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  1. nzoner

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    Pink Floyd The Wall The Godfather The Hollywood Knights Scarface(Pacino one) Goodfellas Se7en Jaws
  2. He's got over 37,000 now People are certainly getting behind the idea, as the petition has more than 30,000 signatures.
  3. nzoner

    Antonio Brown ...house surrounded by police....

    Of course his lawyers believe that. ESPN's Cameron Wolfe reported Brown is facing a possible life sentence for the felony burglary with battery charge, but his lawyers believe he was "overcharged" and expect the charges to change when they return to court. His lawyers added that they expect a "lengthy process."
  4. nzoner

    Pets of The Geek Club(a pics thread)

    Sorry for bumping and especially sorry for your loss.
  5. nzoner

    Pets of The Geek Club(a pics thread)

    Meant to post this over the holidays Great pic of Sassy in the Christmas tree.
  6. nzoner

    trump - march for life

    Excellent speech President Trump
  7. nzoner

    Favorite instrumentals

    This thread needs some Ted
  8. nzoner

    Titans @ Chiefs: AFC Championship

    My first one XXII was in San Diego The second XXVI Minneapolis :freezing:
  9. nzoner

    Titans @ Chiefs: AFC Championship

    You just can't get over the fact that your Broncos never won a ring until they added the two former Chiefs Neil Smith and Keith Traylor
  10. nzoner

    Titans @ Chiefs: AFC Championship

    From my personal two experiences the few days leading up to the game are way better than the game experience itself.
  11. nzoner

    Favorite instrumentals

    That reminded me of another mellow favorite
  12. Even as a KC fan I was hoping for a KC/Balt Championship rematch, however it was awesome watching the Lamar Hunt trophy being presented to his family in Arrowhead.
  13. nzoner

    Looking for a new wing sauce

    This place is about 3 hours from me but I take a trip every so often to load up.Although it's more of a BBQ sauce it works great on wings too.He has a few varieties but my fav is called Afterburn,starts out sweet and tangy and then the burn hits but not so bad you can't enjoy it.Word of caution stay away from the Afterburn II made with habaneros. Black Market