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  1. nzoner

    Beatles vs Stones show

    Not a Lambert fan at all,this is part of the clip I watched,didn't want to watch it all in hopes the show surprises me.
  2. nzoner

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Not getting the game in my area getting updates on phone 5-4 Cards
  3. nzoner

    Beatles vs Stones show

    That looks good. Have seen a few tribute bands over the years the best being a group called Elton Dan & The Rocket Band.Going in a couple of weeks to see a Queen tribute band called Killer Queen but I'm very skeptical on that one as Queen are one of my personal favorites.I did watch a clip though and the guy playing Brian May is very impressive.
  4. nzoner

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Cubs 3 games back hosting the Cards for 4,oh what I would give to see a repeat of the season opening series sweep +1.
  5. Finally a feel good story,thanks for sharing
  6. nzoner

    Thanks Eli

  7. nzoner

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Watching last night and thinking "what if" All I ask is if the Cubbies don't make it please let the Brewers win the division.
  8. nzoner

    Thanks Eli

    Yeah,I remember
  9. nzoner

    KFC's stunning new product

    Personally I've never had Popeye's but putting McDonald's in that list was just wrong.
  10. nzoner

    Thanks Eli

    Too bad the Rock-N-Roll HOF didn't follow these guidelines.
  11. nzoner

    KFC's stunning new product

    Yeah I don't think this "stunning" new KFC product is in any way a threat to Chik-fil-a
  12. nzoner

    Thanks Eli

    Yes they would,.....about the season being being fixed.
  13. nzoner

    Thanks Eli

    Easy,they do play the Bucs this weekend
  14. nzoner

    KFC's stunning new product

    Consider me stunned and no thanks. KFC Just Revealed a Stunning New Product That Is a Huge Threat to Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald's
  15. nzoner

    Thanks Eli

    Of course the way Denver looks early on that loss number could jump quite a bit.