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  1. phillybear

    NFL DRAFT 2023 ( official / unofficial thread )

    Picked up front 7 help, a RB, and traded down, adding a free 3rd round pick next year from Denver, who I get to root against for the 2nd straight year, as an added bonus. "Hawks Country. Let's Fly. For anyone wondering, the Seahawks had 2 Rbs on the roster. That's it. We desperately needed RB help. For the team that wants to run the ball as much as possible in the NFL, having a two headed monster at RB is a blessing, sorry fantasy football players, not sorry. Geno Smith really struggled last year when the entire RB core was injured. I'm a bit worried about the lack of picks for the trenches, but with multiple 4th and 5ths, that's the seemingly sweet spot this year for those picks. Still expecting a few more trade downs
  2. phillybear

    NFL DRAFT 2023 ( official / unofficial thread )

    I don't like taking LB in the first round in general, much like RB nowadays, but Campbell is serviceable, but not athletic enough for my liking, and he may not be the best fit for covering/keeping up with pass catchers in the middle of the field, especially the shiftier ones. He's a typical, smart but non-descript, questionable athlete white middle LBs. Footwork needs some work. Serviceable, not special. Could have gotten him with one of those 3 2nd round picks that Detroit had. Just my opinion. I had him going in the 50's overall, closer to 60's.
  3. phillybear

    NFL DRAFT 2023 ( official / unofficial thread )

    Seattle comes out of the first round with the best defensive secondary in the NFL the Legion of Spoon, and the top WR group. Luxury picks, but DAAAAAAMMNN. I am very, very pleased. And best of all, didn't end up with a raw project QB nor that criminal slug Jalen Carter. Teams could have taken Carter, and kept passing on him. Just need to grab some defensive front 7 help, a OC and OG, and a RB at some point. Still have 8 picks remaining, will trade back a few times and make it a dozen picks. The biggest reaches of the night, guys that had no business going in the first round: Jahmyr Gibbs, Jack Campbell, Mazi Smith, Anton Harrison, and Felix Anuike-Uzomah. Basically, Detroit reached mightily twice, and Dallas still might have had an even worse night, just missing out on Dalton Kincaid. The Jags and Chiefs were only slight reaches, as they had late 1st round picks. Did Will Levis sleep in the green room last night?
  4. phillybear

    NFL DRAFT 2023 ( official / unofficial thread )

    Not saying that is my first preference, but it's a very possible scenario. The iffy mechanics are fixable, and there were a healthy amount of drops by iffy Florida receivers. A perfect project for Bubble Gum Pete. And if there is any team in the league that wants to run as often as possible, where better? Jalen Carter might be a better candidate for bust of the draft. How do you not finish your pro day reps because you are out of shape? Or Will Levis, mayonnaise in his coffee boy. Makes my teeth hurt just thinking about mayo Columbian blends.
  5. phillybear

    NFL DRAFT 2023 ( official / unofficial thread )

    I think the front office views the #5 almost like a luxury pick. They will likely go DL or Anthony Richardson at #5, nothing else makes sense. They might love Geno, but they love Anthony Richardson more based on post meeting interviews and their general views of QB's. The Geno Smith contract if VERY team friendly, with a chunk of it incentive based, so they can move off that in a year or so fairly easily. Wilson may or may not be a fit, as we don't really know if they want to continue to transition to a 3-4 defense, or revert back to a 4-3 defense. Wilson does not fit a 3-4 all that well. They will play a bunch of 3 safety defense supposedly, with Jamal Adams floating around, which is good, since we got almost zero LBs on the roster, so the defense is...fluid? Got 10 picks in this draft, so trading down is nice, which is the norm, but not necessary this time around. They can just sit back and cherry pick. It's rare for Seattle to draft in the first half of the first round of the draft, but they don't trade out of those particular picks. Just the last round 1st round picks. The thing is, many GM's are saying there are maybe 15-18 players with 1st round grades this year, so I would not be surprised if Carroll/Schneider trade up from #20 if the right player starts to fall. Otherwise, just they trade out of the first round.
  6. phillybear

    NFL DRAFT 2023 ( official / unofficial thread )

    I'm ready to roll with my spreadsheets and draft board. This year offers the promise of such unbridled unprecedented unpredictability that I'm going to be tempted to drink myself into a stupor before it even starts. An accountant's wet dream. Seattle is right in the middle of the no-idea-what-the-Great-Caesar's-Ghost-focking-are-they-going-to-do with any of their many early picks. Not. Jalen. Carter. Anthony Richardson is on the menu at #5. Will Anderson would be better. #20 is probably a trade up/down. Go 'Hawks!! Oh, and Fock The Celtics!! Go Hawks!!
  7. Deep in my heart of hearts, I just know that John Fetterman will save us all. You know, I've noticed that there has been a lot of froggie-style focking going on in the animal kingdom the past day or two. Turns out, Alex Jones was right. The water turned the frogs queer.
  8. It's getting really, really shitty in the city. You have South Philadelphia, mostly rowhomes, where the Italians/Mob dominate. You have the sprawling suburban-ish Far Northeast Philadelphia, which is dominated by Eastern European and Asian neighborhoods. And the First Responders, who live in both of those sections. You could just burn the rest of the city to the ground with absolutely no loss, maybe the historical sites from Revolutionary days, but nothing else is worth saving.
  9. Philadelphia government can not give less focks. All the articles are behind the local newspaper paywalls, so no links yet. But that is ideally how to spread public health emergencies. In newspaper articles behind paywalls. So, some chemical plant burst a pipe on Friday, and some kind of chemical, that also spilled in the Ohio derailment, hit the Delaware River north of our city, which is the source for the water treatment plants in Philadelphia. A few dozen people in the city received amber alerts (I didn't) at 1:00 PM today to not drink tap water by 2:00 PM today. It never hit the news. If I wasn't on reddit at just that time, I never would have known. So, word has spread, panic and chaos is now ragin'. I was in the supermarket this morning, and it was mostly empty. Fast forward. Fights in parking lots, bottled water gone from stores, shots being fired (well, that's not usual) and no timetable for how long there might be a problem. I'm a bit of a prepper. I'm sustainable for a long time with water, and finished filling up every pot in my kitchen, and have started the tedious Brita filtering for all of it, all before the deadline of the water reaching the water treatment plants. We are going to see a bunch of people with 3 feet and goiters around here. Well, more than usual, anyway. BEEP. BEEP. HERE COMES THE FAYLEDOZER!!!!
  10. Waaaaiiiiiitttttt for iiiiiittttttttt....
  11. It was most certainly not debunked. By whom? Snopes? The mainstream media? Liberal Fox News? DeSantis main stream media working wife? We found prints. Was he in a little red Corvette? Under the Cherry Moon?
  12. You mean 55-60% of Americans? How does it feel to be a dolt? This was no boat accident.
  13. A few things come to mind that would grind my gears: A city of 70,000 citizens, with 50,000 registered voters, cast 110,000 votes for Joe Biden. A city where 15,000 Biden voters have the same address, a vacant lot. The Libertarian candidate for President losing counted votes throughout the night, and coincidentally every vote is added to Biden's total.
  14. Just tone deaf actions by a group of blithering idiots. Donald Trump was already Captain America. Then you remove his rightful re-election, if you believe in data and statistics. Now you want to give him street cred with mug shots and fingerprints. All you have to do next is try to Jeffrey Epstein him, and have him survive the attack. Donald Trump is mopping the floor with every other possible candidate to possibly run for President right now. How many Infinity Stones are you going to give Trump?
  15. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Disease.