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  1. nzoner

    License plate I saw today

    good one
  2. nzoner

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

    Just lookout for people recording.
  3. Still have to go with this,the intro is so good
  4. nzoner

    Creative personalized license plates

    i probably started one before just too lazy to look and seeing that I had just seen the black Jeep I thought the Ba-Ba was quite amusing.
  5. Just saw a black Jeep with plates that read Ba-Ba What do you got?
  6. nzoner

    Why don't casinos have daycare?

    The last time I was at The Rio in Vegas they sure needed one,I'd never seen so many kids/strollers in a casino.At one point the skimpy dressed dancing girls got up on the tables to dance and a mother tried to get her kids to turn away with a shocked expression on her face all the while I'm like
  7. nzoner

    Saddest music video

    Seeing that it was Freddie's final video and that he died just a few months later
  8. nzoner

    Gift Cards

    You guys ever forget you get them only to find out later(when you find and look them up) you more or less hit the jackpot? Makes me wonder just how much these companies must make on unredeemed cards in a year.This topic just came to mind because I found an old AMC gift card and looked it up to find out I had $84 on it and yet recently paid to go to the movies.
  9. nzoner

    Maybe instead of vilifying Tyreek

    Are you really shocked? And here in the KC area the backlash from this has been quite strong including one prominent sportscaster being let go for remarks on the air.
  10. nzoner


    Needless to say I'm a pyromaniac but as far as Def Leppard goes I side with BL on this one,High N Dry was much better.
  11. nzoner

    Top 20 Acoustic Guitar Intros of all Time

    IMO a couple of more honorable mentions
  12. nzoner


    I was wasted at the time
  13. nzoner

    Top 20 Acoustic Guitar Intros of all Time

    Ok that was very cool,Crazy On You was the first song I thought of when I saw the topic and personally think it should've easily made the top 10.
  14. nzoner

    Enough with the focking fireworks!!!!

    Thankfully I can only sell through July 10th,yes I'm tired of them for another season as well.
  15. nzoner

    George Brett or Wade Boggs

    Being an old KC homer I had the privilege of watching Brett play his entire career,dude was a beast,the hitting .390 for a season and winning batting titles in three different decades are also reasons he gets my vote.