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  1. phillybear

    What's The Best Thing About Dating Homeless Girls ?

    Are you out of your mind? Haven't you heard? I'm about to lose my job.
  2. phillybear

    What's The Best Thing About Dating Homeless Girls ?

    They have that sexy thousand yard stare in their eyes. The kind that you would see in The Walking Dead. Not from the zombie walkers, but from the cast members half-assed stumbling their way through the script, wondering how many more years they have to do this crap. When you ask them how much, and they say 40 bucks, you can ask them how much to kill them, and they say 50 bucks. So, you drive to a secluded place, you cut their focking head off, then have sex with them. Then you bury them in the woods, along side the knife. Because you want to remind them you'll use that knife again if they try to crawl out of the grave. The Walking Dead, after all.
  3. phillybear

    Worst NFL owner has to be Shahid Khan, right?

    Shahid Khan fronted his son the money for his son, Tony Khan, to start up All Elite Wrestling on TNT. It's taken off. God bless them. The only original programming I watch today. Nipping at heels of WWE in the demos. The #1 cable show on Wednesday night, and competitive for the top spot on Friday nights. It entertains ME, and that's all that matters.
  4. Turns out, everybody was right, bureaucracy is slooooooooow. And I'm sure the multitude of lawyers are arguing over the details. I'm good with whatever happens. I have been assured I can still get my insulin. I won't be homeless. And maybe I'll actually get some time off. 22 years with one week off, and prior to that, I was working 2 full time jobs. Working 60 hours a week while taking 18 credits a semester at college, and then summer courses. I've been working a job since I was 10 years old. I'm good with whatever happens. Let them fire me.
  5. I am required to notify them at the end of September if I've taken the poison. They will give us more information at that time. I work for the government, specifically a state employee. We have a Democrat governor who is Cuomo Jr. Our Philadelphia mayor is still requiring masks. I drive two mile to the grocery store outside the city limits, not a mask in sight. Our city has a tax on diet soda and seltzer, because health reasons. Government officials do not care about anything but power and money and in Biden's case, kid touching. If things fall apart, like getting rid of a bunch of employees, well, they don't give a sh!t. It's the government after all.
  6. ***************UPDATE So, at my request, my doctor ordered additional blood work for me last week. I got anitbodies. The good ones. The ones that kicked the China Virus in the nuts. I had zero clue when I could have had the cooties flu, but I kicked it's ass, kicked it hard. Fock China. Fock Biden. Fock the vaccine. Fock your mom, again. Fock Death. The Grim Reaper knows to pack a lunch since I ain't going down without a slobber knocker, bare knuckle brawl.
  7. Cool beans. Just got a hair cut appointment tomorrow, my first cut since February, and probably the last one I'll have employed. My hair is beyond Bill Murry in King Pin ridiculous long right now. I wish I could go bald. Fock my hairy genes. Still, I'm going to savor the simple pleasures in life that will no longer be available to patriots, like hair cuts. Yeah, I'm doing my doomsday prepping for my eventual permanent unemployment since America is now communist. Salud. Which loosely translated means "I just spilled my drink on my self".
  8. Um, none of the current "vaccines" have been approved. They approved something new, called Comirnaty, nothing that's actually being used. What is it? All we know for sure, whatever was approved, was rushed through, nobody scrutinized the data, no debates, just rubber stamped it. And then the media runs around saying, "See, we told you all the vaccines are safe." Can someone tell me why all medicines on TV have long messages on their side effects, but the "vaccines" do not? Probably because you can't sue them, so fock the public and fock their right to know.
  9. The numbers are being manipulated. First of all, the CDC has told us that if someone died after the first injection, and prior to the second injection, they would be counted as an unvaccinated death. An 'ole switcheroo from what happened in reality. Secondly, it's a bit strange how the CDC was reporting over 15,000 deaths, and suddenly, overnight, the number was sliced in half. The numbers got a bit too high for their comfort even after their previous counting shenanigans. Four dead, after the first jab. 3 heart attacks, one massive stroke. The number hasn't increased in months, since nobody new is taking the poison.
  10. So, I'm going to lose my job. Nothing I signed up for. Something my employers made a rapid decision on, several decades after hiring me. An experimental medical procedure, not approved by any government agency, but I have to waive my rights to sue them, sue the manufacturers, where if take it and die, my remaining family cannot sue anybody. But if I refuse, I'm fired. I'm far more concerned about the surviving the vaccine that the Chinese Biological Weapon. That's what is grinding my gears.
  11. This whole thread has turned into a disaster. Cool beans. Cool. Cool. Cool. So, you want me to post names of dead people on a low rent message bored? Pass. So, I crank out about 4000 reports a year. That's crazy, since I was doing about 1000 in 2010. Never got a raise. Biggest bump in pay I got was from the Trump tax cut. And not any of those reports where you hit a button, and send the results. You have to individually craft all of them. Some take 15 minutes, some take a week, depending on one's Excel skills. And it's multitasking. I like the problem solving elements when they arise. I would tell you that I was briefly a nationally highly ranked chess player in high school, but I will not provide evidence and it's likely nobody will believe it. That's fine. But my career has hit the skids, clearly. Puzzles, like trolling message boreds, kept me occupied during the early 2000's or so. I perform miracles on a daily basis based on my nearly eidetic memory and institutional knowledge. I'm a government worker, churn out endless reports all day long. Ad hoc style. You get requests all day long, and you react. It seems like the only fun is to drink and churn out those reports. Time passes by, the data is still perfectly accurate, and fock you to my bosses. Thank you for the tax money you are spending to pay my salary. For the next few weeks, anyway. I will not pass on your unkind words to the family of the dead.
  12. Rusty, the vaccinated are the super spreaders. But you all ready know that. Happy trolling!! HTH. WWC29D?
  13. Nah. The doctor just doesn't want anybody to lose their job. He still isn't trying to talk me into it, but just to be sure of what I want to do since my job is on the line. The good take away is that he is requesting additional information from my very recent blood work, to see if I got the antibodies. He strongly opposes the germ therapy for anyone with the antibodies.
  14. ****Updated After my doctor's appointment, my fate is sealed. While he thinks I should take the J&J jab, he understands my reluctance and is against the mandates, especially the doctors and nurses being fired with these mandates. But he said he has filled out medical exceptions, and every one of those employees has still been fired. Including people who have been working exclusively from home. So, he gave up. He thinks the only hope is if the Supreme Court gets involved. And that will take time. It's a bureaucracy, which moves slowly. My employer's policies are to be released at the end of the month. Maybe I get to survive until the end of the year. Doctor gave me extremely encouraging news as far as my medications, especially my insulin, and being able to still obtain them. Alleyway, paper bag, sucking somebody's hog. Or it might be easier, just not as much fun. I may have to move in with my remaining living family members, survive on my/our savings, and coast to retirement age. I've crunched the numbers, and I think it works. I've taken one week of vacation since 1999, we just had a 4 day holiday weekend where I worked every day, so maybe I need some time off anyway. I used to take vacation days just so I didn't have to travel to work, and work at home, because the travel time was wasting work time. You can only bank so many vacation days before you reach your limit. I'm wondering if I've lost a thousand vacation days by now. And people still trust the government. Lunkheads. Heads will roll.
  15. phillybear

    giants fan

    Oh, yeah, they aren't commas. They are ellipses. Eh, I'm a grammar nerd.