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    Nah that is HT and Util/craft…. They had this year sewn up by noon on New Years’ Day…
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    We've been through this but I'll repeat. There is nothing remotely resembling a guarantee that Fetterman recovers, please stop saying that. Fetterman struggles to process speech so he can't have a conversation with constituents or peers. I suppose he can say "talk at me" and have people there recording it to review later. Somehow that doesn't seem optimal to me. Sorry for the delay, it's busy being retired. See my comments above, maybe you can learn something regarding how things work in the real world.
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    Seinfeld showed exactly what "woke" is (and how ridiculous it is) 25 yrs ago:
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    Three of you seem a tequila shot away from naked oil wrestling
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    Time for a new character in the game "Clue". DePape, in the foyer, with a hammer.
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    You probably just missed it while you were researching Twitter for info on the most recent booster shot.
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    @nzoner Dude has been through the ringer.
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    I got both. . Had the joy of the early morning ambulance ride and spending the day in the er. Blood pressure just went through the roof and heart started doing the lambada - while I was sleeping. I guess one option for tomorrow is to try and shock my heart back into rhythm. But apparently, they got to worry about dislodging a clot when you do so. The worst part? I ordered a margarita like an hour and a half ago. No wonder my blood pressure is up. Nurse is cute though.
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    https://6abc.com/philadelphia-shooting-kensington-allegheny-philly-police-gun-violent/12421873/ what a shithole. open air fetanyl scumbag fest. good job demtards
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    That sucked. Stros’ pitching is really, really good. Phils ran into a buzz saw. Not sure if we have any Houston fans here but if we do, congrats. All you can do is tip your cap to them.
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    The comments on Youtube are priceless. Hey Tim....Don't read them
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    Come on, man. If it was reversed, you would be saying the opposite. The Dems should've put up another candidate after his stroke. We should expect our Senators to be able to at least possess the capability to carry on a conversation, which he is unable to do.
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    The cost is irrelevant when wind and solar don't provide enough energy to allow society to function. Not enough light. Not enough warmth or a/c. How are you going to charge you're electric car? with solar and wind? Not happening.
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    I focked up tradition last year by starting a Geek of the Year thread, so I'll leave it up to Sux to do this year's poll, if he's not too drunk and forgets. That said, I think there needs to be at least two categories, Geek of the Year and a second category to express love and support for those who are going through hell, such as nzoner, JerrysKids and those suffering from profound mental illnesses such as crapsman and jizzmancharge.
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    Hopefully we are one shot away from 18 roster spots
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    Oh my, Trump has been investigated a lot. That must really mean something. It does. It means the left has severe TDS. And it's incurable.
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    Yes, the late 70’s White Witch!
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    Shame I kept warning about N Harris. Yeah all one can do is shop Good luck
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    You missed Giants Fan. Giants Fan Price-is-Righted me one year. It was guess the electoral college in an Obama year, 2012 probably. I got all 50 states right but there was an electoral district in Kansas, thanks to a quirk in their state laws, that flipped it to GF. ... then there was the Peyton Manning pick-six Super Bowl year. Thanks Peyton.