. Quotes from the comments: Parasites don't like letting go of their host while they're still feeding. They want you dead but will settle for your compliance.