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  1. phillybear

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    It's easy to criticize, but when you reach a point where you can't watch a single show on network TV nor most sports due to woke-ism politically correct crap, if you can find some escapism where you can find it, and uncover some entertainment value in it, and appreciate the performances you do it. Then again, the Olympics are ghey and fake.
  2. phillybear

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    Well, that finally happened. So, speculating what might be possible Revolution PPV matches.... CM Punk vs MJF Hangman Adam Page vs Adam Cole (Cole is #1 contender, Lance Archer is a match in between) Jurassic Express vs Santana & Ortiz (Jurrassic Express will beat The Acclaimed in between) Eddie Kingston vs Chris Jericho Sammy Guevara vs Cody TNT reunification match They need some type of multi match, maybe a Battle Royal with a bunch of tag teams involved.
  3. phillybear

    your mt rushmore of quitters

    Ben Simmons
  4. phillybear

    So I’m Pissing Off My Back Deck Just Now…

    Clearly, your back deck has an attitude problem and needs to chill the fock out.
  5. phillybear

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    Also, now that the Wednesday night flagship show is on TBS, you have to push the alien Kris Statlander to the moon NOW with a lead in of the Big Bang Theory (horrible, but popular) show. Maybe even Abadon. Luther and Serpentico. Go for broke.
  6. phillybear

    The Cult

    Somebody drank 30 Coors Lights this afternoon. And still isn't all that drunk. For fock's sake, drink some booze, man.
  7. phillybear

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    Whoever is running the video truck, um, don't show a guy with his arm bent in the opposite directoin 16 times. What the fock? Rey Fenix gets hurt a lot. And he is the most acrobatic guy I've ever seen. I'm glad he and Penta got a run, even if it was brief, but that dislocated elbow could have been career ending potentially. It looked sick. So, Penta and...well PAC might come back...at some point. Mox is about to come back. They just signed Jake Atlas, and word is he blew out his knee on Rampage this Friday. Just the worst timing for somebody debuting. Weird week, with Dynamite, Rampage, and a Saturday special on TNT as well, the battle of the belts. Please, God, don't give us anything as bad as that Jade and Rudy botch fest with the worst ending the cameras could not even hide. While CM Punk and MJF are beyond great, and two OUTSTANDING INCREDIBLE matches out of Bryan Danielson and Hangman Adam Page have occurred, I am really curious where the Malakai Black and the House of Black is going. Cody losing to Sammy, right? He won only for TV promos for The Big Show?
  8. phillybear

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    I can't figure out the quote feature of this site since I've been away, so I'll do it myself. Cody won the TNT Title. Jade won the TBS title. A little sooner than expected. Luke Perry's son and a 65 million year old dinosaur are now tag champs and getting the lead in from Big Bang Theory on TBS. Pimpin' ain't easy. Booking is. This is why I'm the recap King for all TV shows, and a brilliant strategist. Because I'm modest.
  9. phillybear

    Natural Immunity

    Don't forget to wear your seat belt when you are sitting on the shitter. Explosive diarrhea is quite volatile.
  10. phillybear

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    The more times I see this particular commercial, the more I am reminded of the China virus poison. Doug from the Limu Emu commercials, wants to be a superhero, gets bitten by a spider, gets taken out on an ambulance, and asks "Did it work?". Voila. The China virus poison.
  11. phillybear

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    12/29/21 Dynamite, Daily's Place in Jacksonville Florida, last TNT cable show, as they are moving Dynamite to TBS, which has more household availability, and less chance for moving the show to different nights due to sports. Announced card so far: Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz vs 2point0 and Daniel Garcia TBS Women's Tournament SemiFinal: Thunder Rosa vs Jade Cargill Lucha Brothers, Christian Cage, Jurassic Express vs Matt Hardy, Private Party, FTR Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Riley vs Orange Cassidy, Trent? Beretta, Chuck Taylor ************************************************************************************** Expect Kingston and Proud & Powerful to get the win. Daniel Garcia got a pin over Kingston recently, so expect the reverse. Santana and Ortiz are probably in the mix for the next team to get a tag title shot, so they have to look strong. Jade Cargill is a good candidate to carry a mid card belt as an undefeated monster. Thunder Rosa is a logical choice to pursue Dr Britt Baker, DMD for the main title. Expect some time of interference to give Jade the win. The 10 man tag match is just getting face time for a bunch of people. The match is meaningless. But, I think the wrestlers involved will put on a crazy spotfest with a bunch of acrobatic moves. So, I'm willing to give it a chance. Geez. Rey Fenix and Private Party in the same match screams against the laws of gravity. I guess you have to give the former WWE guys a win over OC and Best Friends, in their first reunion match. This is going to be a feud of factions for a while, I guess. I am curious how The Young Bucks will fit into the story line, while Kenny Omega is recovering from surgery for the next bunch of months. And I miss Don Callis, The Walking Urinal.
  12. phillybear

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    The problem is that the 40% are holes in the umbrella, so there is a 100% chance you get soaking wet.
  13. phillybear

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    So, they gave the belt to Cody. Interesting, but not unexpected. Decent match, but Sammy wasn't setting the world on fire with his title reign. Jungle Boy going over in 10 minutes. Punch the time card. HOOK manhandling Bear Bronson was focking impressive. HOOK is a star. Apparently, the crowd was doing HOOK chants all night. "SEND HOOK!!!" The women's match was meh. Leyla Hirsch was associated with Best Friends for a week a few months ago. Now, she may be feuding with Buttlander.
  14. phillybear

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    Rampage Saturday Night, 9:00 EST. New night. New time. Weird. Sammy Guevara and Cody Rhodes for the TNT Title. If they want to turn Cody full heel, as the crowd is booing him non stop, this would be the night, as he takes the belt. Sammy as the champ has been...mid. I'm more curious if Cody wears a T-shirt in the ring tonight for the match, as he got a bunch of really bad burns from that flaming table match a few weeks ago. And hasn't been doing much for a long time other than non wrestling TV shows since the steel cage Wardlow match. Jungle Boy Jack Perry and Isiah Cassidy. Eh, Jungle Boy going over, both guys can work, but it won't go more than 10 minutes. Who is Jurrasic Express even feuding with anymore? HOOK and Bear Bronson. HOOK was an ironic internet sensation, until his debut match, and now is being talked about as a pillar. He will beat the Bear Country dude and continue the mystique. Leyla Hirsch and Kris Statlander. Well, it's a match I have no interest in. Both are OK workers. But I just don't care who wins. It's only a matter of time until the debut of Danhausen.
  15. phillybear

    Craziest Place You Ever Did Number Two

    Walking home in the middle of night from bar hopping in my residential neighborhood. The gurgling started deep in my bowels, like a rice cooker that is nearly at the point of delivering cooked rice. I found a discarded milk crate on the shoulder of the road, and then saw my saving grace as angelic music played in my head. I set up the milk crate as a booster, and proceeded to launch brown spray paint inside a US Postal Service mail box, the outside of a US Postal Service mail box, my shorts, my T shirt. Basically everything except my sneakers. I delicately collected my wallet, my keys, discarded my clothes in the nearest storm drain grate, and slunk off nekkid in the shadows to get home before day break.