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  1. nzoner

    How boring is your job?

    Watching and picking out new fireworks every year,meeting and seeing a ton of people each season and helping a lot of them put together shows and best of all having return customers let you know how great their show was and how much they appreciated you and your staff taking the time to help them.Not boring whatsoever,in fact I only wished I could do it more than two weeks a year.
  2. Headline says he didn't hedge and yet article says he still had money on Virginia
  3. New release about the Texas Rangers that came out of retirement to hunt down Bonnie & Clyde.
  4. nzoner

    Worst college team names

  5. nzoner

    The Walking Dead - Season 9

    Thanks,I missed that.
  6. nzoner

    TTU bet to win $300k

    Speaking of this I'll never forget leaving Vegas in 2004 and one of friends said we ought to throw some money at the BoSox to win the AL when they were down 3-0 to the Yanks.I laughed it off thinking no way that's going to happen.Wished I could remember what the odds were but maybe it's better I don't
  7. nzoner

    TTU bet to win $300k

    if my math is right (MSU -155 ML) he'd have to bet $31,000 to get $20,000,which IMO would still be a no brainer based on what he could possibly win if TTU wins it all.
  8. Pic from the 2nd game of 2019 Marlins https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D23IuHWWsAo_pfz.jpg:large
  9. nzoner

    The Walking Dead - Season 9

    I believe they moved to the North when they went to Alexandria as they were going to DC,however your storm take is still . To add to it when they showed the Whisperers camp there was no snow whatsoever and yet last week the boundary Alpha set with the heads on stakes seemed as though it was just a short walk from the camp.
  10. nzoner

    Free Yahoo Tourney Pickem all geeks invited

    Great job on the bracket,Elite 8 still intact.
  11. nzoner

    **Official MLB 2019**

    I miss seeing him in Royal Blue but when he's making catches like that ESPECIALLY against the Cards it's more than good.
  12. nzoner

    Humanistic music

  13. nzoner

    Where Art Thou?

    All good
  14. nzoner

    Where Art Thou?

    i was just clarifying what the others had seen,I don't know him,don't care and blame peenie for nothing.