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    Him and Pete probably took some poppers and F'd each other a few times, that's all. That doesn't make him a Pedo.
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    I’m reporting on an article that I read. He might be a pedo though, are you? youre the guy that likes to shower with kids, right?
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    I thought Hunter’s laptop told us Sleepy Joe was Pedo Pete? Now this story implies Mayor Pete is in with the pedos. It appears the multiverse may have many Pedo Pete’s.
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    Wordle 623 2/6 🟨🟩🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Got my deuce
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    Absolutely. You should look into a mentorship with him,Tim. Im sure you’ll get along just fine and he’ll teach you about a lot of new things
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    Deviants stick together. That's why liberals are so tightly knit in their disgustingly skewed beliefs. It's why they can excuse things like child grooming, destroying the free world, and showering with kids.
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    Then there would have been a proliferation of rats and mice spreading bubonic plague. Now there's a pandemic!
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    https://www.yahoo.com/sports/girls-high-school-basketball-team-221926529.html A Vermont Christian high school forfeited a girls basketball game because the opposing team had a transgender player, the head of school said. Mid Vermont Christian School in Junction had been scheduled to play Long Trail School in Dorset on Feb. 21, but the game never happened. Vicky Fogg, the head of Mid Vermont Christian School, said the team decided not to participate "because we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players." Long Trail did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday. There has been a heated debate for years over including transgender athletes. Some states, such as Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia and Texas, banned transgender youths from competing on sports teams that aligned with their gender identities. In Vermont, students are allowed to participate in “VPA activities in a manner consistent with their gender identity," according to the Vermont Principals’ Association, the state’s governing body for school sports. In a letter dated Oct. 5, the association said supporting transgender athletes is "a core part of building an inclusive community for each student to grow and thrive." Fogg said in her statement that she believes "allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports sets a bad precedent for the future of women’s sports in general." Contacted Wednesday, the school declined to discuss the matter further. Data shows that participating in sports can help LGBTQ+ youth increase their self-esteem and gives them a sense of belonging while decreasing feelings of "hopelessness and suicidality," according to GLSEN, an organization that fights LGBTQ+ discrimination. Amanda Rohdenburg, the associate director of Outright Vermont, which advocates for LGBTQ+ youth, said the school's actions show that Vermont "is not immune to anti-trans hate." "What we’re seeing in Vermont and around the country is a heightened and coordinated effort to stop trans youth from existing and thriving as people," Rohdenburg said in an emailed statement. "Our primary focus is to go where harm is done and to ensure that young people feel safe and seen. We want for the trans youth who is directly harmed and her family to know we are here for them. We also want all queer and trans youth in Vermont to know that we are here." This article was originally published on NBCNews.com. ------------------------------- Good for them... Just because they identified as a female, it doesn't change their genetic or physiology makeup...
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    Here is an interesting idea from those wokesters up in Canada https://www.abettertentcity.org/
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    Lincecum was awesome but fell off too fast. Lincecum - no HOF. Schilling - yes HOF
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    Its hilarious that liberals constantly attack every republican president for being mentally incapable for the job. But when its proven a dem senator has mental problems, they suddenly treat him with respect and shame everyone else for making fun of him. SNL should be mining this for everything, but they cant attack dems but sparingly.
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    Arnold Palmer Round Two 1. Dain -14 (-7, -5, -2) [3] 2. Cloaca -13 (-6, -4, -3) [4] 3. Edjr -12 (-5, -4, -3) [5] 4. Wonder -9 (-4, -3, -2) [3] 5. Alias -8 (-6, -2, E) [3] 6. Pats -8 (-5, -2, -1) [4] 7. Lager -8 (-3, -2, -2) [5] 8. KSB -6 (-2, -2, -2) [4]
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    He accomplished what he set out to do..... reshape the PGA Tour. Undeniably. (oh and pay off his gambling debts)
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    Hoping Garbrandt can break back into the W column. His fight with Cruz is one of the best in UFC history, the leadup and everything.
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    Lucy Liu - Payback
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    He got 100 million didn't he? Did the saudis expect players to practice?
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    tim is insane. why bother talking to him.
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    The two main pieces of legislation that Biden has sought as President to enact that would hugely impact black people were the George Floyd Act and the John Lewis act. Both of these were blocked by 100% of Republicans in Congress + Manchin and Sinema. So the grade has to be incomplete. However I would argue that even so, Biden’s infrastructure bill, his spending package, and his college debt relief actions have all been benefits to the AA community.
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    This is a reasonable post and refreshing to see. I agree that Conservatives haven't fully appreciated some of the systemic issues that blacks face. I also agree that well-meaning Liberal solutions haven't worked. At the heart of all this is Affirmative Action (AA). In my opinion, AA was very much needed in the 70's and 80's as a short-term action. But not today. At its core, AA is based on a presumption that white people are actively making decisions based on negative views towards blacks. I won't deny that some of this goes on, but in my opinion it's an insignificant number. This is where Conservatives and Liberals differ. Liberals tend to view white intentions as negative, while Conservatives tend to have a more optimistic outlook. I lean toward the Conservative side, though I have to admit I'm a white guy in a rural area, and I'm not exposed on a daily basis to the issues and concerns of black people. But I do interact with a lot of white people, both professionally and personally, and I can honestly say that I've only witnessed white racism a few times in my adult life. What I have witnessed, over and over, is a fundamental goodness in white Americans, and a deeply rooted sense that individuals should be judged fairly based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. While it is hard to quantify the intentions of an entire race, it's worth mentioning that there are very few people in decision-making positions who were politicized prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1965. It's been almost 60 years since equal opportunity became the law of the land, and the vast majority of Americans have grown up knowing nothing else. This is why you see such a visceral reaction when people see clearly racist policies in place - such as college admissions. White Americans make up 62% of the US population, yet only 26% of the undergraduate population at Stanford. This is the clearest example of racism you will see in America today. Liberals have tried to redefine racism to exclude this practice, but most Americans view this for what it is - crap. The reality is that racism is actually a very simple concept, one that a 5 year old can understand. There are better ways to advance the condition of black Americans, and well-intentioned Liberals need to look at some of these solutions, even if they are "Conservative" in nature. Stop throwing money at the problems without addressing the root causes. Stop with "the bigotry of low expectations." Can we at least try working with successful blacks to redefine black culture? Do we really need modern day rap to be so foul and misogynistic? Seriously, I can't even listen to this sh!t anymore. Every other word is "biatch" and "n-word". It's rancid and it's nihilistic, and no matter what anyone says, it does have an impact on kids and black culture. How about setting up policies and tax laws that reward marriage and two parent homes, and create incentives for business people to invest in black communities. Decriminalize drugs, and instead focus on getting addicts the help they need. Increase police presence at our schools. It's obvious that 300 pound, white female teachers are incapable of enforcing discipline and breaking up fights. Sadly, I don't think that any of this happens. Liberals are very stubborn people.
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    Focking Jews Also, post-Epstein, it's impossible to believe anything that they say anymore and sadly we're so fat, lazy and stoopid that they're no longer even trying to hide it. Prolly every wackadoodle belief that people were called tin foil hatters for contains some semblance of truth.