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  1. phillybear

    I have Cancer :/

    If you are going to send flowers in Arizona, have GiantsFan make the delivery...and spend some quality time.
  2. phillybear

    How do you know when to put a dog down?

    So...dogs, otherwise known as land gators, are one of the most dangerous animals in the United States of America. Dogs are the leading spreader of rabies among all USA animals. Out of all USA animals, they are third in murder of humans. Dogs put about 13,000 humans in the hospital every year. Dogs bite nearly 5 million Americans every year. Whenever you see a dog, kill it, before it has a chance to kill you. Well, that's the way I felt in the early years. Dogs, hookers, dog hookers, whatever.
  3. phillybear

    I’m watching Fight Club

    What movie is often cited as a favorite movie for white people? The 1st half of American History X. What movie is often cited as a favorite movie for black people? The 2nd half of American History X. Also, Fight Club is firmly entrenched in my top 5 favorite movies of all time, possibly favorite drama. I find it very, very rewatchable. And it is one of the only movies that completely threw me off with the swerve. I didn't see it coming.
  4. phillybear

    My cable company cancelled my Redzone

    I haven't had a credit card since 1997, and I've never conducted a financial transaction online. I write 4 checks a month, and everything else is cash. By choice. My options are somewhat limited. That's why I was driving across state lines into New Jersey when Pennsylvania shut down the stores that sold booze for 4 months during the Chinese lab virus. New Jersey was virus central. But you need booze. But I make adjustments. I now have a stash of about 15 gallons of white rum. It grows week by week. Just in case. My rum...my ruuummm....my preshhhhhiousshhhhh.
  5. phillybear

    My cable company cancelled my Redzone

    Yeah, um, Comcast are the mob, and Philadelphia is their home, and there is zero competition. I'm not getting satisfaction no matter how much rage I exert.
  6. phillybear

    I have Cancer :/

    I have very little experience with empathy, but I wanted to give it a try. I am sorry for what you are going through and I'm devastated that this is not happening to NewbieJr instead. Fock that guy. My prayers are with you. Not with NewbieJr, because, fock that guy. Also, I hope those idiots in Arizona don't force you to wear a second mask for your throat. OK, rereading, I think that's a get well card worthy message. HTH. WWC29D? GFIAP. MKB4. Gutterboy on top of a cat.
  7. phillybear

    My cable company cancelled my Redzone

    Called back. Different representative. Can't restore your redzone without a smart cable box. I've ordered a PPV, watching On Demand, and watched HD channels in the past two weeks. Nope, no good. They need more flesh. I need the internet connection for work, and basic cable is sufficient. Still... EVERYBODY DIES
  8. I was surprised to see my NFL Redzone not work today as games kicked off, since I was paying for it. My cable company told me they had to cancel me since I didn't have any smart devices in my house. I told them that was not part of the terms of my agreement. Smart devices are Chinese spyware. After arguments, no NFL Network, and cancer was wished on all of their children. Sports is out of my life. Salud. I spill a drink on myself. AEW wrestling =
  9. Apparently, 4Chan caught Lebron James playing Xbox live, for many, many hours, specifically Madden NFL 21, during his night of protest. Just awesome. Focking awesome.
  10. I think it shows amazing intelligence and foresight for the players to cancel sports so that Trump and the RNC get as much viewership as possible. The streaming numbers are about 6x what the DNC pulled so far. The TV ratings are about equal, the first two nights, and what Trump supporter actually watches the news channels, but I suspect the numbers Wed and Thurs will be quite healthy.
  11. The NBA ratings were tanking prior to this incident, being outraged that a child rayping monster tried to kill cops and was shot in Wisconsin. Ratings down about 40%. Sort of like Biden's post DNC bounce. My problem is that this is the second week in a row they are preempting AEW wrestling on TNT. They were shuffled to Saturday early evening last week because of NBA playoffs, and the Miami/Indiana foul fest down the stretch pushed that start time back another half an hour than was advertised. Preempted again tonight, and the NBA didn't even have the balls to show up. AEW is a money making machine for TNT, ranked among the top 3 to 5 all cable programs week after week in the key demos. And the NBA doesn't even bother to show up. The NBA is p!ssing off all sorts of demographics. Yeah, yeah, go mock wrestling all you want. It's sports adjacent. It's creative, athletic, and has a certain goofy/amusing charm in story telling. The Stadium Stampede match is half an hour of genius. But the difference is that pro wrestling doesn't talk politics during their product, and the country welcomes that escapism. That's what sports is all about. Escapism. UFC, NHL, PGA rating are up, and they are typically avoiding politics. Tomorrow, AEW have sold 10 to 15% capacity in the arena space attached to the Jax Jag's stadium in the supposed hot bed of sickness in Florida. Things are getting back to normal, more fans in the stands. The show will go on, and it will be great as usual. Except for the out of touch, mega millionaires that have Chinese slave labor assembling their sneakers for their fanbase. How about the 25 million current slaves in the world? Not a peep. Tossing racist slurs against white/European players in the past couple of days by black NBA players? That is saul goodman. Fock them. I'm done with the Sixers as well. Well, that part is easy, actually.
  12. phillybear

    Democratic National Convention

  13. phillybear

    If Trump loses, are you Trumpers gonna call foul

    Everybody dies. Everybody. Every body.
  14. phillybear

    What is the #1 reason, you're gonna vote for Biden?

    He loves children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4PLSPvJ9BY
  15. phillybear

    Random acts of kindness people did for you

    So this one time, I put an ad on Craig's List that I was moving to a new apartment, but it didn't allow pets, and I needed someone to adopt my new puppy or I would have to have it put to sleep. Call my number. So 2 minutes after I posted the ad, my message on my phone was "If you are calling about the puppy, I already put it to sleep. Thanks anyway." The messages that people left for me were bitter and furious. I laughed and laughed, and laughed some more, listening to them, over and over again, like a mental patient. But they were kind enough to call.