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  1. nzoner

    Pyro may not have to work July 4th

    1.Yes 2.I can't really answer that in full as I live above my firework warehouse so all my insurance except one is combined.The one that isn't is provided by my supplier @$300 for three weeks and it covers anyone getting hurt on my premises and/or by one of their products. 3.Very easy with my supplier of course depending on where you're at the shipping could be quite costly. 4.My supplier offers discounts at stages of total purchase.I'm on the top one because I order at least $20,000 per season.I know they do orders as little as $2,000
  2. nzoner

    Pyro may not have to work July 4th

    I'm okay with selling out by the 1st or 2nd.In fact I've already told my staff if we're blessed to do so they'll still get paid accordingly and I'm taking everyone to our lake lot for the 4th.
  3. nzoner

    Pyro may not have to work July 4th

    I raised some prices according to what I paid but not going to go over that,fireworks already have a decent margin so if I sell out or even come close to it the season will be a success.
  4. nzoner

    Pyro may not have to work July 4th

    Had to look it up myself,we're not open year round so I had no idea either.Five day religious festival in India in November was what I read.
  5. nzoner

    Pyro may not have to work July 4th

    @NorthernVike How's it looking up your way for your show,I watched one report on YouTube out of Minnesota but don't remember which part.
  6. nzoner

    Rushmore of pie

    Peach Chocolate with graham cracker crust Coconut Cream Apple
  7. I'm starting the season off good but my supplier who ships nationwide is already sold out i.e. NO REORDERS this season and we usually have at least two per year.YouTube is full of TV news reports of the shortages.so if you're in a state that sells and you usually buy late I would suggest starting early this season. BTW,almost seven weeks since the heart attack and feeling better by the day.Still having some serious back pain now and then but I am back in physical therapy and that seems to be helping. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ALL !!!
  8. nzoner

    nzoner had a heart attack this morning

    Several of my nurses all said,"if you don't crack a rib or two you're not doing it right."
  9. nzoner

    2021 - the year of shortages of goods and services?

    Fireworks business is taking a big hit,lots of "July 4th staples" are either very limited or not available at all,saturn missles,firecrackers and roman candles are the big three for me.
  10. nzoner

    nzoner had a heart attack this morning

    Final thoughts as I got great news from my heart doc that there was no damage to heart and that I may resume living life and in her words,"let your body be your guide." My chest still feels like I got kicked by a Missouri Mule at times but they said that's gonna take awhile yet.I don't go back for three months!! My blood thinner medicine is the most important of my meds again in her words,"do not miss this pill,if the stent clogs you could drop dead on the spot." @jerryskids nothing really to report on a diet.The mrs went out and loaded up on low sodium/fat food and the doc said that's okay but as in all things moderation.She also said she was okay with low carb as long as it wasn't red meat heavy as it helps great with blood sugar levels.She even joked I had given up booze,weed and nicotine and I had to have some fun. @Voltaire @wiffleball so I went back on my phone and looked at what I had searched and I had clicked on Ischemic rest pain and gotten something about the feet so maybe that combined with painkillers will explain the laughter. Anyhow thanks so much to all of you for the thoughts,prayers,laughs and the like.I'm still taking it easy for a few weeks but thankfully my firework kids have really stepped up and Pyro Joe's is looking good and on track for another season.I probably won't be around much for awhile so hope you all take care. God bless you all,love you.
  11. nzoner

    nzoner had a heart attack this morning

    I have no idea what I looked up but I'm going to blame it on the painkillers.Reason I'm replying to this tonight is I saw the right word with a definition on a poster in my doc's office today and new something was amiss. No clue what I looked up but thanks for pointing it out.
  12. nzoner

    nzoner had a heart attack this morning

    Thanks Wiff,at first I was like huh,then looked up the word and had a bout of laughter that made the chest throb.It was well worth it though.
  13. nzoner

    nzoner had a heart attack this morning

    Good afternoon fellas,never ever have I been so happy to visit this place. I'd like to answer each of you personally but going to keep it short and go back to resting up. I was cautious about logging on the first place as I knew there would be some hilarity here and oh does it hurt to laugh as the EMT did a number on my chest when doing CPR but the laughs I got were well worth it.I also got the shock paddles and was left a nice burn on my left side where apparently the paddle slipped but it's a great reminder that none of us get out of here alive. For those wondering I'm 58 and was at one time a very heavy drinker and smoker and the doc made sure to point out that this was a major reason in my blockage but he was surprised that I had only one and the rest were either clear or close to it,but then again it only takes one right. As for the day itself the short story version is I started the morning about 8:15 with a pot of coffee and the mrs(36C) and I were watching our home church services online when I started getting that uncomfortable feeling in my back that usually meant I had a thoracic episode coming.As usual I started doing some of physical therapy but it wasn't working.Anyhow don't know how much time passed but one of the last things I remember is sitting in front of a fan on the floor and an EMT standing over me.I remember walking to the ambulance and leaving and very shortly after that saying where are we and then everything went black.The mrs said the ambulance lights and siren went on(she was following) and away it went leaving her far behind.No ideas here the next I remember is coming to in a cold bright room with what seemed like 20 people hoovering over my nekkid body and my name being called out of a distant fog. So they put in a stint in and by 2:30 I was laying in a bed in ICU.Anyhow life as I knew it is changing to a new diet,physical therapy,various doctor appointments etc. The real kicker to all this is I was 58 had never once stayed in a hospital as a patient,never ridden in an ambulance,never had a surgery and wham I get the trifecta all in a few hours. Lastly thanks to all of you the well wishes and hilarity have done me good.As cmh posted and I'd like to repeat,none of us are promised tomorrow so please never take anything for advantage and don't ever think it can't happen to you.God loves every one of us and sent His only Son to show that love but we have to accept that in this life in order to experience eternal life with Him. This little experience has also taught me that I'm going to say I love you a whole lot more and that includes even a bunch of jokers I have an internet relationship with. Love you guys!!! God Bless!! P.S. The 2nd trip ended up being a thoracic attack but being so close to the heart attack I panicked and took the Nitro with a low blood pressure and it knocked me completely out.I got home last night and had a restful,healing night.
  14. nzoner

    NCAA Tourney Pick'em

  15. nzoner

    March Madness Bracket Talk

    Hoping to see Pitino take Iona on a run(1000/1 to make it to FF),that said probably be a first round exit. My pick for champ this year is West Virginia