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  1. phillybear

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    Chiropractors aren't doctors. They are undefinable, to be honest. I mentioned an endocrinologist, a diabetes doctor. So, when they talk about people "at risk" for the Chinese biological weapon, they talk about the old focks and the immuno challenged, specifically including diabetics. My arsenal of doctors, well the only ones I'm still willing to meet with under current circumstances, are strongly hinting, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, for me to skip it. You're talking about a media fluff piece submitted by pharma....eh, you know what, it's saulgoodman. Go chug a few of the vaccine jello shots and have your life not change one wit. Triple masks, lockdowns. Nothing different. Other than risking death. People are dying after the vaccines. This was expected. Just not publicized. Thoughts and prayers.
  2. phillybear

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    I can put my support behind math and science. Game recognizes game.
  3. phillybear

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    So, after the CDC, WHO, Faucci, the media, all levels of government have lied about this biological weapon released from a Chinese lab for well over a year, you believe that the vaccines works, they have to get something right at some point based on sheer luck, based on advertisements placed in media by insurance companies. Riiiiiiight. But, hey, everybody seems to be a doctor nowadays, and they know better than actual doctors, who keep telling us to stop wearing masks, stop lockdowns, and think twice before injecting God knows what into your body. Except for the doctors that make money off the vaccine. Like Faucci.
  4. So, I'm shoveling my sidewalk, and this land alligator runs up at me and is barking and growling and doing animal stuff. I'm using my shovel as protection, and I'm wondering how this land alligator is not on a leash, like laws would require, and nobody is around to call it off from menacing people. I had a ten minute Mexican/illegal alien standoff as this furry viper kept barking and kept ducking my attempts to brain it with my shovel. I had to make a move eventually, finally connected, and it ran off yelping. Ten minutes, no owner in site. It's a loose land alligator/dog. Fortunately, the alligator had a collar, call "...." if lost. It took a couple of days, but the police were baffled to find a dead guy with a dead dog stuffed up his rectum. Go Sixers!!
  5. phillybear

    Have a Woke and a Smile...Coke gets woke

    So THAT'S why they got rid of Vanilla Coke.
  6. phillybear

    Serious question fellas

    Fock this introspective sh!t. I'm looking forward to being a zombie. Not one of these lame The Walking Joe Biden type of lame creepers. I'm going to be a full of vim and vinegar type of corpse. Maybe I won't catch up with every human brain I set my sites on, but at least I'll be more athletic than every WNBA player.
  7. phillybear

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    I haven't had a sore throat or even a cough this winter. I chalk that up to not spending 4 hours a day on public transportation with the normal homeless and diseased plebs, even with working 50% from home at that time, now 100%. I still spend time in stores, since I refuse to own plastic, and I'm cash or check for everything. Alcohol isn't the key, but I'm not dismissing it. I'm a booze funnel. Drink every day. I still get somewhat sick at times. Right now, I have 60 handles (1.75 liter) bottles of rum in my linen closet. I threw out some linen to make room. Pennsylvania shut down liquor stores for 3 months as the lockdowns started, and I learned a lesson. Anywho...I practically gargle with booze constantly. Doesn't prevent sickness. Just helps you sleep when your brain is racing with activity nonstop with every waking moment. I just never forget anything, maybe it's an editec memory, but I recall every scream from a hooker I choked to death. God, I have such an erection right now. I'm now tempted to drink my rum with a Listerine chaser. Yummmmmm. And an erection. HTH.
  8. phillybear

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    My appointment with my endocrinologist this week was interesting and informative. What is known: -Masks are 100% political. Only very least intelligent among us think they do anything but incubate bacteria. The doc only wears a plastic face shield to keep patients from completely freaking out. People are catching a multitude of different illnesses as a result of masks. -These early vaccines are ludicrously dangerous and not properly vetted. Only take them if your jobs forces you to take them, and even then it's a huge risk. Much better vaccines options are a few months away. Politics. -We don't know yet if you will be required to take the vaccine every year forever. Again, politics. I refuse to take flu shots. Besides, it's just a matter of time until China unleashes another biologically engineered virus upon the world, and have Trump be impeached for it. Vaccine: No immunity. Does not rid the disease. Does not prevent death. Does not prevent transmission. Does not stop lockdowns, business shutdowns, travel restrictions, nor masks.
  9. phillybear

    It’s winter- what’s the thermostat setting?

    The temp in the house rarely goes above 55 during winter. The heat stays off all winter, until the elements outside drop below zero. Then I crank up the heat to 58.
  10. phillybear

    Would you date a person with a prosthetic limb?

    True story. So I went to a club called Le Morgue and found this broad. She wasn't very chatty. Not really a pleasant figure, as she likely could give a bath tub stretch marks. Normally, I like to engage in foreplay where I push a dame's head in a toilet and see if she can drink enough unflushed water to breathe, but this one refused to participate. But I focked that wh0re. She didn't say no.
  11. Wile E. Pelosi just never learns her lesson as her hopelessly drunken legs stay in motion 10 seconds after walking off a cliff into thin air, so this will go on and on and on as she slowly descends into an abyss.
  12. phillybear

    got a girl that won't leave me alone

    Clearly, you have to kill her. If you need tips on disposal, hit me up.
  13. So, would the foreign affair part be the sex with her brother/husband?
  14. phillybear

    Senate thingy starts today

    Great trial, what a great illegal trial. Without a Supreme Court judge presiding, it's all illegal. And how about those Democrats. They run campaigns on "it ain't murder if his skin is lighter than yours". And "the Jews were asking for it". And "AOC doesn't smell like sh!t, she just smells like mental illness".
  15. phillybear

    Where is Wiff?

    Wiffle, a resident of a part of the county where men are men, and the sheep are nervous, is more prominently know for flying helicopters for former NBA players. Still, last I heard, he was working a gig as a production assistant on a movie staring Mark Jeanine Garoffalo, called Hulk Loves Dogs. The dogs don't survive the petting scenes.