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  1. Oh, so carbon monoxide poisoning all of the sudden doesn't exist? You know that many people commit suicide by covering their nose and mouth so they can't breathe? But wearing a mask is completely not related? Sleep apnea masks blow oxygen into your nose so you can live. But masks limit your oxygen intake, so you can die. Besides, Faucci said it was a good idea, so you know that's completely wrong. He's a snake in the grass lying liar who lies. Masks, in the hot summer sun. Yeah, nobody is going to die of heat exhaustion and oxygen deprivation. Further, why is it that you need to wear a mask to go into the store, but how do you get your hands on a mask without buying one at the store? Not that they are available in a supermarket, and everything else is closed. I got a mask from a neighbor in March. It's getting a bit ripe and emits a bit of a peculiar odor, but fortunately it's lasted. I may need a backup mask at some point, but you can't find them anywhere. The world has gone insane.
  2. I will never watch a Rocky movie, short of a Clockwork Orange scenario. But the review was well meaning, so thanks. Antonio Brown addition any day now. Clowney is gone. Josh Gordon AND Antonio Brown, geez, RW might set records. Everson Griffen still out there.
  3. My new neighbor has a dog that barks a lot. I don't know how it doesn't pass out from effort. Karma for hating your cat things and p1ss beer.
  4. Hypoxia. Oxygen deprivation. Aside from an increasing number of immunologists that are saying that masks are killing people, and no scientist can actually confirm that a single case of Chinese Biological Virus of Death was spread outdoors, it's logical that since depriving a person of oxygen kills brain cells, every 60 seconds a person wears a mask, they are literally getting stupider by the minute. Wear the mask. It probably helps. Maybe. These focking dopes shut down booze in Pennsylvania for 4 months. FOUR MONTHS!! I had to drive to New Jersey many, many times to buy rum. They made me a bootlegger. Not to mention if I get pulled over, what about the dead hookers in the trunk. Many, many hookers. End of the world, and you can't get drunk. Burn this sh!t down.
  5. I'm considering your offer. Might take a minute.
  6. Decent point. When I have pause from running/putting together a report/downing a shot of rum, I might do some laundry, wash some dishes, dust, the usual home stead bullbleep. I also have white noise going constantly, TV turned on to some police/criminal procedural marathon on some channel, headphones/PC broadcasting a podcast, etc. Lots of distractions. FFT is competing with other stuff. Just saying. Still refuse to ever watch a Rocky movie. Or Star Wars. James Bond. Harry Potter. Other than Marvel, most franchises suck. John Wick is God. Lick my balls.
  7. It is sad. Sidebar. I'm having a trolling argument on reddit (Chinese are running it) about farting spreading the Chinese Biological Weapon of Death and why wearing a mask is stupid (it is), it's got up to maybe16 posters or so that just don't get what trolling is. Sarcasm is a lost art to the stupid. At least this site was.....not totally stupid. Except for Newbie. He was extra stupid. Good times. Thoughts and prayers. Wut. Wut.
  8. phillybear

    Last Geek Standing?

    I am...INEVITABLE. :ThanosFearsMe:
  9. It's tough trying to be a fan of the NFL anymore. I'm also a diehard Sixers fan, and that's becoming unbearable. Sports is escapism from reality. When did it become acceptable to talk about religion or politics at work? Well, Lebron supports communist China, so that's par for the course. That clown keeps demanding athletes in other sports do stuff. Colin Kaepernick is a bum. Seahawk fans know it. What, was he 1-9 vs the Hawks? One read and run QB. Can't read his progressions. Dumb as a stump. The playbook covered in dust. There was the raype in Florida, he was the first NFL player flagged for dropping the N-word on the field, lost his job to Blaine Gabbert, and turned down jobs because he wanted more money. Also, hates cops and thinks Castro is a hero. Somehow, CK is a martyr. Deserves a starting job. Why? I got banned from the Seahawks reddit site because I had issues with the Hawks players jumping into the stands to fight Jax fans a couple of years ago. They said I was racist not to support the players beating up the fans. But I digress. Enough about sports. Nice to be alive, I guess. Working from home the past couple of years means less posting at FFToday. Plus reddit and thedonald.win have much more traffic to spar with.
  10. And if it does, why are our oppressive overlord local politicians not mandating a cork in the arse when entering a store? Wait. man-dating? Cork in ass? I'm a wizard.
  11. phillybear

    Good Evening, Geeks. :furious: :furious:

    I'm the neighborhood guy protecting all the short orange statues from radical hoodlums and malcontents. Some may call them fire hydrants. I call them tributes to President Trump.
  12. phillybear

    Good Evening, Geeks. :furious: :furious:

    Carpe Jugulum. Seize the throat.
  13. phillybear

    Good Evening, Geeks. :furious: :furious:

    I'm more attracted to women after I remove their faces. Tomato. Tomato.
  14. phillybear

    Good Evening, Geeks. :furious: :furious:

    Cats. Pfft. I have a hard time thinking anything else about cats other than jamming a giant fork in their arsehole and using them like a Swiffer Duster.
  15. FOCK OFF. Seriously. I have recently taken an interest in dating services, since no one can reveal their faces with the fraudulent masks that don’t do sh!t, and I am flummoxed as to why I am not getting any responses. First of all, the questionnaires do not focus on the correct questions. Obviously, “what is your ideal date?” needs more attention. When you painstakingly provide details of ridiculing 5 year old losers in wheelchairs, beating a fast food worker hiding behind a plastic shield to death with a d!ldo, and a moonless night of grave robbing, 1000 words maximum simply is not sufficient. Questions. I fockeed a family; what, do you also have a fear of trains? Are you allergic to duct tape; who cares? I’m a kleptomaniac, is there anything I can take for it? I set toilet paper on fire just to p!ss off everybody. And they just keep returning my letters. Rotten luck. Look, I can get a woman wet at any time, by throwing acid at them. Some have a weight problem, but I don’t care about consent. Let’s face it, some women just don’t look right without a black eye, or three. My new neighbor has a dog. A barking dog. A dog I can hear 5 miles away. Bark. Bark. Bark. Bark. I hate the mutt. Yet, if the dog killed somebody, I’d help the monstrosity hide the body. I don’t snitch. Respect. My cousin once had sex with a fish. It was the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen. And by “cousin”, I mean me. Hockkkkk!!!!!! With all this extra time at home, I’m working on an upcoming Halloween costume. A dystopic potato costume with no pants. A d!!ck-tater. Sigh. My greatest nightmare will probably come true, as I will continue to live. :furious: