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  1. After being arrested, the stalker was heard shouting, "But that's no Way fair!!!"
  2. phillybear

    Anybody Remember Libby Hoeller?

    Eric's Mom...has got it going on.
  3. phillybear

    Who Is Your Favorite TV Private Investigator ?

    Shawn Spencer, with Burton Guster, among other nom de plumes, from Psych, for the win Many more to mention... Adrian Monk from Monk Patrick Jane from The Mentalist Richard Castle from Castle Columbo from Columbo Madolyn Hayes and David Addison from Moonlighting Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote Harry Fox from Crazy Like a Fox Harry McGraw from The Law and Harry McGraw There may be more.
  4. I'd strongly recommend punching him in front of his wife AND children. HTH.
  5. phillybear

    Late Night Talk Show Hosts

    While I like Gutfeld!, I have many fond memories of that middle of the night gem Red Eye. Gutfeld would have the wildest panels, like any given show, it could be John Bolton, Patrice O'Neal, and the lead singer of GWAR. Spin the randomizer. Strangely enough, at one time sidekicks Bill Schulz and Joanne Nosuchinsky have been hosting a panel show together, on the Anthony Cumia videocast network for quite a number of years now. I guess Tyrus and Kat Timpf were more marketable. Kat really rubs me the wrong way. I hate how she brags that she doesn't need glasses, but it makes her look smart. No. Saying something coherent makes you look smart. Now, take that money you're making, and get a t!t job you woefully flabby chested wh0re.
  6. phillybear

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    Have not kept up with this thread in a while. Jay Briscoe just got killed. One half of The Briscoes, descendent and part of the legendary Briscoe wrestling family. Half of the current Ring of Honor Tag Team champs. Car accident in Delaware. (tin foil hat, Biden "I did that") Sucks that the TNT/TBS executives would not allow AEW to bring them to the basic cable airwaves because of politically incorrect Tweets they made from a decade or so ago, but easily one of the top 5 tag teams currently in the world, and maybe over the past 20 years or so, and will sadly never get the full acclaim for their talents. But the team is always going to be ending as champs. In retrospect, it was weirdly timely that FTR dropped those ROH belts a few weeks ago to The Briscoes in the dual dog collar ROH PPV match. Haven't seen the match yet, but I'll probably watch it tomorrow in the tail gate to Dynamite.
  7. phillybear

    Wild Card weekend predictions

    "Hawks gonna take down the Niners.
  8. phillybear

    Give me some accolades, I am the best

    Go Drown in a Focking Puddle of Accol AIDS!!
  9. phillybear


    Will Chris Pratt be putting a saddle on them and riding them in a future movie?
  10. phillybear

    Congrats to Geek of the Year 2022 - phillybear

    Well, it's been smooth sailing in the first week or so as Geek of the Year, again. Feels...right. I mean, can you imagine if there was some kind of weak ass insurrection challenging my authoritah! (nightstick whack to shin)? The streets would be flowing with spinal fluid and intestines. Oh, there would be soo, soooooooo much pain. The beheadings will fund the creation of hundreds of Whack-A-Mole games at county fairs far and wide. I may start to flood the site with Night Poster mock-GiantsFan posts and push every other thread to the third page. EVERY. FOCKING. NIGHT. Good thing that isn't happening. HAHAHAHAHAAHICCUP. HICCUP. HICCUP. Happy beans. Happy beans. Happy. Happy. Happy Beans.
  11. Biden raped children in his family, embezzled, committed RICO, but l guess we are going to talk about parking tickets.
  12. phillybear


    I may be mistaken, but this would be the material source of the Sippah Cup!! shenanigans.
  13. phillybear has been officially installed as the Geek of the Year 2022. While the results were certified a full month before voting started by the Dominion voting machines, there were some delays in the recent middle of the night ballot stuffing (counting?) at the Geek Club headquarters as the toilet kept overflowing with the ballots of the runner-ups, and bean burritos. Then there was a delay in receiving the 14 ballots from the 2 Geeks living in China. Sure, there were 4 million votes cast for phillybear, and about 400 active posters at FFT, but trust the math and science. Trust that your 7 grandparents all voted for the phillybear. Beating off the challengers was easier than punching a 5 year old in the eye siting in a wheelchair, who also voted for phillybear if she knows what good for her. phillybear wants to thank his basement, for all the time he spent there during the campaign. phillybear wanted to thank George Soros for his undying….that’s it, his undying. Dude has to be 900 hundred years old. Thank you Ukraine for all the military gear that is on route to the pawnshop. I pledge to refer to myself in the 4th person with frequency. I got my pulse on what everybody is concerned about. Higher gas prices, more insects for school lunches, tax returns shmax returns, and three drugged out gay guys with hammers in every household, and no more than one of them will be a Chrisley or Pelosi. Death, destruction, famine, and 6 more spinoffs of Below Deck. Please enjoy the refreshments in the back provided by Pizzagate. The toppings of the pies are pepperoni and the tears of the innocent. Probably from some kid in a wheelchair with an African American eye. Do you see, you retards? I can be politically correct too. My name is phillybear. I’m better than you. And you know it. Wakanda Forever.
  14. I still have a bone to pick with the show. They made maybe 3 episodes with the intent to get a back door pilot turned into a spinoff. Why couldn't they do an episode of Psycho Dad? Psycho Dad is referenced a number of times on the main show, we hear different versions/lyrics of the Psycho Dad theme song, NO MAAM went to Washington to prevent the cancellation of the show, but we never got a visual. Clearly, a missed opportunity.