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    I would have lost a bet.
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    Let's review the facts: 1. Flynn was a named suspect in the FBI counterintelligence investigation named Crossfire Hurricane, beginning in August 2016. 2. After 4 months of spying on him (FISA) they found no evidence he was operating as a foreign agent. 3. The FBI wrote a closed case document to end the counterintelligence investigation with no charges. 4. Flynn, as part of the transition team, made calls to multiple foreign leaders in December, as is customary when a new administration is coming in. These calls were approved by the Obama administration. These calls were also surveiled by the Obama administration. 5. His call with the Russian diplomat was reviewed by DOJ. It was determined there was nothing improper. Some, Comey/Obama, wanted to invoke the Logan Act, which has never successfully been used to prosecute anyone, and hadn't been used to even indict anyone since the 1850s. 6. DOJ said no. 7. FBI decided to interview Flynn without any notice, and without any lawyers present, under the pretense it was a debriefing of the unofficially closed counterintelligence investigation. 8. DOJ said no. Comey and McCabe did it anyways. Also, they failed to follow protocol and notify the White House they were interviewing Flynn. 9. FBI failed to open a criminal investigation regarding the phone call. 10. The phone call did not fit into the unofficially closed counterintelligence investigation. 11. Strzok and other agent interviewed Flynn. In their notes they said he did not appear to intentionally mislead or misstate anything. Said he was cooperative. 12. Fast forward to Mueller investigation. They withheld exculpatory evidence from Flynn's attorneys. They threatened Flynn and his son with prison for FARA violations, regarding Turkey. Flynn's partner was convicted on FARA violations, but the judge overturned the conviction. 13. Flynn's attorneys told him if he didn't take the plea deal he, and his son, would likely go to prison, The Manafort Method. Flynn had already spent $3 million in attorney fees and had to sell his house. Worried about his family and son. Decided to plead to lying to FBI. 14. After reviewing the evidence, Barr concluded the interview with Flynn was not in relation to any actual crime (the phone call was proper according to DOJ) nor was it in relation to any ongoing investigation (the counterintelligence investigation had been unofficially closed). Therefore anything stated during the interview, whether he lied, misstated, misremembered, etc was irrelevant. 15. Justice was served, the rule of law was upheld. 16. Time for Comey, McCabe, and any others involved to be held accountable.
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    Topps teamed up with various artists to remake 20 iconic baseball cards in limited numbers for their 2020 project. The cards are getting mixed reviews from serious collectors but the art world seems to like them, as evidenced by the sales. My son got inspired by the project and decided to make his own 1/1 Jeter card. I posted a pic of his creation on FB post and he’s now being commissioned to make over a dozen different cards from random collectors who want to encourage his love of baseball and art. How cool is that?
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    CNN: why won’t Trump listen to the EXPERTS and Scientists! CNN: puts teenage climate change activist on panel to discuss Covid-19.
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    Dude hits the ground running, that's for sure. All hot air though, 100% talking points from the mainstream media without a single thought of his own. Sad thing, it took a worldwide pandemic to truly find out how disgusting people like him truly are. Enemies of the American way. When people claim there are no differences between the political parties, look how these situations are being handled by local and state leadership.
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    As the facts are brought to light we begin to see who the true useful idiots are. They still haven't accepted that Meuller failed to indict a single person from the Trump team on charges related to Russia Collusion, which was the original scope. Today they have shown they can't accept the evidence showing Flynn was bullied into a plea deal under threats against his family. They haven't accepted that the FBI admits that Flynn did not lie on that interview. They haven't accepted that Flynn speaking with the Russian during transition was approved by Obama, and standard procedure for incoming administrations. They are hanging their hat on the Logan Act which has never actually been used in court. They haven't accepted that Flynn working as a consultant for a firm out of Turkey is standard procedure. They are hanging their hat on a FARA violation, which, like the Logan Act, has never actually been used in court until Trump won the election. They haven't accepted that Flynn taking a $50k speaking fee in Moscow is standard procedure. They forget that Bill Clinton took in $500k when he spoke in Moscow. They will not accept the facts that are brought to light when the 53 interviews from the House investigation are released tomorrow. 53 interviews showing that not a single person on the Trump team colluded with Russia to steal the election. Pain is coming. For those involved with the coup, for the media that coordinated the coup, and for the useful idiots who slurped it all up despite zero factual evidence.
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    I have a wife for cooking.
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    Have Dems announced Sanctuary Nests yet?
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    This coming from a guy fresh off 3 1/2 years of pimping the Russia hoax and coming away with his dik in his hands. Aren’t you mad how much you were lied to? What was the crime there again? Then again, you’re a confirmed liar, so you really can’t complain.
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    Can I get a trophy? It’s only fair.
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    Had the interview yesterday, it went great. Five people on their end including one of the three principals (owners), the guy I spoke to for 90 minutes last week. As a bonus I had our mutual friend (VP at another company) send that owner an unsolicited reference for me the day before. From their reaction, my presentation was a bit of a mic drop. I've done what I can, hoping to hear soon, think good thoughts for me.
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    I hope at least one of those deaths end up being Nancy Pelosi.
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    You badly misspelled "Steve"
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    But you should care because it concerns you directly. This is where dulls like you need to listen to sharps like me so you can learn. Let me explain: The reason the story of Flynn talking to the Russians was leaked to a newspaper is two fold. First, they were actively discrediting Flynn because they didn’t want him to be head of the NIA because they feared him. Second, and this is where you come in, they were planting the seeds of what would become the Russia Hoax, which we all know you bought hook, line and sinker. They knew sharp guys like me would never bite on that weak bait, but they also knew they had to get guys like you worked up. You were the mark. The rube. The dupe. The useful idiot. You spread that nonsense everyday for months. Started a thread about it. You were their packmule. A stupid beast of burden that does as it’s told. Sorry to break it to you this way. They used you.
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    DOJ dropped the case dope. He's innocent.
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    He gets to dummy. He was the incoming national security adviser. Barry is going down. And any good American would support him being put in prison for life for the disgusting treasonous acts he committed and directed. But you're already a well known low life scumbag...so you support the same.
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    He has COPD and had/has pneumonia. Also had A-Fib. When I talked to him, he sounds better....no more "rattling ". He isn't in A-Fib any longer. His opinion is they were disappointed he wasn't Covid. They kept treating him like he was Covid. They woke him up every 2 hours and he simply said enough. He says he feels much better rested at home. I guess I should have put a better light on the coming home thing. I see where there was room for your response. All good man!!
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    There's not a single poster here who challenges you guys or gives the other side's perspective. Does it upset you that much that one single person isn't part of your echo chamber? You guys have such strong feelings, have you no ability to defend them? Talk about snowflakes.
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    So we should have been prepared to test millions for a virus we didn't know how to test for. Do you clowns ever listen to yourselves?
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    Says the guy who whacks off uncontrollably when little kids die.
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    ***UPDATE**** He is home! Probably against medical advice. He "fired" his Dr. because they tested him daily for COVID and he was negative each time. The Dr. told him he doesn't believe the tests and wouldn't take off the Covid restrictions. Mark stated everything time they needed to go in, they had to get into their "space suits". It bothered him because it took so long to address any issue. Anyways, he is home. Thanks for all the positive waves Moriarty!
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    Uh oh Newbie. Don't forget to brush your teeth tonight.