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    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ron-desantis-sends-two-planes-illegal-immigrants-marthas-vineyard Ron DeSantis sends two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard
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    When your 19 year old daughter said she wanted to ride the tilt'o whirl that's not what she meant.
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    I'm starting Palmer over the likes of Isaiah Mckenzie, Zay Jones, and Rex Burkhead
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    I just had my latest scans, and good news: the new nodule is unchanged. Well, the radiology report said maybe a smidge bigger, but at that size it barely registers on the scan so the Onc is going with "no change." While nothing is guaranteed, IMO this significantly improves the odds that it is NOT cancer. Recall that I have that other nodule, a little bigger actually, that shows up as unchanged for the past year and a half. I'll still be a little nervous at my next scan in December, because it is always nerve wracking, but I'll be a little less nervous than this time around. Hopefully it stays another consistently unchanged nodule. Looks like you are stuck with me a little while longer.
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    That grass is GMO'd to survive our conditions. Basically, our field can beat up your field.
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    A tale of a really good team playing badly in a monsoon and a mediocre team playing lights out on MNF. I took the Niners. They should run all over the SeaHags. You really have to try to keep from vomiting while making NFL bets.
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    You wouldn't beleive how deep down the various rabbit holes I've been. I'm out of practice and rusty now, five years ago though, I was deep to my eyeballs in this. Focking GRRM may be doing me a favor by taking forever to write his books.
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    I think it could be coming (albeit not as bad as the late 2000’s), but not because of those stats. Looking at the link: 2.89% is still near the record low. Delinquencies have been on a downward trend since summer 2020 and July was only a very slight increase. The median price only fell month over month. It’s still up almost 15% year over year. The more concerning metrics to me are the significant increases in the payment to income ratio (although that really started several months back) and inventory levels.
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    Triggered. Calm down mam. Tomorrrow will be another stress free day for you, not a care in the world! Chin up sparky!
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    His 14 point avg last season was his worst since 2016, I do think he’s lost some of his great game, but he did produce 8 tds in ten games. Based on his avg last season he was a mid wr2, that’s right where I think he’ll be again. One of my teams ppr I have him.
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    Easyscan - probably you will have some owners who will ask the commish to intervene. There is also the risk yahoo adjusts his designation on its own
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    I'm sure you know the story with Robbie. Known for a big plays. Unfortunately, when he doesn't have one of those, his stats can be vomit worthy. It's only 1 week but I'd have to give the edge to Samuel. The tiebreaker would be that they also involved him in the running game..... Call him a poor man's Deebo Samuel.
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    I don't like starting new threads and am not one to dig to find crap. So im putting this here for shlts. I know fetterman was talking abortion but this sort of ties in with no one can just be them anymore. It has to be what someone ( i wont say it ) wants you to be. Look guys im a fetterwoman hehe. Im on your side hehe. Tim is a military vet like a couple tours. A ranger or something. Also was a very solid mma fighter and that is where I originally know him. Always seems level headed, nice, knowledgable....and a big republican. He basically represented what men as a whole once were in this country. I am sure many of you already know who he is.
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    I never claimed that CRT is not an issue anywhere else, I'm saying it's not a widespread issue. You and the magatards problem is Tucker Carlson tells you about one story, or you see something on libsoftiktok, and you think it's widespread and the end of civilization.
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    He is limited in practice because of the ribs. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/saints-alvin-kamara-limited-to-start-week/ I don't trade for injured players who don't perform (see week 1 usage and stats). Javonte looks awesome. I have him on my team and know all about Melvin Gordon (also on my team). I had both last year too. It's looking better already for Javonte this year than last year.
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    The civil war was about states rights. States right to own slaves. Everyone is right! All, take a bow!
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    Lol wtf is wrong with these people? Just 10 years ago these people would have been laughed at by both sides. But now people are so stupid that they eat this stuff up. ..crowd goes wild. Holy hell the left is like a class of 5th graders.
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    Probably a no-brainer, but I'm going with Palmer over Akers in a flex spot.
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    He's going to feel more at home with Chevy. I've always felt he wasn't the proper corporate driver Toyota usually hires and he always had to pretend to be someone else. Now he can just go be KB. Reddick is going to have a long year next year. If I was him I'd be calling Denny and begging him to make this happen one year early.
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    the only guy I'd think about dropping is Mattison. My rationale, is he only seems to put up numbers when Dalvin Cook is injured. its not a committee. when Cook is healthy he gets the vast majority of the touches. but if Cook gets hurt he puts up at least RB2 numbers. possibly even bordering on RB1. so basically while cook is healthy you'd rather have Jamaal. but when cook is hurt, you'd rather have Mattison. at the end of the day its really a matter of your risk preferences.
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    About as much as there is in the magatard strategic intellectual reserve.
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    Its not really bad either, the strategic reserve was created in 70s after Americans were sick of waiting in gas lines. It was a response to opec. We're less reliant on opec and the reserve these days. Trump lowered the reserve too.
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    Until both Mitchel and Wilson get hurt, which won’t take long. T Davis-Price.